The Bachelorette 2021 Recap: Katie Continues to Clean House


This week on The Bachelorette, the men conspire to save Katie from Thomas, whom they believe is manipulating her! But she is drawn to him. What will she do? Also a former suitor from Tayshia’s season arrives to woo Katie. Is she interested?

As the remaining suitors plot against Thomas who had the audacity to say out loud that he joined the show hoping to maybe become the next Bachelor, I have to ask… 

Who is really on a Bachelor show for any other reason than clout?

Who REALLY auditions to be on The Bachelor/Bachelorette to find a partner? Isn’t every single person there to chase clout? I mean, all the hand wringing over some men not being there for the “right reasons” seems ridiculous, especially as the show keeps harping and harping and harping on it.

“I trust the process,” declares Katie. Yeah, she trusts the process will get her a spot on this fall’s Dancing with the Stars.

Truth or Dare gets Real

This week’s group date includes Christian, Mike, Andrew S. Tre, Andrew M, Josh and Conor C. They play Truth or Dare with help from former Bachelorettes and co-hosts Tayshia and Kaitlyn. Each suitor has to face various silly challenges. Andrew S. breaks out the fake English accent, which Katie enjoys for some reason. Also, Christian waxes Tre’s butt cheeks.

The worst, however, is the pepper challenge. Each has to eat two habanero peppers, afterwards proposing to Katie. The crying comes naturally, needless to say. Greg tells Katie that he loves her. She’s not mad about it.

Later on, Katie thanks the guys for being game for the crazy dares. Now it’s time for TRUTH. BE VULNERABLE. Andrew S. mentions that he’s closest to the guys picked for the group date. Katie wants everyone to get along, and for a drama-free house.  But what kind of boring show would that be?

Greg and Katie grow closer and closer. “I’m starting to fall for you,” she confesses to him. Greg feels that it could be love between them. “I’m crazy about the girl,” he tells the camera.

The guys disagree on whether to rat out Thomas or not. Guess which side wins!

The guys argue about Thomas. Andrew S wants to let it go, Tre wants to confront Katie with “the truth.” I think I’m Team Andrew S here. But then…show…drama required! So, unsurprisingly, Tre marches over to Katie to share “the truth.” Andrew S is the only one in the room who believes it’s a terrible idea. “Focus on your own relationship,” says Andrew. Common sense does not belong on The Bachelorette, y’all.

Alone with Katie, Tre insists that Thomas is “manipulative,” and that earlier he admitted that he auditioned for the show to become The Bachelor. “I feel devastated,” Katie confesses. She is glad Tre shared what he knew about Thomas with her. Tre is hoping the move snags him the date rose. Speaking of manipulative! Tre is behaving like a  hypocrite. 

“You guys don’t want drama, but you spark it,” argues Andrew S. “It just makes us look bad.” Tre, however, is having none of that. Katie joins the guys, wanting more dirt on Thomas. They oblige. After, Katie gives the date rose to Tre. Andrew S is incredulous. “It’ kills me.” He still thinks the whole deal is going to bite everyone in the butt.

Tayshia drops a bombshell

Meanwhile Tayshia drops by the next morning to share some news. Somebody from her past reached out. He wants to court Katie. Tayshia won’t tell Katie right away who he is. For her part, Katie won’t keep him unless they really click, because she’s already too invested with a few of the current suitors. “I don’t want to disrupt the process,” she says.

It turns out to be Blake, a suitor from Tayshia’s season. Alrighty then. He apologizes for throwing a wrench into the process. So far, he’s been loving her on The Bachelorette and has a crush. Katie confesses that he’s “a very handsome guy.” But she doesn’t like that she’ll be his 3rd Bachelorette. He talks a really good game, insisting that he’s willing to take any risk to be one of her suitors. She sends Blake off with a “maybe.”

“It’s global warming. He’s on an ice cap, it’s shrinking every day. The seas are rising, and I don’t think he knows how to swim,” is how Aaron describes Thomas’ situation in the house right now.

Katie confesses that she was dreaming about hometowns with Thomas. Kaitlyn notes that the surest way NOT to become the next Bachelor is to say it out loud. Kaitlyn and Tayshia pegs Thomas as a “sweet talker.” Katie is leaning on cutting him at the rose ceremony later.

Thomas mounts a last ditch effort

But before the cocktail party starts, Thomas visits Katie at her place. He confesses that he’s not close to the other guys. It’s been HARD FOR HIM. He WON’T walk away. He will FIGHT for her. She asks him about wanting to be the next Bachelor. He insists the guys brought it up first, and he was honest. But regardless, he’s open to the process. And now that he knows her, he doesn’t care about The Bachelor at all.

But, Katie still feels unsure. She’s really drawn to Thomas, but is afraid he’s playing her, telling her what she wants to hear. He mounts a charm offense. But even as she walks him out, she is not sure what to do about him. It’s nearly midnight, and the cocktail party hasn’t started yet. They guys continue to be BIG MAD.

Andrew S, in particular, does an “I told you so.” He feels that making Thomas into an issue ruined the cocktail party, robbing suitors of their time with Katie. Soon, there’s is shouting and arguing. “He’s still here!” says Andrew S. “Don’t yell at me!” Aaron retorts.

Katie and Michael grow closer

Katie arrives and she’s upset, but carries on with suitor conversations anyway. But what’s the point? All the conversations are revolving around Thomas. Still, Katie and Michael continue to hit it off. They are already discussing whether he’ll stay in Ohio or not. Katie confesses to Tayshia and Kaitlyn that she’s sending Thomas home. But will she?

Before she begins handing out roses, Thomas steps forward to apologize to Katie and all the men. Will that last appeal change Katie’s mind?

Will Katie send Thomas home? Surprise twist ahead!

Katie begins handing out roses to: Hunter, Greg, Justin, Brendan, Andrew S., Aaron, Mike P., James, Josh, Quartney, Andrew M. get roses

AND THOMAS! She calls his name. The guys look confused and upset. But instead of asking if he’ll accept her rose SHE TELLS HIM OFF! “You told me things I wanted to hear. But what I learned about you tonight is that you’re selfish, unkind, and a liar. YOUR BACHELOR AUDITION ENDS TONIGHT SO GET OUT!”

And then nobody gets the last rose. It’s a fake rose. Going home with Thomas is: Christian, Conor C., and David.

Connor B, Michael and Tre already have date roses.

Katie addresses the remaining guys: “I can’t emphasize enough how badly I need you to be here for the right reasons, plain and simple!”

Katie makes her decision regarding Blake

She feels powerful, like she can trust her gut! And speaking of following her gut…she interrupts Blake in the shower. I’m sure THAT’S AN ACCIDENT. And more or less BLAKE GETS THE FINAL ROSE. Metaphorically speaking.

The guys are GONNA FREAK. So mad, that the medic arrives next week.

Katie Ditches Thomas, Invites Blake to Join the Show

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