The Amazing Race 30 Recap – Week 2 Live Blog

A new episode of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with Kristi feeling sick after drinking the Brennivín in the previous leg, but she’s determined to keep racing. Afterwards, she and Jen learn their next destination: Antwerp, Belgium. First, they must fly to Amsterdam before taking a train to Antwerp. Once there, they must find a chocolate shop where a chocolatier will hand them their next clue. We see more teams learning they will be going to Antwerp, and they all get on the same flight to Amsterdam too.

All the teams rush into the chocolate shop at 9:00 A.M. in the morning. They get their next clue, and they learn they have a Roadblock to complete. They must climb up a rope ladder dangling from a structure several feet up in the air and retrieve their next clue.

Cedric & Shawn are the first team to arrive at the Roadblock, and they are followed by Trevor & Chris. Cody & Jessica arrive third, Joey & Tim arrive fourth, and Henry & Evan arrive fifth. The other teams are still searching for the Roadblock, but only four people can do it at a time. Performing the Roadblock for their respective teams on the first attempt are Shawn, Chris, Jessica, and Joey. Chris is the first to get a clue, but everyone else is close behind. Trevor & Chris are in first place when they learn they have a Detour to complete: Old Print or Diamond Glint. Old Print requires teams to operate a printing press and print a clue. Diamond Glint requires teams to appraise three diamonds and calculate the value. All four teams are headed to their chosen Detour at the same time while the other teams are still searching for the sky climb Roadblock.

The rest of the teams eventually find the Roadblock. April & Sarah arrive sixth, Lucas & Brittany arrive seventh, Kristi & Jen arrive eighth, Alex & Conor arrive ninth, and Eric & Daniel arrive tenth. However, they are all there at the same time. The next to attempt the Roadblock are Evan, Sarah, Lucas, and Kristi. They all complete it with no issues, and afterwards make their way to their chosen Detour.

Cody & Jessica are the first to arrive at the Old Print Detour, but they’re followed by Cedric & Shawn. While they’re working on their task, Alex and Eric are the last to complete the Roadblock. They also complete it with no issues, and they can join the other teams at the Detour tasks. Meanwhile, Lucas & Brittany bicker when they struggle finding a taxi. Brittany calls out “Pineapple!” which is apparently their safe word. Henry & Evan and Kristi & Jen also arrive at the Old Print Detour as Joey & Tim arrive at the Diamond Glint Detour.  They are soon joined  at the Diamond Glint Detour by Alex & Conor and Trevor & Chris.

Cody & Jessica are the first team to try to get their clue printed, but they must start over since they did not use the ruler. As they restart, April & Sarah arrive at the Diamond Glint Detour and Cedric & Shawn also fail their first attempt at the Old Print Detour. As they start over, Lucas & Brittany and Eric & Daniel also arrive at the Old Print Detour.

Cedric & Shawn pass the task on their second attempt and they can proceed to their next location. What they just printed is their clue, which they must translate. They ask a local what it means, and they’re told it’s a statue. They make their way there. Meanwhile, the teams at the Diamond Glint Detour are all struggling with the task.

Kristi & Jen are in second place after they complete the Old Print Detour, and they are closely followed by Cody & Jessica. The clue translates to a French Fry race, and we see Cedric & Shawn arrive at the location. They learn there is a new competition to the race: the Head-to-Head. They must race other teams in an obstacle course while dressed in French Fry costumes. A team member must win a race before checking-in at that mat. If they lose the race, then they must wait for another team and try again. The team that fails to win a race will be eliminated from the race.

As other teams are still working on their chosen Detours, some with success and some with continued failure, the first race is between Cedric and Cody. They must race while dressed in French Fry costumes while pushing a dolly of frites. Due to Cedric dropping several frites and Cody making no mistakes, Cody easily wins the race. Cody and Jessica check-in at the mat. Cody & Jessica are Team #1! They each win $2,500. Jessica calls the race their redemption from Big Brother.

Lucas & Brittany fail the Old Print task again, even after using a mirror to help guide them. Eric & Daniel continue struggling with the task too, and they decide to switch Detours.  The next Head-to-Head race is between Henry and Shawn, and Shawn wins the race. Cedric & Shawn are Team #2.

It’s Evan vs. Kristi in the third race. Kristi takes the early lead, and she maintains it. Kristi & Jen are Team #3 as Trevor & Chris arrive at the Head-to-Head. The next race is between Henry and Chris, and Chris takes the lead. Henry even drops some of his frites, putting him farther behind. Chris wins the race. Trevor & Chris are Team #4. Henry & Evan have now lost three races in a row.

Alex & Conor finally pass the Diamond Glint Detour, as do Joey & Tim. Over at the Old Print Detour, Lucas & Brittany finally pass too. April & Sarah are the last teams at the Diamond Glint Detour, and they feel like they are in last place. However, Eric & Daniel join them after switching Detours.

The next race is between Alex and Evan. Alex takes the lead right away, and it’s not even close for the rest of the race. He wins the race, and Alex & Conor are officially Team #5 as they step on the mat with Phil. The next race is between Lucas and Henry, and the debaters lose again. Lucas & Brittany are Team #6.

The next race is between Tim and Evan, and the debaters lose their sixth race in a row. Joey & Tim are Team #7. Phil comments how this must be demoralizing for Henry & Evan. They were the third team to arrive at the Head-to-Head, but now they’ve just lost the seventh place spot.

April & Sarah finally finish the Diamond Glint Detour, but so do Eric & Daniel shortly afterwards. They make their way to the Head-to-Head, and the next race is between Henry and April. Henry finally takes a lead, and he wins the race. After seven races, Henry and Evan join Phil at the mat as Team #8.

The final Head-to-Head race is between the goat yoga moms and the firefighters. April asks Sarah is she wants to race, but Sarah tells April to go race again. The last race is between April and Daniel. April takes an early lead after Daniel drops some frites, but Daniel overtakes her halfway through the race. Eric & Daniel are Team #9.

April & Sarah have been eliminated from the race. April calls the race an amazing experience, and she believes she and Sarah did their best.

Episode Summary:

1st place: Cody & Jessica (Each won $2,500)

2nd place: Cedric & Shawn

3rd place: Kristi & Jen

4th place: Trevor & Chris

5th place: Alex & Conor

6th place: Lucas & Brittany

7th place: Joey & Tim

8th place: Henry & Evan

9th place: Eric & Daniel

10th place: April & Sarah (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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