Survivor Season 29 … Where are we going next?

With MJ busy with the Idol finale I thought I would jump in and let you all know what Survivor is doing next.

The show has been on an amazing run of four straight seasons that have been great television and Survivor continues to win it’s Time Slot even against former Ratings Beast American Idol.

The show will try to continue it’s current run of great seasons when  Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water premieres in September.


I am alittle confused on why they would go back to Blood Vs. Water so soon but you can’t argue that the first installment of the concept was amazing TV and the show has a nice crop of Returning players who can return and bring in ratings including Spencer and/or Tasha from this past season and older players like Malcolm who continue to be popular and would seem likely to return.

*Edit: As per the new season will feature all new players which not only puts a wrinkle into the concept but makes me so much more excited for the new season.

I was doubtfully about the Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty and it ended up being one being one of the best seasons ever. One thing Survivor gets right most of the time is that they can pick a good cast (minus seasons like One World and Thailand) and one bonus of Blood vs. Water is that it can be guaranteed that every person who comes out will be looking to win which can make for a really good season.

The more I think about it the more excited I am for Season 29 this Fall.

Make sure to check out Montavilla’s recap of the Finale later and I will be back tomorrow with some final Ponderosa videos.