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The episode begins with the teams traveling to a travel agency to book tickets to Laos. Leo & Jamal are happy to achieve redemption after previously being eliminated in Japan. Colin & Christie remember how intense they were back in Season 5, but they have calmed down now and practice meditation daily. We see Rachel & Elissa ask Becca & Floyd to work together to find the travel agency, but Becca & Floyd walk away when they see Nicole & Victor. They all eventually find the travel agency, but Rachel & Elissa wonder if that was Becca & Floyd refusing to work with them. All teams eventually book tickets and get on the same flight to Laos.

The teams land in Laos. They must grab baskets of offerings and wait to present them to monks in the morning. Leo & Jamal took a tuk-tuk to the location, but Corinne & Eliza jogged in front of it and refused to let them pass so they could stay ahead of them. Leo & Jamal are baffled by Corinne & Eliza running in traffic, and they say they run like snakes. Corinne & Eliza are bothered by Leo & Jamal’s demeanor. They don’t think they are very nice.

The next morning they all get their clues, and they make their way to the next clue box. Rachel & Elissa say in a confessional that they have bonded with Colin & Christie and can see themselves working together. Rachel & Elissa get there first with Colin & Christie and Nicole & Victor right behind them. There is a U-Turn board, and Rachel wants to use it. She keeps asking Elissa who they should U-Turn, but Elissa is unsure whether they should use the U-Turn. However, they agree to use the U-Turn on Becca & Floyd.

Teams now have a Detour to complete: ABC or BBQ. ABC requires teams to learn the Laos alphabet and take an oral exam. BBQ requires teams to shop for ingredients and prepare skewers of meat. Becca & Floyd get to the U-Turn board and see they have been U-Turned. They then decide to U-Turn Tyler & Korey. All teams get their clues and make their way to their chosen Detour.

Tyler & Korey are the first to arrive at the ABC Detour while Becca & Floyd and Leo & Jamal work together on the BBQ Detour. Corinne & Eliza arrive at the ABC Detour and begin learning the alphabet after Tyler & Korey fail their first exam. Meanwhile, Rachel & Elissa and Colin & Christie are in the marketplace with Becca & Floyd and Leo & Jamal. They are all still finding ingredients for the BBQ Detour. Nicole & Victor and Janelle & Britney arrive at the BBQ Detour too. Becca is especially mad at Rachel & Elissa; she tells Floyd that they will not stoop to their level. Rachel says to the cameraman that she would apologize to Becca & Floyd, but they are not making eye contact and seem too upset to talk.

Tyler & Korey complete the ABC Detour, but they must now make their way to the BBQ Detour since they were U-Turned. Meanwhile, Rupert & Laura finally arrive at the ABC Detour and begin learning the Laos alphabet. While they are learning how to pronounce the letters, Corinne & Eliza complete the ABC Detour. They are now in first place and can proceed to Elephant Village to receive their next clue.

Chris & Bret have arrived at the marketplace too. Tyler & Korey arrive there too, and they are glad to still see teams there. Leo & Jamal are the first to complete the BBQ Detour, and they are followed by Nicole & Victor and Becca & Floyd. Becca & Floyd must go complete the other Detour. After they leave, Janelle & Britney and Colin & Christie complete the BBQ Detour. They can leave for Elephant Village too. Rachel & Elissa’s skewers don’t pass the inspection the first time, but they eventually finish it. They can leave for Elephant Village too, leaving Tyler & Korey and Chris & Bret at BBQ. Meanwhile, Rupert & Laura finally complete the ABC Detour, but so do Becca & Floyd soon afterwards. Chris & Bret are in ninth place after they complete the BBQ Detour, meaning Tyler & Korey are currently in last place. However, they do complete it and can make their way to Elephant Village.

Corinne & Eliza are in first place, but they get passed by Leo & Jamal on the road. Leo & Jamal arrive at Elephant Village first and learn there is a Roadblock to complete. One team member must ride an elephant down a designated path and find a musician who has their next clue. Jamal chooses to do the Roadblock. Right behind them are Nicole & Victor, and Nicole chooses to do the Roadblock. Colin & Christie arrive too, with Christie doing the Roadblock. Corinne & Eliza and Janelle & Britney arrive at the Roadblock, but Leo & Jamal try to give Corinne & Eliza wrong directions to the clue box since they don’t like them. Rachel & Elissa arrive at the Roadblock too. Performing the Roadblock are Britney, Corinne, and Elissa. The rest of the teams arrive at the Roadblock with Becca, Rupert, Chris, and Tyler doing the Roadblock.

Leo and Nicole are the first two to complete the Roadblock. Leo & Jamal and Nicole & Victor can now proceed to the Pit Stop: Prince Phetsarath’s Palace. The rest of the teams are still working on the Roadblock. Rupert is struggling getting his elephant to listen to his instructions. “It can’t end on an elephant, I love you too much,” Rupert says to his elephant. All the other people working on the Roadblock manage to pass him.

It’s a very close race to the Pit Stop between Nicole & Victor and Leo & Jamal. Victor finds the path, but Nicole is unsure if it’s the right way after Leo & Jamal shout out that it’s the wrong way. Her hesitation allows Leo & Jamal to pass her and Victor. Leo & Jamal get in their boats before Nicole & Victor get in theirs. They make their way to the Pit Stop, and Nicole apologizes to Victor for not listening to him. Leo & Jamal land on the mat and greet Phil at the Pit Stop first. Leo & Jamal are Team #1. Leo & Jamal win $2,500 each. Nicole & Victor greet Phil as Team #2 minutes afterwards.

Rupert and Becca are the last ones to complete the Roadblock as the other teams are racing to the Pit Stop. Rachel & Elissa greet Phil as Team #3. Joining them are Colin & Christie and Janelle & Britney as Team #4 and Team #5 respectively. Phil asks Rachel about the U-Turn, and she says Becca & Floyd are a strong team, and they had to U-Turn them. Corinne & Eliza and Tyler & Korey join them as Team #6 and Team #7. Later, when the other teams have left the Pit Stop, Chris & Bret greet Phil as Team #8. Afterwards, Becca & Floyd arrive at the Pit Stop in ninth place.

Rupert & Laura are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop. Phil gives them the bad news: Rupert & Laura have been eliminated from the race. Rupert apologizes, and Laura says The Amazing Race is another fun adventure they got to share together.

Episode Summary

1st place: Leo & Jamal (Won $2,500 each)

2nd place: Nicole & Victor

3rd place: Rachel & Elissa

4th place: Colin & Christie

5th place: Janelle & Britney

6th place: Corinne & Eliza

7th place: Tyler & Korey

8th place: Chris & Bret

9th place: Becca & Floyd

10th place: Rupert & Laura (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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