The Bachelor 2021 Week 8 Recap: Matt Ditched ‘You’re Not My Person’


The Bachelor. It’s hometown week for Matt James and the four remaining ladies, Michelle, Bri, Rachael and Serena P. In prior seasons, The Bachelor/Bachelorette would travel to the contestant’s hometown. Because of COVID, the families will come to Nemacolin, the Western Pennsylvania resort where the show is filming.

Michelle’s students loaded up with the embarrassing questions

Michelle is up first. But first, the two go on a bike ride. Michelle came into the competition along with four other contestants, weeks after the competition began. And she’s still standing.  Michelle, an elementary school teacher, introduces Matt to her students via Zoom. The kids ask a bunch of embarrassing (prolly coached) questions. In the end, the kiddos give “Mr. James” two thumbs up.

Next, the two sit outside for a bagged lunch, continuing the elementary school theme. The smooching, not so much. Michelle muses that if her family doesn’t like Matt, it will be difficult to continue in a relationship.

Michelle’s mom and dad travelled from Minnesota. The group meets in a house that doesn’t look like it’s part of the resort. But maybe it is? Matt shares that when he first met Michelle, he was smitten right away, immediately requesting a one-on-one with her. Dad explains that Michelle has bad relationships in her past. When dad pulls Michelle aside, she explains that she’s drawn to Matt, because he wants to make a difference. But, dad is concerned with the other women. Michelle admits that she’d accept his proposal. She gets teary thinking about the “hard place” she was in two years ago.

Michelle’s family is super laid back

Dad is ready to grill Matt. He explains to dad that he loves Michelle’s strong opinions, and the way she carries herself. Dad asks if he’s in love with her. “I am falling for your daughter,” Matt answers. He’s also willing to move to Minnesota if it has to be. All in all, Dad is super laid back

Michelle tells mom, tearfully, that Matt is the one. You know, after like 5 weeks. Mom wonders if he’ll be as wonderful as her dad is. “I just want you to be happy,” says Mom. In the end, the Young family is all in, and it didn’t take much. The visit is way too easy and sans drama for The Bachelor. Probably why the visit is first.

Later the family shoots a few hoops outside. Mom is a pretty good basketball player! Afterward, the couple talk, Michelle says she connects with Matt in a way she never has before. “I’m falling in love with you,” she says out loud. They kiss. And that’s that.

Matt and Rachael’s skydiving adventure nearly goes very very wrong

Next up it’s Rachael. She pulls up to meet Matt in what looks like a vintage roadster. In order to prove that Matt “trusts” her, Rachael blindfolds him. They drive away to where a plane is waiting. Skydiving is next! Matt is a thrill seeker, so he’s STOKED. The tandem guy explains they will jump from 12,000 feet. There are drone shots and everything. When Rachel lands, her tandem falls on top of her. OUCH. But, she seems OK. In the moment, Matt thought he could lose her WHICH IS SO VERY DRAMATIC. It made him realize how much he cares.

Matt and Rachael arrive at another “house.” Her mom, dad and sister are in from Georgia. Rachael has a chat with mom first. Mom prods, she wants to know Matt’s negatives. There are none, says Rachael. She shares that her skydiving experience earlier in the day was rough, And, in fact, it bruised her up pretty bad. And Matt was so sweet about it! Rachael would say yes to a proposal.

Rachael is convinced she’s “the one”

Rachael’s dad, in the meantime, expresses misgivings to Matt about the process. LIKE ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD. He thinks they need more time to get to know each other. Matt says he’s falling in love with her. Dad raises an eyebrow. How does he care so much for Rachael while he’s seeing other people? Matt promises that he’s taking it serious. Obviously, Dad finds the whole deal ridiculous.

Dad shares his misgivings with Rachael. OH WOW. Rachael thinks she’s “the one.” Well. Dad is like, child don’t be naive. He doesn’t actually say that, but he’s thinking that. Dad surrenders, and rattles off that he’ll support hr no matter what she does, as he slurps down a drink. Probably to calm his nerves. Overall, however, that was surprisingly undramatic. Matt admits to Rachael that he’s not ready to ask for her dad’s blessing. She is a little disappointed. Girl, you aren’t special. “I will be completely crushed if I don’t end up with Matt,” she admits.

Matt meets Bri’s family bearing a giant stuffed animal

Now, it’s Bri’s turn. She was Matt’s first one-on-one date. He’s “comfortable” with Bri. He’s hoping that meeting her family will push their relationship to the next level. THAT does not sound promising. First, the two will be offroading. Kinda like their first date. Bri is behind the wheel. It’s a thing she did as a kid. Bri warns that her mother will be tough on Matt when they talk. Neither come from a conventional family, which connects them. Bri is hoping to tell Matt today that she’s falling in love with him. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem that into her.

Matt meets Bri’s mom, and her best friend Bri in from San Francisco. Yes. Two Bris. Mom just had a BABY. As in just a few months old. Bri holds her for the first time. So, that’s why Matt brought a gigantic stuffed animal, that could seriously smother that poor babe.

Bri, gurl, Matt’s just not that into you

Mom pulls Matt aside. Matt admits that his connection to Bri is different from how he connects to the others due to their similar childhoods. They both were raised by single mothers. When mom asks if he’s in love with Bri, he answers, “I’m falling for her.” But he doesn’t admit that he feels closer to the other women. “Do you see Bri in your life?” mom asking the question in a different way. “Absolutely,” says Matt. He’s really coming off as disingenuous here. Mom isn’t totally buying it.

Mom asks Bri if she’s in love with Matt. “I feel like I’m falling in love with him,” she says. Mom says, “You have to make a commitment to yourself to be vulnerable and honest with yourself.” Mom promises if Matt breaks her heart, she’ll help Bri heal. “I have to let that wall down,” Bri says to herself. 

Later, outside, she hesitates, but then finally says, “I feel like I’m falling in love with you, and I want to spend more time with you.” Matt responds, “Thank you for sharing that with me tonight,” as if he’s thanking her for passing the potatoes. Eep. They kiss.

Matt learns Canadian lingo, eats poutine

Lastly, it’s Serena P. She’s from Canada! They enter a room, festooned with Canada things, including a big stuffed moose. She teaches him a little Canadian lingo. There is also a quiz. She serves him poutine, which is fried cheese curds. He likes it. Outside, the two play hockey on real ice.

Later, Matt meets Serena’s parents and sister. Mom pulls Matt aside. She wants to know why he picked Serena. He likes that she challenges him, and how she doesn’t “take crap” from anybody. Mom is worried about her getting hurt. Mom feels skeptical that they can get engaged so quickly.

Serena’s sister is skeptical

Meanwhile, Serena explains to sis that on paper, Matt checks every box, and she’s falling in love with him. Sis calls Matt “a really cool guy,” but feels that there is something missing. She doesn’t believe that Serena is truly smitten. “Where is that IT factor,” she asks. In a confessional, sis says she’s afraid that Serena is talking herself into the engagement.

Dad calls an engagement a “strong commitment.” Now Serena has doubts. She can’t put her finger on what’s missing and causing doubt. Mom thinks her last relationship really “messed” with her head. Serena is crying now, “I want to be out of my brain for five minutes.” Serena acknowledges that she’s had doubts all along.

Matt urges Serena to trust him, and live in the moment. “I’ll try,” she says. In a confessional, Serena admits,  “I’m not there yet,” adding that, “I wanted my hometown to get me there.” But it didn’t.

Serena breaks down, admits to Matt, he “just isn’t my person”

Matt confesses that he really likes Serena P., but he can’t convince her. He wants to fight for her! Chris advises that Matt speak with Serena right away. He surprises her with a visit. Matt confesses that he likes being around her. He’s spent more time with her than the other women. He sees the potential in their relationship, which is why he’s given her the space she needs to deal with her doubts.

Serena acknowledges that they have a connection. But her family helped her see why she struggled to express her feelings about Matt. Now she realizes that Matt just isn’t her person. Matt is floored. He doesn’t say a word at first. “That sucks to hear that,” he says. But he knew something was off with her. “It just stinks,” he says. “I want what’s best for you,” he says. “I’m just not there,” Serena says tearfully. She walks him out to his car. In a confessional, Serena cries realizing that she won’t see him again. “That’s not how I saw our journey ending,” she says.

“It’s a conversation we should have had weeks ago,” Matt shares with Chris. He seems a little mad! So typical. The one he wants is the one he can’t get. Now, he’s afraid there are more girls who have changed their minds.

The final three will head to FANTASY SUITS. But the Women Tell All first

At the rose ceremony, Matt breaks the news that Serena P left. Now, he wants to “reiterate” what offering a rose means. If they aren’t looking to get married, they should reconsider accepting the rose. Michelle, Rachael and Bri all accept their roses. Bri is a little disappointed that she got the last rose. She doesn’t know where Matt’s “head is at.” Uhm. He likes the other two more. So.

Next week, THE WOMEN TELL ALL. All the crazies are back! Whee! In two weeks, it’s time for FANTASY SUITS.

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