The Amazing Race 26 Recap – Episode 2 Live Blog

A new episode of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS! Read a live recap of the episode here.

Last week the contestants raced around Tokyo, Japan for the first leg of the race. Jeff and Lyda were eliminated, leaving ten teams left in the race. Who will be eliminated tonight? Let’s find out.

After having to spend their downtime in a very small cubicle, the teams learn their next destination: Nagano, Japan. They must take a bullet train to Nagano and then find their next clue. Jelani and Jenny, Jeff and Jackie, and Laura and Tyler catch the first train to Nagano. Aly and Steve get on the second train. Harley and Jonathan, Bergen and Kurt, and Mike and Rochelle catch the third train. Hayley and Blair and Matt and Ashley catch the fourth train. Libby and CJ are in last place and have yet to catch a train.

Roadblock time. One team member must open an intricate box that can only be unlocked by a series of specific steps. Once opened, they can retrieve a piece of paper inside it with a password written on it that they must say aloud to an inspector to receive their next clue. In addition, one of the clues has a special date night prize for the next leg of the race for the team lucky enough to choose it. Jeff, Jelani, and Tyler are the first to attempt the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Libby and CJ miss their train due to taking selfies outside on the platform instead of boarding the train when they got there.

CJ and Libby finally board a train as Tyler is the first to complete the Roadblock. Laura and Tyler get their next clue and are now in first place. Jelani solves it next and he and Jenny are in second place. More teams arrive at the Roadblock.

Laura and Tyler arrive at the Detour and choose “Share” just as Aly and Jeff solve the Roadblock. Aly and Steve and Jeff and Jackie are now in third place and fourth place respectively.  The “Share” Detour entails that Laura and Tyler must feed each other noodles with chopsticks to receive their next clue. Jelani and Jenny choose to do the same Detour and arrive before Laura and Tyler complete it.

Meanwhile, Mike completes the Roadblock, putting him and Rochelle in fifth place. Meanwhile, Laura and Tyler complete the Detour and can make their way to the next Pit Stop: Patio Daimon. However, Laura and Tyler’s taxi driver left, and Jelani and Jenny finish the Detour and are on their way to the Pit Stop before Laura and Tyler find another taxi.

Aly and Steve chose the “Chair” Detour, which requires one team member to push the other on a chair for one lap in an ice skating rink. Then the other team member must push the other, and once they complete their second lap they will receive their next clue. Aly and Steve complete the Detour and are in third place as they make their way to the Pit Stop.

Jelani and Jenny arrive at the Pit Stop and are Team #1. They win Fitbit products and a gym membership. While they’re still on the mat talking to Phil, Laura and Tyler arrive and are Team #2.

Harley finishes the Roadblock, but he picks up the clue that comes with a special date night for him and Jonathan on the next leg of the race. He and Jonathan are now in sixth place as they make their way to the Detour. Bergen and Kurt and Matt and Ashley are now in seventh and eighth place respectively after they complete the Roadblock, and they can make their way to the Detour too. Hayley is still struggling with the puzzle box as Libby and CJ finally arrive.

Hayley finally opens the box, and she and Blair can make their way to the Detour while Libby gets started on the Roadblock. Meanwhile, Aly and Steve greet Phil as Team #3. Soon after, Libby opens the box and she and CJ can make their way to the Detour.

Jeff and Jackie are in fourth place as they get started on the “Chair” Detour. Meanwhile, Harley and Jonathan and Kurt and Bergen begin the “Share” Detour. Mike and Rochelle join Jeff and Jackie at the “Chair” Detour too, but Jeff and Jackie complete the Detour and can make their way to the Pit Stop.

Bergen is struggling with the “Share” Detour since he doesn’t like the taste of the noodles. Kurt is a bit frustrated with Bergen as Harley and Jonathan complete the “Share” Detour and make their way to the Pit Stop. However, Bergen and Kurt finally get it done and can make their way to the Pit Stop too. Meanwhile, Rochelle injured her wrist during the “Chair” Detour and asks to see a medic.

Matt and Ashley arrive at the “Chair” Detour while Mike and Rochelle switch Detours. Hayley and Blair and Libby and CJ have yet to start a Detour as Harley and Jonathan check-in at the Pit Stop as Team #4. Matt and Ashley finish their Detour as Bergen and Kurt and Jeff and Jackie check-in at the Pit Stop as Team #5 and Team #6 respectively. Soon afterwards, Matt and Ashley greet Phil as Team #7 as Hayley and Blair get to work on the “Chair” Detour and Mike and Rochelle complete the “Share” Detour.

Hayley and Blair are still working on the “Chair” Detour as Libby and CJ get started on the “Share” Detour. Hayley is really struggling with the Detour as Mike and Rochelle check-in as Team #8. However, Hayley and Blair do complete the “Chair” Detour before Libby and CJ complete the “Share” Detour. However, Hayley and Blair took a long time to find a taxi, allowing Libby and CJ as chance to catch up. Which of these two teams will greet Phil first?

Hayley and Blair are the ones to greet Phil as Team #9 and are still in the race. This means that Libby and CJ are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race.

Episode Summary

1st place: Jelani and Jenny (Won Fitbit products)

2nd place: Laura and Tyler

3rd place: Aly and Steve

4th place: Harley and Jonathan

5th place: Bergen and Kurt

6th place: Jeff and Jackie

7th place: Matt and Ashley

8th place: Mike and Rochelle

9th place: Hayley and Blair

10th place: Libby and CJ (Eliminated)

Thanks for reading and come back next week for another episode of The Amazing Race!

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