The Masked Singer 10: Elton John Night – Who Was Unmasked?

The Masked Singer 10 - Royal Hen
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The Masked Singer 10 Week 4 Elton John Night: Find Out Who Was Unmasked!

Tonight, for week for of season 10, The Masked Singer celebrates the music of icon Elton John.

Nick Cannon is host, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger sit on the judges panel.

The Group B round kicks off with brand new celebrity masks including Hawk, Royal Hen, Tiki and Husky. One celebrity will be unmasked by the end of the night.

The show begins with Robin Thicke at the piano singing the iconic 70’s hit, “Tiny Dancer.”


Clues: As a young bird, he grew up fast into the family business. He didn’t get along with people his own age. But then he heard heavy metal. “Boards, broads bruisers.”

Performance: Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting – The clues give him away as a rock and or pop singer of some sort. He doesn’t have a big booming heavy metal voice, however. Also, he sounds fairly young. EJ is apparently watching the episode. On Stage Clue: He collaborated with Miley Cyrus. Ken guesses Cole Sprouse. Nicole guesses Pete Wentz. Robin guesses Corey Feldman or Austin Butler.


Clues: Crying emoji. He had a strange effect on the female species. They threw their underwear at him. But despite female fan attention, he reamained loyal to his family. Mother Nature aka Vivica A. Fox is a clue. He’s “on in dog years.” So, older.

Performances: Bennie and the Jets – Husky is some sort of singer, as his clues indicates. He moves like an older person. He’s maybe someone who has had hits, but not recently. On Stage Clue: “I skyrocketed up the charts and landed on this platinum album.” Jenny guesses BabyFace. Robin guesses Terrence Howard. Ken guesses Morris Chestnut.

Royal Hen

Clues: A true trailblazer, it’s her mission to be the voice of the voiceless. She was no chicken she entered the ring bravely. Hot dog, Paris, Her name is etched in history.

Performance: Philadelphia Freedom: – 100 percent NOT A SINGER. FOX previewed this performance a few days ago and fans were all in agreement that Royal Hen is legendary tennis player, Billie Jean King. Which makes sense. Elton John wrote this song in 1976 and dedicated it to HER!. She fought for equal pay for women, she played Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes” tennis match. She suffered when she was forced out of the LGBT closet in the 80s. On Stage Clue: A heart with alongside a medal. She won the medal of freedom from Obama. Robin guesses Gloria Steinem (SHE DATED HIS DAD, Robin says). Jenny guesses Rita Moreno Uhm. No Rita can sing her butt off. Ken guesses Billie Jean King.


Clues: Behind the Tiki. He’s always wanted to be a rock star. He sold millions of records. But he got into a lot of trouble. He rubbed some people the wrong way. He ruined his career. But he cleaned up his act. A monkey with a party hat is a clue. “Snooze” is a clue

Performance: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – His clue package hints that at one point, Tiki was a huge rock star. But this performance is kind of…boring. On Stage Clue: “I guess that’s why they call it the blues” He says, “You can come to me for a good laugh.” Or maybe he’s a comedian? Jenny guesses John Stamos. Nicole guesses David Lee Roth. Robin guesses Robert Plant. LOL HELL NO.


Time for the audience to vote! The two singers with the least amount of votes are Royal Hen and Hawk. Husky and Tiki move on to next week’s round. Royal Hen and Hawk will sing the same song in the Smackdown. The panel will pick the winner. The two sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Royal Hen is literally tone deaf, so Billie Jean King will be revealed from under the mask (I’m certain it’s her). And Ken will get his third correct guess of the season.

Which celebrity was unmasked?

The singer taking the last spot in next week’s lineup is…Hawk. Royal Hen is eliminated. Final guesses. Robin: Gloria Steinem. Jenny: Rita Moreno. Ken: Billie Jean King. Nicole: Dr Ruth. OMG NO.

And of course, Royal Hen is Billie Jean King. Because…who else? Total stunt casting meant to be revealed on Elton John night. But I’m not mad.

Next week is “Harry Potter Night.”

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