SYTYCD 2018 Recap – Top 8 Results Live Blog, Performance VIDEOS

Tonight, the top eight return to the stage to compete once again for America’s votes. At the conclusion of the show, the bottom four will be revealed before one guy and one girl are eliminated. But we have a lot of dancing to enjoy before that, as everyone will be dancing five times- in two duets, two group routines, and a solo.

If Magda and Cole hit the bottom again tonight, I think the judges will give both the boot. Two consecutive bottom four appearances represent a lack of connection with viewers and I doubt the judges would give either a third chance. While last week was an easy prediction for the girls with Chelsea‘s exit, this week, it is the opposite as the girls boot is harder to pin down. If I was personally sending home anyone, I would eliminate Jay Jay for the boys and either Hannahlei or Jensen for the girls.

I know, that’s a MAJOR minority opinion consiering I may have just named two possible winners (Jensen and Jay Jay) of the show if things continue to go as they have been. I just feel as though these three dancers have brought less to the table than others overall in the two weeks of routines we have seen. No issues technically from any of them, but I don’t see the star quality as I do with some of the other contestants this season. We shall see if tonight changes my though process.

Don’t forget to vote at the conclusion of the show for your favorites via the FOX website, the FOXNOW app, and via text messaging.

Here we go…

What a visually stunning looking opening number. The boys are on platforms being stretched by what looks like ropes as the girls dance and intertwine with them. So cool as the guys break free. Slavik is the only one remaining on his platform doing some of his impressive moves. Stellar opening. That was choreographed by Christopher Scott. Cat arrives and introduces the judges.

Jay Jay & Jensen – dancing smooth jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman
Nice. That was sexy. But it was sexy in a very good and not in your face way. They played the characters well and played off one another well. I especially enjoyed when it got away from the couch as all that couch play we have seen on this show many times before. Really solid chemistry and just enough of each dancer doing their own powerful moves to where each shined for a respectable amount of the routine. Solid stuff here.

Nigel compliments the choreography. He tells Jay Jay that he was great in his style. He says even though it wasn’t Jensen’s style, she was brilliant and she is the poster child for the show. Vanessa loved the personality and character. She felt some of the movements were clunky at times. She wanted Jensen to work on being more of an actress in the dance. Twitch has nothing but praise for it. Mary feels they hit the sex appeal just right.
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Cole – Solo
So tough for ballroom people to do solos. I like that Cole put some moves in there other than ballroom to show off a bit.

Slavik & Genessy – dancing contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore
Wow. That was really romantic and sweet. I would have guessed the two were an actual couple if I didn’t know better. Nothing overly complex about that choreography- just a lovely dance that required emotion over technicality. And these two have that in spades. Mandy Moore is very clever when she choreographs for hip-hop dancers because she always gives them something that they can show off their skills with. I like that Slavik continues to try and be more than just a hip-hop dancer.

Vanessa compliments Mandy. She loves the connection. She calls it fantastic. Twitch loves the way the duo dive into the dance. Twitch loves how Genessy anchors Slavik. Mary calls them the season’s surprise couple and says they are not under the radar. She noticed some technical things but says he is growing. Nigel has nothing to add.
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Hannahlei – Solo
FIERCE. Nigel called her this season’s warrior princess and it looks like she took that to heart when putting this solo together.

Darius & Magda – dancing hip-hop choreographed by Phoenix & Pharside
That was… a bit of a mess. I have to be honest. The duo was out of sync for a lot of the side by side steps. There was a mistake in one of the lifts. And neither was down and dirty as much as you would like to see in a gritty monster-inspired hip-hop routine. I wonder if the judges are going to go soft on them or tell it like it is. I would be surprised if they overlooked the obvious here and called it good. It wasn’t.

Twitch gives props to the choreographers. He says it wasn’t that great. He says Magda didn’t shine as much as Darius. Mary feels Magda was fighting for it. She tells Darius he has come a long way in hip-hop. Nigel agrees about Magda. Vanessa also agrees but gives Darius props for his work.
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Jay Jay – Solo
Nice and strong athletic solo. Many similar moves that we see a lot of from him but can’t knock the strength and execution at all.

Slavik – Solo
Such cool moves. I wonder if he prepared that or if it was freestyle as he likes. Regardless, fun to watch those moves.

Cole & Hannahlei – dancing broadway choreographed by Travis Wall
Adorable. I loved the story here. Travis did a good job with his first broadway number. Cole had the character down pat and Hannah was great too. I enjoyed the first half more than the second but overall, I think Cole really needed a number like this and I’m glad he got it. I don’t know if it would be enough to save him but we will see.

Mary says the routine made her happy. And she screams. Nigel thought Cole played it brilliantly and says it was one of the best things he has done. He compares her to Jensen as well and says she is a poster child for the show as well. Vanessa agrees. Twitch says this has been one of Cole’s most honest performances.
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Magda – Solo
Dang. I saw some solo samba rolls in that. Holy cow. Great solo from Magda- she’s going to make it tough on the judges to boot her tonight if she is in the bottom.

Slavik & Genessy – dancing jazz choreographed by Ray Leeper
I wish they had the time to perhaps practice just a little more. It was good, don’t get me wrong but I think with a little more precision, it could have been great. I commend Slavik for picking up what was really intricate choreography (and a lot of it) and Genessy continues to shine. I just wish I could “unsee” some of the out of sync moments and clunky steps that happened in moments during that.

Nigel compliments Ray. He tells them they were both fabulous in that routine. Vanessa wants to do house work like that. She loved the commitment. Twitch says Slavik was a little ahead of the beat so he tells him to be careful. Mary screams and says it worked.

Darius & Magda – dancing contemporary choreographed by Jaci Royal
Really good stuff here. So difficult to work with a prop like a rope and make no mistakes. I also love that both remained solidly in character- never looking like they were worrying about the next step that would be happening and how to operate it within the confines of the prop. Maga redeemed herself here from the first routine. In fact, both did as this was night and day from their hip-hop.

Vanessa loved the symbolism of the routine. She calls it gorgeous. Twitch loves the trust we saw happening in real time. Mary says Magda looked like she was in the water. She compliments Darius’ character. Nigel agrees the routine had magic moments. He tells the choreographers that they need to make sure the dancing matches the concepts. He felt the content was good but wants more dancing. DAMN. Nigel just went off on the choreographers.

Jensen – Solo
Good solo. Since they are both ballroom, I have to say Magda’s solo was more impressive overall as this was very by the numbers female ballroom solo.

Jay Jay & Jensen – dancing hip-hop choreographed by Hef & Randi
Alright. So, I am on the fence here. It was better than the earlier hip-hop we saw. That’s for sure. And the use of the props were handled well. I just know that if this was danced by two hip-hop dancers (say Comfort and Twitch), that would look so different. It would be down to the floor more. More gritty. More nasty. They did well but knowing what a dance like that calls for, you can’t help but be a tad bit underwhelmed.

Twitch welcomes Hef and Randi to the show. He loved seeing the individuality in the dance. Mary calls Jensen a star. She says the same about Jay Jay. Nigel says Jay Jay brought the juice. Nigel mentions all the family Jensen has in the audience. Vanessa says it was down and dirty and pure fire.

Darius – Solo
Along with Slavik, my favorite solo of the night. It was something different while still showing off a high skill level. I wish it was longer. That being said, I wish all the solos were longer but I’ve been saying that for years.

Cole & Hannahlei – danving cha-cha-cha, choreographed by Sasha Farber and Emma Slater
Damn. Outstanding. Cole, here in his element, was just off the wall amazing. And Hannah kept up with him every step of the way. That was such a good cha-cha-cha with so much character. One of, if not the strongest routines of the evening. It was like a Chicago (the musical) inspired number mixed with some saucy latin flavor. Just awesome.

Mary loved how dramatic it was. She notes Cole was in his style and she felt both were hot, hot, hot. And she screams. Nigel says this show has been Cole’s. OOO. Maybe Cole saved himself tonight. Vanessa felt it was the sexiest cha-cha she has seen. Twitch is all praises.

Genessy – Solo
Nice but I think Hannahlei and Magda take the cake for me tonight in terms of the girls solos with Darius and Slavik for the boys.

Girls Group Routine
Is that disco ball masks on their faces? Odd. The dance is odd actually. I’m not sure what the story is here. But I do love the running as each girl seemingly tries to escape from something. A few notable moments in here and I have to say my eyes were drawn to Hannahlei the most. But I like that each one got a chance to shine. That was choreographed by Talia Favia.

Nigel found the choreography interesting. He notes Magda hasn’t done contemporary and says while it showed in some parts, she mostly pulled it off. Vanessa enjoyed Hannahlei and Jensen the most. Twitch tells America they have a job to do. They should vote for their favorites. Mary says the girls are making it incredibly difficult. She loved the concept and she is proud of them.

Some results now- Jensen is safe. Magda is in the bottom four. Genessy is in the bottom four. Hannahlei is safe.

A little surprised to see Genessy in the bottom but someone has to be I guess. I thought her pairing with Slavik would help her survive this week.

Guys Group Routine
That was really good. The men look like they are dressed from Dick Tracey’s closet. LOL. I bet Slavik is happy he at least got one hip-hop dance tonight. The guys pulled it off well and at times, looked like a nice little B-boy crew. Color me impressed. Luther Brown put that together.

Vanessa loved it. Her eyes went to Darius and Jay Jay. Twitch again tells America to vote. He thought they all did amazing. Mary loved that they all had a moment to shine. She says Jay Jay stood out for her. Nigel thought it was great and felt Darius stood out for him. He says this proves less is more.

Results again- Jay Jay is safe. Cole is in the bottom four. Slavik is safe. Darius is in the bottom four.

Well, Cole had a fantastic night but this is his second time in the bottom. Will the judges let him go after such an exceptional night of dancing? On the girls side, Magda has also been in the bottom twice. I’ll say Cole and Magda are eliminated. Damn this sucks.

Nigel notes that everyone had a wonderful evening. He tells Cole he had a great show. He wishes Cole had tonight a few weeks ago. Nigel loved Darius’ solo. He feels he hasn’t connected this week with the audience. Magda, he says, is in the bottom two weeks in a row. Genessy, he says, has helped Slavik during this process.

Nigel says the vote between the bottom two and the next two were far apart so they are going to let go of the two people who indeed had the lowest votes from America, which are Cole & Magda.

All-Stars are heading to the show next week. If the partnerships remain though, this means Darius is now paired with Hannahlei. This was an expected result. Both of them hit the bottom twice and Nigel made it a point to say they received the fewest votes and it wasn’t even close. The judges couldn’t really make a case for keeping either.

Next week is going to be BRUTAL. This top six of Jensen, Hannahlei, Genessy, Slavik, Jay Jay, and Darius are exceptional and I can’t even begin to imagine who will just miss out on the finale. Damn. You gotta vote peeps if you have faves. I’ll see you all one week from tonight as the competition rolls on with the all-stars joining the party and Mia Michaels back to choreograph. :D