Survivor Season 44 Week 12 Recap and Live Blog

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The tribe returns to camp after tribal council. Carolyn played her hidden immunity idol on Carson, and Danny was voted out. However, it turned out that Danny still would have been voted out even if Carolyn didn’t play her idol. Carolyn says she doesn’t regret playing her idol. She needed to make sure Carson stayed and Tika had the numbers. Carolyn tells everyone how she found the idol, as well as the fake idol she planted. Yam Yam says in his confessional that Carolyn is making herself a bigger target now since she’s revealing a lot of details about her game. Jaime says Carolyn is a more calculating player than she realized. The next morning, Carson spots Heidi walking away from camp very early in the morning. He wakes Carolyn up and they go idol hunting together. Eventually, everyone is looking for an idol. Heidi is already in possession of a hidden immunity idol, but she is the last Soka player left. She wants to be protected for the next two tribal councils to put herself in a good position at the end of the game. Later in the day, Lauren, Jaime, Carson, and Yam Yam talk game. Lauren says Carolyn should go home next. Carson is agreeable, but he wants to see a former Ratu tribe member Lauren or Jaime go home next instead.

Next is the reward challenge. They will be in two teams of three. One team member will be strapped in a ball while guiding their tribe members through an obstacle and then a puzzle. The winning team will win a lunch and spa day at the sanctuary. The challenge begins with Jaime guiding Carolyn and Heidi. Carson is guiding Yam Yam and Lauren. The orange team with Carson, Yam Yam, and Lauren takes an early lead, and they easily win the challenge with the purple team trailing behind. Carson, Yam Yam, and Lauren win reward.

There is strategy talk at the sanctuary and camp. Yam Yam is considering flipping on Carolyn, but Carson is determined to vote Lauren or Jaime out next. Nonetheless, Carson wants Lauren to feel like he will vote with her. Jaime wants Carson voted out next, and Carolyn pretends to be agreeable. Jaime suggests she, Carolyn, and Heidi should go to the end together. Carolyn knows Carson is a threat, but she says in her confessional that she needs him in the game for at least one more vote. After Jaime walks away, Carolyn tells Heidi she doesn’t think Jaime will prioritize them over Lauren. Carolyn says Lauren should go home next. After Carson, Lauren, and Yam Yam return, Carolyn lets Carson know that his name is being thrown out as a target. Yam Yam also pulls Jaime aside and lets her know Carolyn is the biggest threat in the game. Jaime wants Carson out, but she is willing to vote out Carolyn. She says her goal is to just split up the Tika 3. Yam Yam says it’s time for him to separate himself from Carson and Carolyn. He thinks this will help him win the game.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They must balance a ball on a disc by holding onto two ropes. As the challenge progresses, they will have to step farther away from the disc. If their ball falls from the disc, then they are eliminated from the challenge. The last person remaining will win immunity. The challenge begins, and Jaime is quickly eliminated from the challenge. Carolyn drops her ball next, and she’s followed by Carson. Yam Yam drops his ball next. Heidi and Lauren are the only ones to last five minutes into the challenge. They make it to the second round, stepping farther away from their discs. Heidi drops her ball next. Lauren wins immunity!

The tribe returns to camp. People are hesitant to start strategizing, but eventually Carolyn approaches Heidi to vote out Jaime tonight. Heidi says she will go along with this plan, and Carolyn confirms this plan with Yam Yam and Carson. Heidi says in her confessional that she doesn’t trust anyone, and she may end up playing her idol tonight. Meanwhile, Jaime and Lauren agree that they should vote for Carolyn tonight. They plan to tell Carolyn they will be voting for Heidi tonight. They want to wait to see what Yam Yam says before locking in their decision. He tells them he will vote for Carolyn tonight. Yam Yam says this is a difficult vote for him. Carolyn has been his biggest ally, but he sees her as his biggest threat now. Yam Yam later confesses to Carson that he wants to vote out Carolyn. He says Carolyn could win the game. Carson is surprised, but he tells Yam Yam he just wants to vote with him. In his confessional, Carson weighs the pros and cons of voting out Carolyn or Jaime tonight. He admits Carolyn is a threat, but he believes Carolyn will remain a loyal player. Yam Yam says his brain tells him to vote out Carolyn tonight, but his heart doesn’t want him to. He reiterates that tonight will be a hard decision for him.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks about idols and advantages. Jaime says they are prepared for different scenarios. Yam Yam says idols and advantages are mentioned in every conversation. As for the last few tribal councils left in the game, Jaime says they have to “jazz up” their resumes. Yam Yam says they can’t know what everyone is thinking, and they have to try to figure it out. Carson says sometimes they work in a group, but it could be broken up tonight. Yam Yam says it’s hard after spending 23 days with people. Carolyn says there is nothing wrong with being an emotional player, but you can be both emotional and strategic. Yam Yam says the person leaving tonight is the person who needs to leave. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Heidi plays her hidden immunity idol for herself.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…







Jaime is voted out and the sixth member of the jury.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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