Survivor Season 42 Week 11 Recap and Live Blog

Pictured (L-R): Jonathon Young, Omar Zaheer, Mike Turner, Romeo Escobar, Lindsay Dolashewich and Maryanne Oketch. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 

After Tribal Council

Lindsay is relieved she wasn’t eliminated via the “Do or Die” twist. She calls it the best tribal council ever. No only did she survive the twist, but Drea misplayed her Knowledge is Power advantage and was voted out. Lindsay’s amulet is now a hidden immunity idol since Drea and Hai are both out of the game. Omar says everything went according to plan. He helped Mike protect his hidden immunity idol by holding onto it during tribal council. Omar returns the idol, and Mike tells him the idol is both of theirs. Omar’s next plan is to turn Mike and Jonathan against each other. However, Mike wants to vote Omar out next. He wants to sway Maryanne into voting out Omar too. Maryanne says the problem is she’s been close to Omar since the beginning, but Mike tells him that Omar is playing both sides. Maryanne understands that Omar is a threat and could win the game. Maryanne shares with Mike that she has an extra vote advantage. Maryanne admits in her confessional that it will be tough to turn against Omar, but she cannot win the game if she doesn’t make this move.

The next morning, Lindsay is still determined to vote out Jonathan. She says he cannot win the immunity challenge. Meanwhile, Jonathan doesn’t trust Lindsay and Omar anymore. Jonathan points out how the Taku 4 made it to the Final 6 together, but it’s time for them to break up now.

Reward Challenge

For this challenge, the castaways must spin to unspool a rope coil. Afterwards, they must go through a series of obstacles and retrieve a key. They will use that key to unlock puzzle pieces. The fist castaway to complete the puzzle will win reward. They will have a choice between sustenance (grilled chicken and veggies) or decadence (chocolate cake and cookies). The challenge begins, and Jonathan takes the lead. However, he struggles with the puzzle and Omar ends up completing the puzzle first. Omar wins reward! Jeff tells Omar he can pick two people on the sustenance reward or three people on the decadence reward. He chooses decadence. He picks Romeo, Maryanne, and Mike. Lindsay and Jonathan are the only ones excluded from the reward.

Potential Targets

Jonathan and Lindsay talk game while the others are at the reward. They are both guarded with each other since Lindsay wants Jonathan out of the game. When the others return, Mike talks game with Lindsay. He asks if he’s safe, and she tells him he’s safe if Jonathan doesn’t win immunity. Mike knows about Lindsay’s immunity idol, and he shares this information with Jonathan. He is surprised to learn about this. Mike doesn’t want Lindsay to use her idol on Omar, so Mike doesn’t share his plan to target Omar with her. Mike talks more game with Maryanne later. Mike is convinced Omar is targeting him. Mike says that if Maryanne helps him take out Omar with her extra vote advantage, then he’ll use his idol to help her. Maryanne still has an idol of her own in her possession, but she hasn’t told anyone else about it. Mike also tells Maryanne about Lindsay’s idol, which is news to her too. Maryanne thought she and Lindsay were close, so she’s disappointed she’s not as close to Lindsay as she thought.

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, they must untie steps to build a staircase. They then will have to maneuver a bag of balls up the staircase. They will then use the balls to finish a table maze. The first castaway to land two balls will win immunity. The challenge begins, and Jonathan takes the early lead again. However, he struggles with the staircase, allowing Omar, Lindsay, and Mike to pass him. Jonathan eventually completes the staircase, and the four in the lead are all working on the table maze at the same time while Romeo and Maryanne are trailing behind. Jonathan lands his first ball, but so does Lindsay. Lindsay and Jonathan get very close to victory, but their balls keep missing the last target. It’s a showdown between Jonathan and Lindsay, and it is Lindsay who lands her second ball first. Lindsay wins immunity!

Plans Before the Vote

Lindsay is proud to win the challenge, especially against Jonathan. She calls him a Goliath in the game. Jonathan is disappointed Lindsay won. Not only is she safe, but she could potentially give her hidden immunity idol to Omar. If that happens, then Mike and Jonathan will be the next targets. Jonathan says he and Mike should vote for Romeo tonight. Jonathan asks Lindsay the plan, and she lies and tells him the plan is vote for Mike. However, Lindsay wants to target Jonathan. She goes around the island to gather the numbers against Jonathan, including pulling in Maryanne and Romeo. Lindsay doesn’t plan to use her amulet idol since she doesn’t want to worry about a new idol being hidden somewhere on the island.

Lindsay believes she and Omar have an easy path to survive this vote. However, Maryanne is ready to vote out Omar tonight. She reveals to Romeo she has an extra vote advantage, and she can use it to vote out Omar. Romeo tells her he is on board to vote for Omar tonight. She tells Mike they should stick to the plan and vote out Omar, but Mike is scared about Omar getting Lindsay’s idol. He says they should play it safe and vote out Romeo tonight. Maryanne has a plan ready to take Omar out. She says Jonathan and Mike can vote Romeo, but Maryanne and Romeo can place three votes on Omar with the help of Maryanne’s extra vote advantage. Mike and Jonathan are still apprehensive and are unsure if they can count on Romeo’s word. Maryanne tells him their path to the end will be tougher without Romeo as a number. Mike reiterates that they should just play it safe and take out Romeo, but Maryanne is determined to make a big move and blindside Omar tonight.

Tribal Council

It’s time for tribal council. Omar says last tribal was outrageous, and he wonders if tonight will be the same. It’s raining, and Mike says it matches the vibe of the game now. Mike says there is nowhere to hide. Romeo says everyone is thinking about who they want to sit next to. People are thinking long term instead of short-term. Lindsay agrees with Romeo. She says people are thinking about their best odds in a final 3 scenario. Omar disagrees and says everyone has always been thinking about the longterm game. The only difference is there is fewer people and less places to hide. Maryanne says the people who were on the bottom of the game can now think about the endgame instead of just self-preservation.

The talk turns to trust, and Mike says he trusts whoever he believes in. Omar says he’s “Survivor confident,” but you never know. Jonathan says something is happening and someone is being lied to. Maryanne points out that they cannot do a clean sweep of votes due to the shot in the dark twist and advantages. Omar agrees that they have to be careful with hidden immunity idols. He ominously predicts he could be on the receiving end of a blindside due to possible advantages. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…








Omar is the thirteenth person voted out and the sixth member of the jury. Omar is blindsided, but he takes his elimination in stride. He guesses that Maryanne orchestrated the move, and she admits that she did.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for a live recap of the season finale of Survivor 42.

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