Survivor Season 45 Week 4 Recap and Live Blog (RESULTS)

Pictured (L-R): Host Jeff Probst, Dee Valladares, Julie Alley, Drew Basile, and Austin Li Coon. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2023

Survivor Season 45 Week 4 Recap

A new episode of Survivor 45 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Lulu returns to camp after tribal council. Sabiyah was blindsided, and Sean was excluded from the plan. Sean says he feels dumbfounded. He knows he is on the outs of the tribe now. Kaleb feels like he can trust Emily the most now. She could’ve joined the plan to blindside Kaleb, but she chose to warn him ahead of time instead. Sean says there are no hard feelings, and he claims it was Sabiyah who was controlling everything. Sean hopes there is a path forward for the three of them, but Kaleb doesn’t believe Sean is as content as he is acting. Emily doesn’t think Sean is being genuine either. In his confessional, Sean says he is hoping for a tribe swap.

The next morning, Jeff reveals they are switching tribes. The castaways will randomly draw wrapped packages with their new buffs.

Belo – Austin, Brando, Drew, Emily, and Kendra

Lulu – Bruce, Jake, Kaleb, Katurah, and Kellie

Reba – Dee, J. Maya, Julie, Sean, and Sifu

The new Lulu tribe goes back to camp. Bruce gets emotional since it’s the same beach he played in the previous season when he was medically evacuated. He says it’s time to make new and better memories. Kaleb says he’s in a bad spot since he’s on a tribe with four original Belo tribe members. He hopes he can gain trust. Later, Jake talks game with Kaleb. Jake says he feels good with Bruce, and he and Kaleb agree to look out for each other.

The new Belo tribe gets acquainted. This is the most mixed tribe with two original Belo tribe members, two former Reba tribe members, and a former Lulu tribe member. Emily says this new tribe is a sigh of relief for her. She says she was on the outs of the original Lulu tribe, and she tells them all about how Sabiyah was voted out. She hopes for a clean slate. In his confessional, Drew points out how Emily could be the swing vote if they were to go to tribal council.

Sean is on the outs on the Reba tribe. He is on a tribe with four original Reba tribe members. He hopes he can build connections and find cracks in the tribe. J. Maya thinks Sean brings positive energy, and she’s hopeful he can be an ally. After Sean and J. Maya walk away, Julie, Dee, and Sifu look through Sean’s bag to see if he has an advantage or hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, J. Maya shares with Sean that Sifu was on the outs of the original Reba tribe. The plan is to blindside him if they go to tribal council. Later, J. Maya shares her thoughts with Dee and Julie. She wants to bring in Sean to blindside Sifu, but Julie says they need Sifu’s strength for challenges. Julie and Dee want to vote out Sean, but J. Maya pushes back and says they should bring in Sean instead. Julie admits in her confessional that she’s concerned about J. Maya advocating for Sean instead of just staying Reba strong.

Back on the Belo tribe, Emily is hopeful she can make real connections that she was unable to on her former Lulu tribe. Austin and Drew are close allies, and they want to bring in Emily to have the majority of the tribe. Emily is excited after Austin and Drew approach her. She feels like she’s finally part of a group instead of having someone tell her what to do.

Meanwhile on the Lulu tribe, a majority alliance forms among Bruce, Kellie, Jake, and Kaleb. Katurah notices them walking together, so she has her own conversation with Kaleb. She tells him her target would be Bruce. She doesn’t like Bruce and finds him annoying.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The challenge requires tribes to go out into the ocean and carry a cage back to the beach. Next, a tribe member will dig through the sand to get out of the cage and untie balls. One tribe member must shoot balls into baskets while inside the cage. The first tribe to land three baskets will win immunity. The challenge begins. Lulu takes the early lead, but Reba and Belo are not too far behind. Kaleb manages to land three baskets for his tribe. Lulu wins immunity! It’s a showdown between Sifu and Austin as they try to land three baskets next. They each get two baskets, but Austin lands his third basket before Sifu does. Belo wins immunity! Reba will go to tribal council tonight.

Sean is in low spirits after having to go to tribal council yet again. Dee jokes that Sean is a bad luck charm. Later, Sean approaches Sifu and promises loyalty. However, Sifu says in his confessional that he plans to stay Reba strong. Meanwhile, Dee, Julie, and J. Maya weigh the pros and cons of voting out Sifu or Sean. J. Maya is worried about Sifu playing an idol, so she wants Sifu voted out tonight. Dee seemingly agrees with J. Maya, but Julie is not on the same page. Sifu is a lot stronger, and she believes they need Sifu to win immunity challenges. Julie, Dee, and J. Maya later approach Sean. They inform him that they’re blindsiding Sifu tonight, but they are going to pretend to be Reba strong at tribal council. Sean hopes he can trust them, but he is considering playing his Shot in the Dark advantage tonight.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff first asks about the tribe swap. J. Maya says Reba has a family dynamic established, so Sean had only a day to find his place. Sean felt like he had new life with the swap since he was on the outs of the last vote. Julie says they like Sean as a person, but they had to play pretend with him back at camp. Sean says all he can do is just be himself. J. Maya wants a tribe to be as strong as possible to win challenges. Sean says he gives it his all in challenges, and he adds that he’s extremely loyal. Dee says they don’t know Sean compared to the people she started the game with. Sifu felt a positive energy from Sean, but he says he may not be what the tribe needs. Sean says he experienced a lot of failure in the game, but he embraces it and says he has so much love and respect for everyone. He gets emotional talking about how much he misses his husband back home. After a lot of reflection, Sean respectfully asks them to vote him out tonight. Dee, J. Maya, and Julie exchange looks. It’s clear they planned to vote out Sifu tonight, but now there’s uncertainty of what to do. Regardless, they still cast their votes. Before voting, Dee mouths to Julie to vote for Sifu.

We see Dee cast her vote for Sifu, but will he still be voted out tonight?

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…






Sean is the fourth person voted out of Survivor 45. Sifu is stunned to see someone vote for him. As he hugs Sean goodbye, he asks if he voted for him. Sean tells him no.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor 45. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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