The Bachelorette 9 – Week 8 – HTD Recaps, MTA Previews, and Bach Nation Updates (PHOTO, VIDEOS, POLL)

Hello Bachelorette Lovers!

What a mysterious season this is turning out to be! The storyline tells a straightforward tale of a 3-2-1 elimination, but the previews hold promise of a tale of uncertainty, heartbreak, redemption, second-chances, and the fight for love.

And the dilemma hinted at throughout the season as the F1’s hurdle is Man-versus-Process: Can the F1 tell if he’s truly in love or just thinks he’s in love due to TPTB handlers and The Bach Bubble? It’s the ultimate Reality TV question, finally come to light as the theme of an entire reality TV season! Kinda like that movie, “The Truman Show”. :)

    Why have TPTB shown us Des’ declarations of love for Brooks, not once but twice, in the last 2 episodes – when the norm is for the lead to hold that thought until the FRC? (Or in Bach Brad 2.0’s case, the LCD?)

    Why is the Men Tell All (MTA) episode being held this Monday, before the Fantasy Suite Dates (FSD), and not after, as is the norm?

    Will Brooks leave & return, ala Bette Jillian’s F1 Ed?
    Will Drew be eliminated at F3 but return to propose, ala Bette Jillian’s Reid?
    Will Brooks pull an Ed-Reid amalgam and return just in time to propose, between the F1 & F2 proposals?

    Will there be no more eliminations, as both Brooks and Drew bow out, with Chris going unopposed to the Podium of Luurve?

    Why is there no drama shown surrounding Chris? Is he the even-keeled take-for-granted dependable F2 ala Bette Jillian’s Kiptyn?

    Is this all just smoke-and-mirrors – a trumped-up preview to heighten interest in the final 2 episodes, which will ultimately play out like a normal 3-2-1 elimination? “Curses, foiled again!”

    Why are there no social-media spoilers this season, like photos of safe-house visits, spottings at airports, island-stay giveaways, at all?

    Why isn’t there the usual late-season spat of publicity, like Desiree interviews by TV & radio stations, or tabloid articles about “trouble in paradise”, at all? Not a peep?!

    Does the Live ATFR mean that matters will get resolved there? Will the FRC engagement be delayed till then?

    Will Des end up alone? With a boyfriend but not a fiance? Or engaged & in love?

Sound off!


The Rose Forecast: the Men Tell All
via ABC on

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All
“…A crazy, fun-filled trip follows Desiree and Chris Harrison – accompanied by favorite “Bachelor” alumni Trista Sutter, Jason and Molly Mesnick and Ashley and J.P. Rosenbaum — aboard the “Bachelor Bus,” both in New York and Los Angeles, to pay surprise visits to “Bachelorette” viewing parties. Three girl friends and former Bachelorettes – Emily Maynard, Ashley Hebert and Ali Fedotowsky — have Desiree’s back and offer her sage advice about confronting some of the men who might have had ulterior motives for being on the show…”
More at’s The Bachelorette channel
Scroll halfway down the page to see TVG’s MTA Preview video!

Hometown Dates (HTD) RECAPS

[Host] Chris Harrison blogs ‘The Bachelorette’ episode 8
“Welcome to the hometown dates for Des and the boys. This was a very interesting and pivotal episode in many ways, and with all that was going on there were some things you may not even understand until you see the dramatic two-episode finale of this season. Des was looking forward to these hometown dates and was really hoping she would get answers from these guys and their families as to who is really ready to settle down and begin a new life together with her…”
More at’s PopWatch

[Bette 9] The Bachelorette: Desiree Hartsock Blogs About Meeting the Families
“…BREAKING NEWS: I just learned that Brian is too scared to show his face at The Men Tell All, but that is probably for the better. I definitely don’t want to waste any time on a guy who showed up with a girlfriend. That is not the type of guy I was ever looking for, nor is he someone that any self-respecting woman in America should be with. I hope you don’t get your heart broken by that jerk, Stephanie! …”
More at’s TVWatch

[Bette 6] Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelorette Blog: Emotional Hometown Dates and a Ring Returned
“…And I know we keep hearing Desiree say that she loves Brooks. But the fact that the producers keep showing it makes me wonder if she actually picks him in the end. Why would the producers give it away this early? They never have in the past. I think that they want to keep us thinking it’s him so that we’ll be surprised when it’s not! …”
More at’s Reality Scoop!

[Bette 5] Jillian Harris’s Bachelorette Blog: My Prediction for the Next ‘Bachelor’
“…After Drew’s family date tonight, I have a huge soft spot for him. How he has handled his adversities, how his family has handled them, and the softness that comes with that — you can just feel the warmth and love from his family and that (yes, I am going to change my mind AGAIN) is why he is now MY number one pick. Having said that, and knowing how this franchise works, here’s my prediction. She won’t pick Chris and we likely won’t see him again until the next Bachelor reunion (although he will swear up and down he will never go to one, he will be there. You can’t resist the family once you take your first rose). She will pick Brooks (or no one), but I still feel like there is something else or someone out there for Des… I’m not QUITE convinced it’s one of these three yet. And Drew, well, she will let him go second to last and he will be the next Bachelor. And no, I don’t have any insider info, tips, or hints. I have NO clue…just my guess!…”
More at’s Entertainment channel

[Bach Jason’s] Natalie Getz recaps The Bachelorette: Goodbye, Zak!
“…As sorry as I feel for Zak, he seemed to have his emotions in check after being dumped and that says a lot about his confidence. He knows what a catch he is, and knows he’ll find the right girl. I’m curious to hear his thoughts at the men’s tell-all. Could he be our next bachelor? After all, he was dumped in the same episode Desiree was…”
More at’s Entertainment channel

“…I’ve loved all of your wonderful comments and positive support, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that the negative comments haven’t affected me, also. I stand behind everything I’ve said in this blog 1,000% and want to point out that my opinion is just my opinion – it is not the word of God, and I am not a saint. Many of you have been able to detect that I am a much more sarcastic, insightful, funny person than I was ever made out to be on the show, and I am so grateful for your detective work! I’m sorry for those of you who thought I was perfect…”
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So long, Sarah – we will miss your blogging the TB franchises!

[Bach Charlie’s Krissily Kennedy] The Bachelorette S:9 | Episode 8 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

via AfterBuzz TV’s YouTube channel

Bachelorette Desiree Recap Including your “Men Tell All” Spoilers
“…-To no one’s surprise, Drew, Chris, and Brooks were not in attendance. Neither was Brian Jarosinski, who is back together with Stephanie. So that promo at the end of last night to make you think Brian would be there? Lie.
-The four guys called up into the hot seat were James, Ben, Juan Pablo, and Zak. I guess because Juan Pablo got 13 seconds of air time all season, I guess they thought they’d bring him up on stage. They actually had a few fans wearing “I love Juan Pablo” shirts join him up there as well.
-Des did a pre-taped segment with Ashley, Ali, and Emily that aired where the four of them sat around talking about how to deal with the “villains” on their season.
-Zak claims he still wasn’t over Desiree and even wrote a song about it that he sang for everyone. No, I’m not kidding. Man, he must be really pushing hard to try and be the next “Bachelor.”
-James and Ben took the most heat. One surprising note was that Dan (yeah, I barely remember him either) apparently went after Ben the hardest. Claimed that the mother of Ben’s son sought him out in Vegas one weekend, and started talking to him telling him stuff about Ben. Ben denied it, said it never happened, and even told Dan to call her right now because it was a lie. Dan accused Ben of being a cheater and that he abandoned Brody at some point. Ben did not take this all that well and these two had it out the most.
-Des went after James hard for not being there for the right reasons and what he said about wanting to be the next Bachelor. She also questioned Ben’s sincerity…”
More at

“…Des tells Zak she had to weigh the relationships and says she thinks they are in different places. She tells him how wonderful he is and wonders what she should do with the ring he gave her. (I must have missed this?) She decides to give it back and hugs him goodbye.
In the limo, he talks about how hurt he is and how he is in a dark place trying to find love…”
More at’s The Bachelorette channel

Bachelorette Des Recap: Home Sweet Home Town Dates
“We’ve made it through eight weeks of one girl’s amazing journey to find love, and now there’s only one more thing to do before Desiree forgoes all individual room keys in lieu of exotic fantasy suites. You guessed it! It’s time to head to the final four home towns of Shirtless Zak, Ponyboy, Chris and Brooks! I have to say that I always look forward to the entertaining ramblings courtesy of some wacked-out family member or nosy neighbor, but that didn’t happen this season. And Des’ brother was even back in the picture! Each date was an exact replica of the one before, which resulted in two hours of little to none action sequences or emotional breakdowns…”
more at I Hate Green Beans

The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Episode 8
“This week’s blog is going to be like my favorite candy…sea salt caramels. A whole lot of sweet with just a touch of salt on top to keep it “real”. I loved every one of the HTD’s this week and I’m not sure that’s ever happened before. Of course there were a few freaky Friday moments, but oh so entertaining! Here we go…”
More at RealiTV with Bee

The Bachelorette 2013 – Episode 8 – Welcome to Hometowns!
“Episode Synopsis: Desiree’s emotionally charged, whirlwind world tour to find love comes back to the U.S. as she travels across country to visit Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak in their hometowns and to meet their families. Her spirit and resilience has surprised the men, but she is about to be severely tested by their loved ones as she tries to figure out if she can love more than one man at a time. Are all of these bachelors ready to be married? Desiree will try and find out from the people who know them best, as she moves closer to making her fairytale come true. Three suitors remain after the rose ceremony…”
More at Sophienette’s Insomniac Ramblings


Bette Des’ F5 Michael Garofola’s Exit Interview

via Reality TV World’s The Bachelorette channel

Listen to Bach Jason and Molly Mesnick’s This Is Reality podcast
Episode 10: Who’s the fun parent, who’s the tough parent?
via KIRO Radio’s On-Demand Podcasts

Happy 30th Birthday to Bette Desiree’s Kasey Stewart!
Kasey Stewart ?@kaseystewart 2h
Couldn’t have asked for a better 30th birthday week. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me.
via Kasey Stewart’s Twitter

Bette Ashley is planning to start her Dental practice in Manhattan!
Ashley L. Rosenbaum ?@ashhebert 19 Jul
Okay need your input! Im opening a Pediatric Dental Practice in Manhattan… TriBeCa? Or Upper West Side?? What do you think?? Vote!
via Ashley Rosenbaum’s Twitter

Bach Brad 2.0’s Jackie Gordon’s Wedding Date is October 13!
July 13 near North Haven, NY via mobile
The three month wedding countdown begins today!!
via Jackie Gordon’s Facebook

Bach Matt’s Holly Durst & Bette Ashley’s Blake Julian are building a house together!
More at’s The Bachelorette channel

Bette Desiree’s Juan Pablo Might be on NBC’s The Voice!
More at’s The Bachelorette channel

And Finally… I went out dancing at a place called Suite with some friends last (Saturday) night, and GUESS WHO HAPPENED TO BE MY BARTENDER?!?!

Courtesy: Rosewise

All I can say is, I don’t know WHAT Bette Emily was thinking, choosing 1F over that??!! My quick-pics here do not do him an ounce of justice. IRL Doug Clerget is fine as f*ck, dashing, confident, personable, charismatic, wears a big smile at all times, and is a wiz behind the bar. He made me a Vodka Tonic with lightening speed. You should have seen all the women swarming the bar and sneaking in camera-pics of our Dougy. You could tell that he was enjoying all the attention! :D

Sound off with your thoughts and theories below! And see you again this Monday July 22 as we live-blog the MTA!!

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