The Masked Singer 7 Finale Recap: Winner Revealed! Three Unmasked!

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The Masked Singer season 7 WINNER is Revealed tonight. Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger sit on the panel and Nick Cannon hosts.  Fifteen contestants are divided up into 3 groups: The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly. 

The Masked Singer 7 Predictions: Who is Firefly, Ringmaster, Prince?

This week, the remaining three contestants perform. One will emerge the winner. ALL will be Unmasked!  The masks include: Firefly (Good), Ringmaster (Good), and Prince (Good). 


Clues: Glee Club Alumni, Ryan Murphy, Broadway. WE KNOW EXACTLY WHO THIS IS. 

Performance: Viva La Vida by Coldplay – The Prince sings about being a King and has it going on. He’s bringing all the royal vibes to this performance. Jenny guesses Ben Platt. Ohhh. So close but not yet. Ryan guesses Ricky Martin. Again. Getting warm. But nope. Ken guesses Matt Boehmer. All these Ryan Murphy people. Still guessing wrong. 

Prediction: Prince is a Ryan Murphy regular and Glee guest star. But Prince is Cheyenne Jackson rather than the Ryan Murphy-adjacent celebrities the judges guessed.


Clues: Basketball net, Piano, 5,6,7, 8.

Performance: Bad Girl by Usher – Firefly turns in a slinky performance. She’s not rangy, but her vocals are smooth. She approaches the panel to work it. Robin guesses Teyana Taylor. DING DING DING. Nicole guesses Monica. Ken guesses Brandy

Prediction: Robin is correct. Firefly is Teyana Taylor. The basketball net refers to her husband, former NBA player Iman Shumpert. And here’s another clue: JoJo Siwa dialed in to wish her good luck. JoJo and Iman were cast members on DWTS 30. Iman won. 


Clues: Horse with a broken heart, she loves music, but it’s been silenced, SIMON COWELL! 

Performance: Gravity by Sara Bareilles – Ringmaster SHOULD win, but it will probably be Firefly. The best singers rarely win this show for some reason. Oh. Ringmaster gets the fancy acrobats performing behind her. Ken guesses Hailee Steinfeld. And for a hot second I thought he was gonna get it right. Nicole guesses Lucy Hale. So ya’ll are gonna ignore the Simon Cowell clue. Nicole should know better. Jenny guesses Hayden Panettiere. OH NICOLE SAW HAYDEN AT A POOL ONCE. But does she know Simon Cowell? So dumb.

Prediction: Ringmaster is Hayley Orrantia, star of The Goldbergs. But 10 years ago, she competed on X Factor USA, season 1. Nicole sat on the judges panel that year. Hayley competed in a country pop girl group called Lakoda Rayne. Hence the country clues. 


One contestant will be eliminated before the second round. Firefly, Ringmaster and Prince are assembled on stage. Coming in third place IS…Prince! Final guesses. Ken: Matt Bomer. Robin: Rickey Marin. Jenny: Ben Platt. Nicole: Cheyenne Jackson. DING DING DING. and The Prince is….Cheyenne Jackson! He wanted to do the show for the opportunity to sing. Aw the costumers sewed in a “courage” rock that one of his twins gave him the day he started the show. 


Performance: Lost Without U by Robin Thicke – Will say it again, Firefly’s vocals have style, but she has no range. If she wins, the fix is surely in. Robin is very flattered and choked up that she sang his song. Nick notes that she’s very emotional right now. 


Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry – Ringmaster sounds a little like Katy. She has a credible pop voice. It’s funny how a person’s career can lead them away from a another viable showbusiness career possibility.  “We have ourselves a little popstar,” says Nicole. 


The winner of this season’s Golden Mask Trophy is….FIREFLY. Toldja. The fix is in. Watch her turn up on a FOX show as a host or an actress soon. They’re probably teeing her up.

Now it’s time to unmask Ringmaster. FINAL GUESSES – Robin: Maren Morris Nicole: Lucy Hale. Ken: Hailee Steinfeld. Jenny: Hayden Panettiere. And the RINGMASTER IS….Hayley Orrantia. I mean. She stars in an ABC show. No way she was gonna win. FOX can’t use her later. OH IT FINALLY DAWNS ON NICOLE WHO SHE IS. Barely. Actually, she doesn’t remember meeting her. 

Time to Unmask the Winner: Final guesses: Robin: Teyana Taylor Jenny: Teyana Taylor Nicole: Monica Ken: Alicia Keys. LOL NO.  And the Firefly is…Teyana Taylor! She loved being anonymous, with no judgements. She sang her heart out. Nick mentioned that her husband won Dancing with the Stars. She’ll display her Golden Mask next to his Mirrorball Trophy.

Between the Giuliani stunt, and Rob Wade telling reporters the other day that they don’t care if people, or even their own on-air talent are angry, they’ll cast anybody who creates controversy, I’m feeling pretty sour on The Masked Singer. It’s a show I used to enjoy, despite it being silly and low stakes. Sometimes dumb stuff is fun. But it’s becoming increasing fake and stupid over the seasons. Also, the quality of the celebrities–never A list–has dropped to D-. Having said that, the final three were solid performers.


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