SYTYCD 11- Season Premiere! Auditions! Live Blog!

Join me here at 8PM sharp for a DANCE Live Blog! We’re back, baby, and we think we can dance!

After a long opening, explaining what the show is, and flashing us images of hopefuls and dancers from seasons past, we arrive in New Orleans. Nigel and Mary are judging, with Wayne Brady.

Shelby Rase- 18- Covington, LA- Contemporary
She dances to a cool cover of Wake Me Up. It’s a bit slow for me, and I think we’ve seen this audition a thousand times. Mary compliments her stage presence, and her feet and ankles. She thinks she could have more energy in her fingers. Wayne says stunning, and says he’s impressed. Nigel asks her how long she’s been dancing. We find out that her dad does a dance… which we just have to see. Her dad is a good sport, but why. I mean… WHY? Some things cannot be unseen. Shelby gets a golden ticket to Vegas!

Tanisha Belnap- 19- Payton, UT- Ballroom
I love her. She’s sexy, dances with way more energy than Shelby. Her hair gets in her face way too often. Good hip movement. Nigel says he wanted more. Nigel loves her technique. Mary thinks her technique is great. Wayne liked her aerial. She’s going through to Vegas!

Shelby and Shane Skipper
Two brothers. One of them auditioned in Season 6. It’s a decent hip hop routine, with some popping, but honestly we’ve seen better hip hop dancers in seasons past. Shelby (Skip) goes through to choreo, Shane is a “not yet”.

Megan Marcano- 22- Houston, TX
This girl is gorgeous. She’s got a crazy backstory, where her parents were drug addicts, and her brothers and sisters were separated and she’s lived with 12 different families over the years. This girl is the real deal. She dances to express herself, not because she’s having fun, but she really feels it. I can’t wait to see more of her. I’d send her straight through to the Top 20. Nigel praises her, Mary calls her a star, and Wayne says she has everything. She’s going to Vegas!

Oh lord. A Dad Dance Off??? Come on. This is just wasting time now.

Trevor Bryce- 18- Orlando, FL
Way too cocky. This track is sick though. He’s a good performer. The routine was perfectly choreographed. I can understand why he’s hyped. Girls will like him, if he isn’t so cocky in the live shows. Nigel calls it one of the greatest solos ever on the show. Wayne thinks he’s amazing. He gets a ticket to Vegas.

Montage of people making it through to Vegas.

Courtney Barnes- 22- Jackson, MS
It could have been worse. Instead of being bad dancing, it’s more like some OK dancing, a lot of general movement and performance filling in the gaps. Wayne says he has physical gifts that are amazing, and likes his presence. Mary says he’s divalicious, and has untapped talent. Courtney is really entertaining. I think he should at least get to do choreography. Courtney does a Wendy Williams impersonation. Nigel says No, Mary says yes to Choreo, Wayne says Yes to Choreo. I can’t wait. He’s way more entertaining than the Dad Dance Off.

Novian Yarber-
A reauditioner from last year. He cries as he talks about how hard it was for him to reaudition. He’s a great dancer. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t make Vegas. He’d be great in the Top 20. He’s strong, expressive, feels the music, and masculine. No words from the judges, just a ticket to Vegas.

Another montage of dancers.

Caleb Brauner- 21- Blue Springs, MO
He auditioned and his dad was there last year, and joined him on stage. His dad passed away in December. Caleb thanks them for giving him the memory of last year. I remember loving him last year, and being upset when he was cut. He deserves a Top 20 spot this year. That was a great solo. Nigel says he’s going to be a fabulous dancer. Mary wonders if Caleb is at the level, and says he isn’t, but that he’s special. Wayne says that Caleb has that spark. They send him to Choreo. BOOOOOOOOO.

Jacoby Jimmerson- 18- Mt Pleasant, TX
A delightful person. He’s an aerobics instructor. He’s a little overweight. For a big kid, he certainly zumbas well. The dancing just isn’t strong enough on any level. Not even for choreo. His Zumba was better than his dancing. It’s a No.

Brooklyn Fullmer and Marcquet Hill
More Blurred Lines. Third time this episode. Marcquet auditioned with Witney Carson in Season 9, but was too young. They liked him then. Brooklyn is hot, but we’ve seen better ballroom girls. Marcquet is a strong partner, but his faces are goofy. Nigel says Marcquet was strong, loved his technique. Mary loved them, but wanted more chemistry from Marcquet, and calls Brooklyn a hot tamale. Wayne says Marcquet is solid, and dances like a man. Brooklyn and Marcquet are through to Vegas.

Choreo Round! Courtney and Caleb have to learn a routine.
I thought Caleb pulled it off. Not Courtney.

They cut Caleb. What. The. Hell. Seriously? #bringbackcaleb
I definitely just tweeted at Nigel.

Our first dance crew. #SYTYCDporeotics. They seem OK. The next group is the syncopated ladies. #SYTYCDladies

Chicago Auditions!
Jenna Elfman joins Nigel and Mary

Nick Garcia- 18- Miami, FL and Rudy Abreu- 18- Miami, FL
Cocky. Both of them. They’re good friends though, and when asked who the better dancer is, they point at each other instead of themselves. They audition separately, Nick is first. No partner. His sister is usually his partner, and she’s injured. It’s good. It’s every latin solo we’ve seen before, with perhaps a little more flair. Unappealing faces though. Nigel says he’s very good. Mary screams. She loved him. Jenna gives him two thumbs up. Nick gets a ticket to Vegas.

Rudy was born with problems, and overcame them, so he uses that in his dance. I’m impressed that Nick and Rudy dance two different styles. Nick was latin ballroom, and Rudy is lyrical/contemporary. He’s pretty good. Lots of strength. The judges love Rudy too, and he’s through to Vegas.

CALEB IS BACK! YES! If they cut him again before Vegas, I’m actually going to stop live blogging in protest.

Montage of random dancers.

Caleb Brauner- 21- Blue Springs, MO
Caleb Brauner is back! Caleb is now dancing a dance representing the last voicemail he got from his father. He’s an incredible dancer, and he deserves a ticket to Vegas. The good thing is that I got a second solo from him tonight. Jenna loved it, and loved his leg extensions and his weightlessness. He gets another Yes to choreo. WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE?

Nigel retweeted someone saying “I hope you aren’t going to say No again to this incredible guy.” and added “What a shame he can’t partner.” I don’t know at what point we stopped looking for America’s favorite dancer, because you’ve just found a serious contender for that and let him go. I may have to go on blog strike after all until they bring back Caleb.

Four attractive black male dancers dance suggestively in front of Jenna and Mary. They dropped out of choreo.

Caleb danced again. I thought he was good enough. He gets a ticket to Vegas. Thank God.

That means you can join me again next week for MORE AUDITIONS!

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