The Masked Dancer Recap, Results, Predictions: Top 5 (Video)

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The Masked Dancer continues tonight on FOX with the Top 5, and we are liveblogging the performance and results here.

Ken Jeong from The Masked Singer sits on the panel next to former American Idol and SYTYCD judge Paula Abdul, actress Ashley Tisdale and former The Masked Singer contestant Brian Austin Green. Actor and comedian Craig Robinson hosts.

Meet The Masked Dancer Characters – Season Preview (Video)
Who is Exotic Bird on The Masked Dancer? An American Idol Winner?

The short season features 10 costumed celebrities. Tonight the Top 5 compete: Tulip, Exotic BirdCotton Candy, Sloth, and Zebra.

The contestants’ “dance partners” will deliver the clues tonight. Tonight’s guest panelist is Mayim Bialik


Clues: A pink star printed on an iced coffee. Secret handshake. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Tulip can pick up any dance style. “She can work it…but that kind of runs in the family.” Family pack Potato chip bag. 

Performance: My Boyfriend’s Back by The Chiffons. This week Tulip is performing…a jazz routine? She’s had better outings, I think. This choreography is really boring. She hits her dance partner with a pillow. Knock out. Tulip has been performing her whole life “I’m no stranger to the stage,” she says. This week, Word Up returns: Tulip’s Word Up is “Lifetime Achievements.” Paula guesses Liza Koshy. Brian guesses Haylie Duff. Mayim gesses Jamie Lynn Spears

Prediction: Tulip is MacKenzie Ziegler from Dance Moms. The family references point to her older sister Maddie Ziegler who went on to star in a bunch of Sia videos. Maddie is the more famous of the two siblings.


Clues: Zebra is “more fun than you can imagine.”  $19.92 written on a paper lunch bag is a clue. Also, a $1000 bill with a bee on it. His partner calls him “super sensitive and caring.” The bee bill is dropped in a red bucket “For Good Will.” His muscles are like cinder blocks. He’s a fighter. He has two entire countries cheering us on and dancing with us. 

Performance: Take You Dancing by Jason Derulo – Zebra displays some “fancy footwork” that’s really a lot of shuffling around. But he does do a little bit of clumsy ballroom. What saves Zebra is that he seems to be having a ball up there. He’s very energetic. The panel is sure Zebra is a boxer! Word up is: Author. Mayim thinks it’s Oscar De La Hoya. Ashley guesses Conor McGregor.  Paula guesses Barry Bonds

Prediction: OK. I’m sticking with mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz because of earlier clues pointing to a political career. Also, Tito released a book in 2008. 


Clues: Sloth’s partner says he is as funny offstage as on.  is supposedly funny. “I see this guy on tour and he is hilarious. What a showman.” Partner says it’s weird to be teaching him, because he’s usually the leading man. He’s usually the leading man. Technically, he speaks 3 languages. His mama raised him right. He thinks he’s “sex on a stick.”  A panda bear is a clue. 

Performance: Twist Remix –  Sloth is dancing Bollywood this week. He continues to save the best for last. If he makes it to the final, his routine is going to be off the hook. There is a heck of a lot going on here on stage. Brian thinks he dances professionally. Word up: Rose. “I’m all drama,” says Sloth. Heh. Ken guesses guesses Harry Shum Jr. Ashley guesses Hugh Jackman. Mayim guesses Jack Black. The judges are NEVER going to guess this right. 

Prediction: Sloth is Maks Chmerkovskiy, Dancing with the Stars pro dancer. Maks is known for being outspoken and intense–the “bad boy” of dance. He’s not known for good humor! But the clues are obvious. Maks has been called “sex on a stick.” And yes, he always “brought the drama” mixing it up on the dance floor, and sparing with the judges. The pro mentions that he usually leads. He choreographed routine after routine on DWTS. He also owns dance studios. And he has toured extensively with DWTS and his own shows. He’s an immigrant from Ukraine and probably also speaks Russian. 

Exotic Bird

Clues: Her partner has always been a big fan. Mondays is a clue. An airplane model is a clue. Her dance partner is a big fan. Also Santa Claus. She has a big heart, and “every step” she dances is for her baby bird. Paula Abdul is her Idol. Choosing to dance to a Paula Abdul song is also a clue! Twenty three is a clue. 

Performance: Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul. Exotic Bird is comfortable moving her body, but she’s not an athlete or trained dancer. I see trouble ahead for her. Paula says she nailed it! Ken calls it her best performance. Word Up is: Circus. Ashley guesses Khloe Kardashian. Mayim guesses Eve. Paula guesses Jordin Sparks. DING DING DING. 

Prediction: Exotic Bird is, of course, Miss Jordin Sparks. The song choice is actually a clue! Because Paula Abdul judged Idol during SEASON 6, the American Idol season Jordin won “Paula Abdul is her Idol: says it all. Nowhere Cafe points to Jordin’s big hit “No Air.”  Jordin put out a single titled “One Step at a Time.” She also released a Christmas album this past fall–so the Santa Clause reference. The plane reference, I think, has to do with her part in the Left Behind movie. Much of the action takes place on a plane on which she is a passenger. 

Cotton Candy

Clues: Cotton Candy is “so inspiring.” A gold watch with 1:00 PM printed on its face is a clue. A red white and blue sash with “Miss Perfection” printed on it is also a clue. Every night after rehearsal, she goes for a “three mile run” in her mask.  After her fall from the hoop during rehearsal for her Pink performance, she “vaulted back to her feet like a hero.”  A drawing of her in a red cape is a clue. 

Performance: Swan Lake – This week, she’ll dance ballet. She begins dancing backstage. It’s very comic, as she throws in a few hip hop moves. The routine ends with roses thrown on stage. Word up is: Prayer. Ken thinks its Julianne Hough. Brian guesses Kristi Yamaguchi. Paula guesses Simone Biles. “You have seen me perform for many years,” says Cotton Candy. Mayim thinks it’s Hayden Panettiere

Prediction: Cotton Candy is 90’s Olympic champion ice skater, Tara Lipinski


The dancer with the least amount of votes is…Exotic Bird. Oh BOO. It should have been Zebra. Answers to questions: She’s taller than Ken. She’s used to performing in front of small and large crowds. Maybe she’s won a major award. She’s been on the cover of a magazine. SHE HAS MET PAULA BEFORE “Girl yes!” she says. Ken guesses Jennifer Hudson. WRONG. Mayim guesses Eve. Brian guesses Ashley Graham. Paula guesses “the magnificent incredible Jordin Sparks” Ashley agrees with Paula–Jordin Sparks.

And Exotic Bird is… American Idol season 6 winner Jordin Sparks! 


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