Survivor Caramoan Premiere Discussion and Recap *Updated*

Welcome to Season 26 of Survivor. It should be a good season ahead. Here’s hoping for some great game play mixed with some craziness to keep us all entertained.

Come back later for my recap and enjoy the show!


Welcome to Season 26 of Surivor. The show is coming from the Caramoan Islands. We see the Favorites coming in on a boat and they are already making assumptions about watch other. On the other hand the Favorites get to arrive by helicopter. Those old scenes of Phillip still crack me up so much. I really hope he lasts a while on this season. On the other hand I am hoping Francesca goes home first. I know it would be mean but just the idea of someone being voted out first twice makes me happy.

The fans arrive on the island and are introduced to the Favorites. Cochran, Dawn, Corinne, Andrea, Erik, Malcolm, Brenda, Brandon, Francesca, and Former Federal Agent Phillip. After the introductions we go right into a challenge. Two members of each tribe will run out for a ring and bring it back to your flag pole. Other cast members will try to stop them . First team to four wins flint and some beans.

Round one is Erik and Dawn (Faves) vs. Julia and Shamar (Fans). Erik tries to toss to Dawn but Julie gets it first. Dawn tackles her but Shamar grabs it and scores for the fans.

Round two is Eddie and Hope (Fans) vs. Brandon and Andrea (Faves). A lot of tugging and pulling ends with Andrea being able to grab the flag pole and tie the game at 1.

Round three is Sherri and Michael (Fans) vs. Phillip and Brenda (Faves). Early appearance of the the pink underwear. The powerful pink undies allow Phillp to drag everyone to the favorite`s pole for the win.

Round four sees Matt and Laura (Fans) and Cochran and Francesca (Faves). Cochran pairs up against Laura. Matt has the ring but Francesca takes him out. Some more tugging and pulling ends with Franscesca scoring.

Round Five has Malcolm and Corinne (Faves) against Reynold and Allie(Fans). If the favorites score it is over. Reynold tries to toss the ring but Malcolm blocks it. It`s a good battle back and forth but Malcolm is eventually able to grab the pole for the win.

The fans tribe is called Gota. Shamar is disappointed his tribe last and it makes him realize that he doesn`t have full control over the game. Really from a fan he should have already known this. The fans decide that they need fire first to boil water but Matt says shelter is just as important and gets to work building. Shamar is starting an argument that the shelter is not needed and is not happy no one is working on fire. Matt is fighting back since Shamar is just sitting around doing nothing. Don`t these people know that the best strategy at the start is to just work together. I would like to think they know this and human nature is just getting the best of them.

Over at the Favorites tribe (Bikal) Malcolm knows as the new kid he needs to make a strong impression. They get down to working quickly on the shelter. Phillip wants to build a shelter to face out at the water. He doesn`t want to have to turn his head. Andrea, Dawn, and Francesca are already working on an alliance. They want to include Cochran and Brandon. Francesca is trying to build relationships with everyone in hopes of lasting longer. Phillip and Francesca is trying to make nice but Phillip doesn`t trust her and she annoys him immensely.

Over at Gota Matt everyone is still working hard on the shelter minus Sharmar. Shamar has a lot of opinions but seems to do little work. He wants to ride in at the end and be the marine with the answers. The strategy actually works as the tribe gets fire from rubbing wood together. Fire brings the tribe together with even Matt making up with Shamar. Before heading over to Bikal we are treated to some footage of turtles swimming.

As a person to likes nature shows this made me happy. Survivor is so much better in HD. The favorites are eating rice and Phillip is asking for a second scoop of rice (please let him argue with someone over crispy rice). Phillip is talking about the BR rules based on what he has learned from playing with Boston Rob.

BR Rule 1: Get in an alliance.

BR Rule 2: Get in an alliance within the alliance.

BR Rule 3: Get rid of your alliance before they get rid of you.

Bonus: You don`t owe anyone anything. It`s all about family.(Not sure what this means)

Phillip approaches Corrine and wants to bring in Malcolm and Andrea. He wants to be the specialist in the background so people don`t notice him. He`s the undercover brother. He also approaches Erik and Cochran. Phillip tells Erik he needs to not get nervous. Phillip says he is the messenger and not to go back and tell everyone about the conversation.

Erik smartly sees it as a “Boston Rob“ your with me or against me move and he doesn`t like it. He appears to have no intention of working with Phillip.

Over at Gota some other alliances are forming. Reynold wants to work with Allie. It kind of reminds me of the Boston Rob/Amber alliance. If they play this well it could really work for them in the same way it worked back in Survivor All-Stars. Of course chances are it is more likely to go down in flames. Eddie and Hope also seem to be pairing off. They head off alone to talk about how pretty they are and form a beautiful people alliance. Reynold and Allie make the fatal mistake of cuddling in the shelter.This is a horrible move for two people who vowed to seem not connected. Laura notices and wisely states that romantic entanglements make you a target from the start.

The next day Cochran suffers from a sun burn right away. Not feeling so good about my pre-season pick at this point. Cochran is making jokes but he is in horrible pain. He’s trying not to be a freak this time around.

The Beautiful People alliance is hanging out in the water. It consists of Eddie, Reynold, Allie, and Hope. This is stupid as they are in a tribe of six and they are an alliance of four. Some of the others agree on an alliance but Michael wisely states that he will go where it is best for him. Michael is leaning toward Matt.

Matt says they can make a decision on which direction they will go when they lose immunity. If they don’t lose then nothing to worry about. This naturally leads into the first immunity challenge.

Immunity: Teams will race out to a four story tower with crates on each floor. One group of four will race at a time and toss the crates down bursting them and leaving sand bags. The remaining two members of each tribe will try to toss the bags into six holes. First tribe to get all six holes filled win immunity. If the fans win they will also get flint. Cochran and Phillip head up first along with Laura and Sherri from the fans. Faves back first and Francesca and Corrine head up followed by Michael and Hope. It is pretty even when Julia and Matt head up at about the same time as Erik and Brenda. Brandon and Andrea head up against Eddie and Allie as the last pairs on either team. Favorites take the lead as Malcolm and Dawn start collecting sand bags. Malcolm hits three as Reynold and Shamar collect and start tossing. Reynold is nailing the targets quickly and take the lead. Reynold nails six and the fans will the first immunity challenge.

My hope that Francesca will be the first person sent home is still alive. And yes I feel a little horrible for wishing this. Francesca instantly nominates Phillip or Corinne for elimination. She is upset that Corinne hasn’t approached her to build an alliance. Andrea is thinking working with Phillip is better for her. She lets Phillip know that Francesca suggested him. Phillip is in the same mindset as me when thinking of Francesca going first is satisfying. It scares me that I agree with Phillip. Hopefully this never happens again.

Erik shares with Brandon that Phillip told him that they have numbers. Brandon shares this with Francesca. She is confident she has the numbers but is worried she will go first which to her would be the worst thing ever. Cochran and Dawn seem to want to trust each other and take it to the end. They see themselves as the swing votes. Francesca is talking about splitting the vote since she worries about a hidden idol.

Brandon is worried about Andrea as she does not seem trustworthy. Erik and Brandon approach Francesca about switching the vote to Andrea and not telling her or Cochran. At this point it seems to be Francesca or Andrea.

Time for the first tribal council. Brandon says that there are no chiefs in the tribe. Jeff prods Francesca on her rivalry with Phillip. Francesca says that Phillip learned to say her name and Phillip says he just didn’t want to say her name right last time. Jeff comments on Francesca’s lack of experience since she was voted out first last time. She asks him if he is saying she is bad at Survivor and he says no but you said that. They talk about paranoia and everyone says they are a little paranoid. Talk about votes being changed at tribal council and Cochran brings up Boston Robs Godfather move of patting the shoulder of the person that he wanted voted out. Malcolm then does the awesome move of patting Cochran on the shoulder. With that it is time to vote. Francesca votes for Andrea and Andrea returns the favor. Obviously no one has the hidden idol as they would have spent some time on that so it is not played.

We start off with three straight votes for Andrea which makes her nervous. Francesca comes back to tie it. Back and forth to tie at four votes each. Francesca takes the lead and is voted off with six votes to Andrea’s four. With that Francesca is the first person to ever be voted off first twice. Andrea smiles and lets out a sign of relief.I really don’t think Francesca is meant to play Survivor.

Overall it was a very good first episode. Of course Survivor always starts off with a good episode but I am feeling the story lines coming from the Favorites tribe and the Fans tribe has some interesting characters with potential. I look forward to seeing where the season goes.

Next week Brandon seems to lose his mind and plans on going out Russell style. I am assuming he will have a short reign of terror before being sent home. Hopefully this will end the use of the Hantz family on CBS reality shows.