The Amazing Race Season 25 Episode 2 Discussion and Recap

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The Amazing Race 25 Episode 2

Misti and Jim won the last leg of the race, so they’re the first to depart to the new destination: London, England. Once there, they must drive to the Tower Bridge to find their next clue. They are followed by Tim and Te Jay and Kym and Alli, who share a cab. Brooke and Robbie are the fourth to depart for the airport. Adam and Bethany are the fifth team to depart. Amy and Maya are the sixth team to arrive at the airport. These six teams will be on the first flight, which will have an hour and a half advantage. Everyone else gathers at the airport later and boards the second flight.

The teams arrive at London, England. Tim and Te Jay are the first to get the clue, which is a Detour. They can either perform a traditional changing of the guards ceremony or race around a course while flipping pancakes under a minute and fifteen seconds. Misti and Jim are the first team to arrive at the changing of the guards task, followed by Tim and Te Jay. Kym and Alli and Adam and Bethany are the first teams to arrive at the pancake race course. Afterwards, Amy and Maya and Brooke and Robbie arrive at the changing of the guards task.

Adam and Bethany are the first team to attempt the pancake course. They complete the task successfully and are now in first place! They must go to Paddington Station and proceed to the city of Oxford. Their next clue will be at a bridge.

Misti and Jim attempt the changing of the guards ceremony, but fail their first attempt. Meanwhile, the other teams have arrived at Tower Bridge and are making their way to their respective Detours.

Misti and Jim complete the Detour on their second attempt and are currently in second place. Kym and Alli complete it too and are now in third place. Brooke and Robbie and Tim and Te Jay get worried when they see other teams arriving. Meanwhile, Keith and Whitney, Michael and Scott, and Dennis and Isabelle arrive at the pancake course. Keith and Whitney are the first to attempt the race, but did not complete it in time.

While the top three teams are boarding the trains, Tim and Te Jay are attempting their Detour, but mess up. Brooke and Robbie mess up as well. Shelley and Nici don’t do the changing of the guards ceremony correctly either. At the pancake race, Dennis and Isabelle are attempting the pancake race, but they don’t do it in time.

Back at the changing of the guards, Tim and Te Jay do it correctly and are now in fourth place. Over at the changing of the guards task, Amy and Maya complete the task and are now in fifth place, followed by Shelley and Nici in sixth place. Back at pancake course, Keith and Whitney are successful and are in seventh place.

Meanwhile in Oxford, Adam and Bethany are the first to find the next clue. They must paddle their way down a river on a punt to find their next clue. Misti and Jim and Kym and Alli are behind them in second and third place respectively.

Back at the pancake course, Michael and Scott fail due to not flipping their pancakes enough. Dennis and Isabelle, however, are successful and are in eighth place. Keith and Whitney, Amy and Maya, Dennis and Isaeblle, and Shelley and Nici get on the next train while Brooke and Robbie and Michael and Scott are still working on their Detours. But they finally complete it and are the bottom two teams.

Adam and Bethany are the first team to complete the punting task and get their next clue. They must proceed to Christ Church College and tip a bowler hat where Churchill’s birthplace is the clue for their next location. Misti and Jim learn that they were punting the wrong way, so they must do the task over again. Several other teams are now punting simultaneously.

Adam and Bethany arrive at the college. Adam and Bethany are given the choice to look for an Express Pass and they take it. Instead of proceeding to the Pit Stop, they search for the pub where the Express Pass is said to be located. Misti and Jim are behind them in second and Kym and Alli are currently in third. Everyone else is punting.

Adam and Bethany find the Express Pass! They now make their way to the Pit Stop: Blenheim Palace. They arrive there before the other teams and are Team #1! They win a trip to Sweden. Misti and Jim are Team #2 and Kym and Alli are Team #3.

Shelley and Nici and Dennis and Isabelle are struggling at the punting task while everyone else is making their way to the Pit Stop.

Whitney and Keith check-in as Team #4! Behind them are Tim and Te Jay as Team #5, Michael and Scott as Team #6,  Brooke and Robbie as Team #7, and Amy and Maya as Team #8.

Either Shelley and Nici or Dennis and Isabelle will be eliminated. Throughout the episode, both teams have expressed how big fans of The Amazing Race they are and how devastating it would be to get eliminated so early. However, it is Dennis and Isabelle who are eliminated as Shelley and Nici check-in as Team #9.

Episode Summary:

First place: Adam and Bethany (Won a trip to Sweden and the Express Pass)

Second place: Misti and Jim

Third place: Kym and Alli

Fourth place: Keith and Whitney

Fifth place: Tim and Te Jay

Sixth place: Michael and Scott

Seventh place: Brooke and Robbie

Eighth place: Amy and Maya

Ninth place: Shelley and Nici

Tenth place: Dennis and Isabelle (Eliminated)

Thanks for reading and join me next week for another episode of The Amazing Race!

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  1. Good, leg, I always enjoy it when its places I know, like London….Glad to see Bethany and Adam win the leg, and Tim and Te Jay still in.. So far there doesn’t seem to be any really obnoxious teams, nobody who I actively dislike…

  2. I love this show, and I agree with HKfan that there doesn’t seem to be a team that everyone dislikes. Of course, it is early, and some may not have shown their true colors. In the past there always seemed to be one team that started out with an attitude. Haven’t seen that yet.

  3. Yes, they’re my least favourite…but still not as bad as some previous contestants.

  4. The pancake race was hilarious, especially the Boston firemen trying to flip and run. I’m hoping the dentists and their sparkling white teeth are eliminated next. Still need time to get to know the other teams, but I am rooting for the mother/daughter team to last a long time or win it!

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