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Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger. Tanner and Josh enacted a plan to U-Turn Justin and Diana with help from other teams. However, the plan backfired when they prematurely used their Express Pass at the Roadblock instead of at the Detour. As a result, Justin and Diana managed to get ahead of them and the U-Turn was not used by either team. The episode ended with Tanner and Josh having to decide whom to pass on the new Express Pass to. Which team will be given the Express Pass and who will be the next team eliminated? Let’s find out.

Tanner and Josh decide to give the Express Pass to Denise and James Earl. They open their next clue and learn they must go to the Lookout Café to find their next clue. Justin and Diana and Tanner and Josh are the only teams currently on their way to the café. Tanner and Josh respect Justin and Diana for honoring their word to not use the U-Turn, but they still want to U-Turn them the next chance they get. Other teams are finishing up at the Detour as Denise and James Earl greet Phil at the Pit Stop. They are given the Express Pass and are beside themselves in excitement. They also have to use the Express Pass this leg.

At the Lookout Café, there is a Roadblock to do. One team member must swing on a zip-line in a gorge. Justin and Josh are the first two to do it. After they finish, they learn they have a Detour next: Crocs or Canoes. They can either feed crocs while submerged in a cage underwater or paddle across a river and find their next clue in a tree. They both choose Canoe.

Kelsey and James Earl are the next two to complete the Roadblock. They can make their way to the Detour too; they choose Crocs. Justin and Diana and Tanner and Josh are already at the Canoe Detour together. Tanner and Josh struggle paddling, so they are unable to catch Justin and Diana.

Chris and Logan and Cindy and Rick get lost on the way to the Roadblock, allowing Jazmine and Danielle and Tiffany and Krista to get ahead of them. They past the Roadblock location and had to drive back. When they realize they are the last two teams, Chris and Logan throw a fit.

Tanner and Josh and Justin and Diana are finishing up the Detour as Kelsey and Joey are beginning the Crocs Detour. Tanner and Josh and Justin and Diana learn they must now go to the Lion Encounter for their next clue. Right before Kelsey and Joey go underwater, they see Denise and James Earl using the Express Pass. In their confessional, they say they aren’t too bothered that Tanner and Josh gave the Express Pass to them. They admit they would’ve liked to have had it, but they’re just glad the Express Pass is no longer in play.

Back at the Roadblock, Logan and Chris keep groaning about their mistake. “We’re our own worst enemy,” Logan says to the camera as Jazmine and Danielle go feed crocodiles. Meanwhile, Justin and Diana learn their next task is to walk with lions and find their clue by a large skull. They begin the task as Denise and James Earl arrive at the Lion Encounter too. Kelsey and Joey arrive afterwards in third place and Tanner and Josh arrive in fourth place. Only two teams can walk with a group of lions at a time, so Kelsey and Joey and Tanner and Josh must wait. Back at the Crocs Detour, Tiffany and Krista are feeding the crocodiles. Chris and Logan arrive there too, but must wait for Tiffany and Krista and Cindy and Rick to finish first. Chris keeps nagging at Logan to switch Detours, and Logan reluctantly agrees after Chris wouldn’t stop saying he thinks it would be better to switch. However, as they’re taking off the scuba gear and changing into their normal clothes, Chris asks Logan if they’re making the right choice. Logan snaps and says she already told Chris she wanted to stay and do the Crocs Detour. They decide to stay there.

Justin and Diana and Denise and James Earl finish walking with the lions and get their next clue. The Pit Stop is at Masuwe Private Game Reserve. They must walk there while balancing a basket of fruit on their heads. They make their way there as Kelsey and Joey and Tanner and Josh walk with the lions. It’s a footrace to the Pit Stop, but it’s the slowest footrace ever since the teams are required to walk with the basket of fruit on their heads.

Denise and James Earl greet Phil first and are Team #1! They win a trip to Slovakia. Justin and Diana are Team #2. Jazmine and Danielle suddenly arrive at the Pit Stop, but they get there before doing the Lion Encounter task. They must go back. Tanner and Josh and Kelsey and Joey greet Phil next as Team #3 and Team #4 respectively.

Tiffany and Krista and Jazmine and Danielle do the Lion Encounter task. Cindy and Rick and Logan and Chris are in last place and must wait for them to finish. Jazmine and Danielle finish walking with the lions, but they did not locate the clue by the skull. They did not read their clue carefully and were unaware they were required to find their next clue by the skull. They now have to wait for the other teams to finish before they can redo the task.

Cindy and Rick and Chris and Logan complete the Lion Encounter task successfully and can now make their way to the Pit Stop. Tiffany and Krista are already there, and they greet Phil as Team #5. Jazmine and Danielle redo the Lion Encounter task, hoping that Cindy and Rick and Logan and Chris struggle with balancing the basket of fruit on their heads. However, Logan and Chris arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #6 and Cindy and Rick arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #7. Jazmine and Danielle are the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop; they are eliminated from the race. They are clearly disappointed, but are grateful for the experience.

Episode Summary

1st place: Denise and James Earl (Won a trip to Slovakia)

2nd place: Justin and Diana

3rd place: Tanner and Josh

4th place: Kelsey and Joey

5th place: Tiffany and Krista

6th place: Logan and Chris

7th place: Cindy and Rick

8th place: Jazmine and Danielle (Eliminated)

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race! So what are your thoughts on the episode? Post in the comment section below and come back next week for another live recap!

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