Survivor Season 41 Recap: Week 3 Live Blog

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The episode begins on the Yase tribe. Tiffany stumbles upon the Beware Advantage. She shares this with Evvie and Liana since they were with her when she found it. They read it together, and Tiffany learns she must get on a boat to another island. Once there, she will have to make a decision. If she fails to do so, then she will lose her vote. Meanwhile, on the Ua tribe, Brad is bothered by the demeanor of his tribe members. He thinks they’re acting like they’re at a beach party while he’s doing the chores. While he’s at camp alone, Brad stumbles upon a Beware Advantage of his own. He reads it alone, and he gets the same instructions as Tiffany. He’s excited about the possibilities of this advantage. At the Luvu tribe, Sydney tells everyone that Naseer wants to target Danny. She’s putting a target on Naseer, and Naseer is aware of this. He doesn’t like Sydney playing double agent, and he tries to clear the air with his tribe members. However, Sydney is done with Naseer. She thought they needed Naseer for camp life, but she calls him too erratic. She wants him gone. Later on, Sydney stumbles upon the Beware Advantage. She didn’t realize the note said “Beware” before she picked it up. She’s nervous about what she’ll have to do once she gets on the boat.

Back on the Ua tribe, JD is struggling to find a hidden immunity idol. He speculates whether one of his tribe members already found the idol. In fact, Brad found the hidden immunity idol earlier. It’s the same three-way hidden immunity idol Xander found in last week’s episode. He shares his discovery with Genie. Brad and Genie also realize Xander already found the Yase’s hidden immunity idol since Xander said one of the secret phrases at the last immunity challenge. Brad also shares his idol discovery with Shan. Shan is surprised he shared this news with her, but he also shows Shan his Beware Advantage. Shan is glad that Brad trusts her, but she doesn’t know if she wants to keep him in the game with so much power.

Later at night, Brad, Tiffany, and Sydney get on their respective boats and make their way to an island. Once they reach the island, they introduce themselves to each other. They then read their instructions. It’s another prisoner’s dilemma. Their choices are to either get a tarp or a steal-a-vote advantage. If everyone chooses to steal a vote, then they all lose their votes. If one person chooses the steal-a-vote and the others choose a tarp, then only the person who chooses the steal-a-vote will receive something. They discuss their options, and Tiffany asks if they should just make their own decisions. They later sit by themselves away from the others and circle their choices on a piece of parchment. Brad chooses the steal-a-vote advantage. Sydney chooses the tarp. We don’t see what Tiffany decided.

The next morning, Brad, Tiffany, and Sydney check tree mail. Brad receives the steal-a-vote advantage. Tiffany and Sydney get nothing since they chose to get a tarp. Afterwards, it’s time for the immunity challenge. Along with immunity, they are competing for a basket of fruit too. For this challenge, they must go through a series of obstacles and land sand bags on targets. The first two tribes to complete the challenge will win immunity. The challenge begins with Shan giving Ua an early lead on the rope obstacle above the water. Yase is still behind as Ua and Luvu are digging for their sand bags. Luvu is the first to start tossing their sand bags up on the targets, but it becomes a closer challenge when Ua and Yase find their bags at the same time. Tiffany lands the first sand bag of the challenge, putting Yase in the lead. JD keeps tossing the sand bags, but he’s missing them all. Deshawn lands a sand bag for Luvu while Xander keeps Yase in the lead with two more sandbags. Luvu and Yase are suddenly tied with three sand bags, but Brad takes over for JD and lands three sand bags for Ua. It’s a close challenge, but Deshawn is the first to land all his sand bags. Luvu wins immunity! It’s a showdown between Xander and Brad, but Xander lands all the sand bags for Yase. Yase wins immunity! Ua will go to tribal council tonight.

Ua returns to camp. Since Brad’s three-way immunity idol was not activated, he lost his vote tonight. Brad hopes the target will be JD since he cost them the challenge today. Shan also catches JD hiding a piece of parchment in his waistline. He comes clean about his extra vote advantage, and Shan and Ricard feel like they’ve lost trust with JD now. Ricard and Shan debate who to vote out between JD and Brad. JD is worried about the lost of trust, so he apologizes to Shan. He offers to give Shan his extra vote advantage as collateral. She will hold onto it during tribal council tonight with the agreement that she will return it after tribal council. However, Shan also knows about Brad’s advantages. She’s undecided who she wants to side with between JD and Brad.

It’s time for tribal council. Shan says it’s been a long day and she doesn’t want to vote out anyone tonight. JD takes ownership for their loss at the immunity challenge tonight. Jeff brings up the dilemma between tribe strength and personal alliances. Ricard says he favors personal alliances over tribe strength. Brad adds that they all have to trust someone in the game since that’s all they have. JD believes he lost trust too, and he compares trust to crystals since they are fragile and easily broken. JD also says voting him out tonight will be like scratching a mosquito bite. It may feel good now, but it’ll hurt in the long run. JD also gets emotional talking about how much Survivor means to him. He grew up watching the show, and past players like Ozzy and Malcolm are heroes for him. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

We see JD vote for Brad and Brad not being able to vote. Brad has to put a parchment in the urn anyway. How did the others vote?

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…





Brad is the fourth person voted out of Survivor 41. Brad and Genie are visibly blindsided by the vote.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.


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