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Last year The Amazing Race had a cast twist that involved blind date couples. This year will have another cast twist, but this time all the teams are made up of people who are popular on social media. How will these people fare when they are forced to step away from the internet? Let’s find out.

“Welcome to a very special season of The Amazing Race!” Phil greets us. He says this year’s cast connects with millions of people online every day, but they will have to step away from the internet to compete for a million dollars. We next see all the teams get a video message on their phones from Phil. He informs them that the race has begun, and their first destination is Mexico City. We see the teams excitedly leave home as they make their way to the airport.

It’s time to meet the teams. Tyler and Korey are best friends, Dana and Matt are engaged choreographers, Erin and Josyln are best friends, Zach and Rachel are newlyweds, Scott and Blair are father and daughter, Sheri and Cole are mother and son, Kurt and Brodie are pro Frisbee players, Burnie and Ashley are dating gamers, Jessica and Brittany are Instagram models, Marty and Hagan are mother and daughter, and Cameron and Darius are brothers. Various teams comprise of people who are popular on YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and other forms of social media.

All the teams arrive in Mexico City and rush into taxis. They make their way to a plaza and find Phil and the clue box. They read their clue and learn they have a Detour to complete: Mariachi Madness or Great Balls of Fire. Mariachi Madness requires teams to figure out which mariachi member is just pretending to play music. Great Balls of Fire requires teams to build a torito before lighting it on fire. All the teams scramble as they ask for directions to make their way to their chosen Detours.

Kurt and Brodie are the first to arrive at Mariachi Madness. They need to figure out which mariachi member from a large crowd of people is just pretending to play music. They think they found the man, but they are wrong. He was actually playing muisc. Erin and Josyln arrive at Mariachi Madness too. Meanwhile, Sheri and Cole and Zach and Rachel are lost on their way to Mariachi Madness. They are asking for directions, clearly confused where they need to be.

Burnie and Ashley and Marty and Hagan arrive at the Great Balls of Fire Detour. A torito is a bull, and they have to build one just like the display. Tyler and Korey and Scott and Blair arrive at this Detour too. Darius and Cameron and Brittany and Jessica are currently lost making their way to the Detour.

Dana and Matt arrive at the Mariachi Madness Detour as Brodie and Kurt finally find the man pretending to play music. They get their next clue and learn they must now go to Cuevas de Teotihuacan. They now look for a taxi. Erin and Joslyn find someone not playing music too and they get their clue too. They are followed by Dana and Matt as Sheri and Cole and Zach and Rachel finally arrive at the Mariachi Madness. Kurt and Brodie, Erin and Joslyn, and Dana and Matt are currently in the lead.

Darius and Cameron and Brittany and Jessica finally arrive at the Great Balls of Fire Detour. Meanwhile, the Top 3 teams arrive at their next location, but learn they have to wait until 7:30am the next morning to begin. There are only four spots available for 7:30am, however. Sheri and Cole and Zach and Rachel pass the Mariachi Madness Detour too and are currently in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Tyler and Korey are the first to pass the Great Balls of Fire Detour. They now have to light up their torito in a blaze of fireworks. Afterwards, they get their next clue. They are followed by Marty and Hagan. Burnie and Ashley think they have finished too, but they do not pass. They have to try again. Meanwhile, Sheri and Cole claim the last 7:30am spot as Zach and Rachel claim the first 7:40am spot. The rest of the teams finish the Detour and make their way to the next location where everyone awaits. Scott and Blair, Brittany and Jessica, Darius and Cameron, and Burnie and Ashley are in the last couple of groups to begin the next task.

The next morning the Top 4 teams begin the task. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must make their way into the cave and search for thirteen pieces to properly reconstruct a mask. Once they get the approval of a tribe elder that they reconstructed the mask properly, they will get their next clue. Kurt, Matt, Sheri, and Erin do the Roadblock for their teams. The next group begin the Roadblock too, with Tyler, Zach, Marty, and Scott doing the Roadblock. While working, Sheri realizes that the mask must be all one color. Darius, Burnie, and Jessica are the last three to enter the cave. Scott dropped his pieces outside and has to look for them in the grass outside. Marty cuts her hand constructing the mask, and her finger starts bleeding profusely.

Matt is the first to finish reconstructing his mask. Dana and Matt are now in first place and learn the destination of the Pit Stop: Museo Soumaya. Tyler finishes second right afterwards, and he’s followed by Zach and Darius. It’s very close between the Top 2 as the taxis pass each other at various times. It’s a footrace to the mat, but it is Dana and Matt who arrive there first. Dana and Matt are Team #1! Tyler and Korey are Team #2. Zach and Rachel are Team #3. Darius and Cameron are Team #4. Brodie and Kurt and Burnie and Ashley arrive at the Pit Stop too as Team #5 and Team #6 respectively.

Erin and Sheri are struggling finding their remaining mask pieces. They talk about taking a penalty as Scott is reconstructing his mask. They are the last three working on the Roadblock. Their teammates outside are coincidentally discussing how they won’t quit, but it seems like Erin and Sheri are seriously considering taking the 4-hour penalty. But will they do it? Before they decide, Brittany and Jessica greet Phil as Team #7 and Marty and Hagan greet Phil as Team #8. Erin tries reconstructing her mask one more time and is finally correct. She and Joslyn can now make their way to the Pit Stop. Sheri and Scott are the last two people left in the cave. Sheri finally finds a missing piece that has eluded her. She passes, and she and Cole are the tenth team to depart for the Pit Stop. Scott finally finishes shortly afterwards. He and Blair are the last team to leave.

Sheri and Cole’s taxi manages to pass Erin and Joslyn. The mother and son duo arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #9. Erin and Joslyn arrive right afterwards as Team #10. Scott and Blair are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop. However, they are not going home just yet. This was a non-elimination leg. Blair tears up as she’s happy to still be in the race to continue this experience with her dad.

Episode Summary

1st place: Dana and Matt

2nd place: Tyler and Korey

3rd place: Zach and Rachel

4th place: Darius and Cameron

5th place: Brodie and Kurt

6th place: Burnie and Ashley

7th place: Brittany and Jessica

8th place: Marty and Hagan

9th place: Sheri and Cole

10th place: Erin and Joslyn

11th place: Scott and Blair

Eliminated: No one

And that wraps up the premiere of The Amazing Race 28! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the episode in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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