SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 3 – Los Angeles Auditions

Jessica Rabone- 29- North Hollywood, CA- Team Street – Her big sister is a TV host in another country. She was told she couldn’t be in the same industry as her sister, but now she’s in America auditioning for stuff here. She’s a wacker. She’s battled with Comfort before in a competition. She might be the first Wacker to make the voting rounds. She’s got some solid hip hop moves in there as well. She’s mostly hip hop. She’s not as good as Jaja, but she’s still entertaining. How many female hip hop dancers can make the Top 10, because we’ve seen several really strong ones. The year of female hip hop? Jason says she gave him his fair share of caffeine for the day. Nigel says she lit up the stage. Nigel thinks she needs more vocabulary. She’s a yes for Vegas.

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