The Celebrity Apprentice – Week 3 – Discussion and Recap (UPDATED)

Project Manager, George Takai is Fired

We start with a recap of last week. Victoria was fired. Lisa decides that the women need to beat the men, but notes that she’s done being project manager “Until the finale.”

Penn delivers his check to Opportunity Village. He chokes up as he explains that the developmentally disabled people of Opportunity Village just want a chance to work.

This week’s task is to create two living window displays for Lord and Taylor, featuring Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, a task that definitely favors the women’s team. The men choose George as their project manager because he’s gay. Teresa wants to exercise her fashion training for Forte, but the women decide on Dayana, who has more practical experience. Teresa complains that a “girl from Jersey can’t get a chance.”

To the camera, George carefully explains that his charity is the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. The amount of time given to his charity at this point foreshadows his probable loss in the task. In contrast, Dayana barely manages to mumble that she’s raising money for the Latino Commisson on AIDS.

The women come up with the idea of showing the events of a woman’s day, and Aubrey is quite proud because she thinks of using a clock to show the passage of time.

Clay tells us that George doesn’t have a concept for the windows, but Penn throws out the idea of using twin models, and the other men love it.

Ivanka meets with the teams, bringing “Scott” from Lord and Taylor with her. She explains that her target customers are sophisticated women, approximately 25-35 years. Her clothing goes day to night, office to cocktail party to weekend. Her signature color is coral. She likes “creative and risky,” but insists that the display be consistant with her brand.

The men decide to show Ivanka in the office (one window) and at a red carpet event (in the second window). Clay models in the office as… something. An office worker, perhaps. Arsenio models a reporter on the red carpet. Adam wants to design the window sets, and Paul volunteers to do signage.

When the women see the window spaces, Lisa realizes that the windows are too small to hold all the exciting concepts they came up with. She calls Dayana to suggest editing the ideas down to two. When Dayana hesitates, Aubrey shrieks out, “Just trust us!” At Ivanka’s shop, Dayana sees sketches of the clothing and is inspired to add them to the scene.

Arsenio, citing his own tastes in women’s clothing, styles the displays. He is especially interested in picking shoes for the models. Eric Trump checks on the men. He asks Clay how George is doing and Clay bursts into nervous laughter.

Don visits the women as they are getting ready for a photo shoot. He asks Dayana to explain the concept, which she calls “Timeless Style.” She can’t. Or maybe it’s just her accent. But Don remarks that he doesn’t see their theme. He thinks Dayana is not in control.

Meanwhile, Dee Snider has gone to the doctor about the finger he injured falling off the horse last episode. The doctor says that an operation is necessary — immediately. Next thing we see is Dee being wheeled into the operating room.

The women face a major crisis when the photos they shot don’t arrive. With ten minutes to go, Aubrey comes up with a new concept, “Aspiration to Leadership” and they decide to go with it, using live models and no photographs. Their display consists of Dayana waving sketches around in one window (as a fan blows around her), and Aubrey holding up sketches in the second window. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but no one seems to mind.

Ivanka comes to see the windows, then consults with Scott. She likes the men’s signage, but not the clothing worn by the models on the red carpet. She didn’t like the fan in the women’s window, or that their shoes were hidden by the frame of the window.

Coming from commercial, the brown M&M gives us a business fashion tip and leads us back into the show. What, the muppets weren’t available?

Trump tries to raise drama on the women’s team, but they refuse to fight. Dayana is sure that her team won the challenge. Tia says that Dayana was excellent as Project Manager.

Disgruntled, Trump turns to the men. He commends Dee for continuing on the show, even with a broken finger. Everyone applauds Dee’s courage.

George is happy with his team. He credits Penn with the “twins” concept and praises Paul’s signage. Don mentions that Ivanka likes the signs so much, she wants them for her shop. When asked if George was too detached as the Project Manager, Penn explains that George was continuing in the style that Paul and he had used: delegating tasks and allowing the team members to make decisions on their own.

Don says Ivanka liked the way the women caught the style and demographic. Eric says she liked the men’s brand messaging and loved the twins. She didn’t like the “night” window, and thought the men’s windows lacked creativity. She chose Forte as the winning team. Dayana wins $20,000 for the Latino Commission on AIDS.

As losing Project Manager, George brings Lou and Arsenio back into the boardroom with him. George explains that Arsenio’s styling of the models displeased Ivanka, and that Lou has trouble understanding directions. However, George ultimately takes responsibility for all the problems in their display. Trump is basically forced to fire him.

George leaves with great dignity. His only regret is not raising money for his charity. In the taxi, he praises Trump and agrees that it was his fault that his team lost.

Next week’s task will be about selling a car. This looks to be one that favors the men’s team.