Survivor Cagayan: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty – Episode 7 – Recap and Discussion (UPDATED)

Previously on Survivor: Aparri and Solana merged, creating the super boyband Solarrion. Jeff announced a new hidden idol, with special powers. Nobody knows what they are. There was a struggle for Sarah’s vote, and Kass made it moot by flipping. Sarah became the first member of the jury.

Back at the Solarrion camp, Spencer describes the Tribal Council as “cool.” He tells Kass that he’s not mad at her, but when she starts talking strategy with her new peeps, he gets pissed off. Kass declares that she plays with her gut. In her mind, she’s pissed off five people who get over it. In return, she’s made five new friends.

In the morning, Kass suggests to Woo that he and Morgan get some water. Morgan refuses at first because she hates Kass. But she eventually gets up. In interviews, Kass compares Morgan to an old dog that only sits and pisses. Morgan smirks that Kass is jealous of her youth and cuteness. Maybe, but in the words of Bianca del Rio, beauty fades, but dumb is forevah!

The team is randomly divided into Purple and Orange for the reward challenge. They must run an obstacle course, pull a chest up a wall, and do a tower puzzle. The lead switches back and forth, but Orange’s puzzle team, LJ and Spencer, beat out Woo and Kass on the puzzle.

The prize is a dinner at “a Survivor-themed Outback Steakhouse.” It’s obviously product placement, but less obvious is whether this is a real restaurant, or a set they built on the beach. Also, their “grilled pineapple” margarita has bacon in it. Morgan pronounces it delicious, but she hasn’t had a drink in three weeks.

Back at camp, Kass’s new friends are urging her to pick their next Tribal Council target. She doesn’t want to decide. Tony confesses that he finds her hard to read.

He and Woo start poking around to find that special hidden idol. But Spencer is the one who finds the next clue, hidden in his dinner napkin. He slips it into his pocket.

Unfortunately, he can’t even read it until the next day, because a rainstorm drives everyone into the shelter. It’s as much as Spencer can do just to keep the paper dry.

The clue tells him to take a trail beyond the well, and to dig “up” in the roots. As soon as he can, he goes to explore the area. Unbeknownst to him, Woo has gone into NinjaStealthMode. He follows Spencer, ducking behind trees and rocks.

When Spencer discovers him, he acts nonchalant. He picks the clothing Spencer shed, while searching the creek, and discovers the paper clue. Quick as a Ninja he grabs the paper and sets off running!

Spencer pursues him, but realizes Woo is much faster. Woo runs back to camp and gets LJ and Tony to read the clue with him. Realizing he can’t stop this, Spencer enlists his own alliance. Within minutes, everyone in the tribe is combing the creek banks for the idol.

Spencer and Kass find themselves searching the same creek bank, three feet away. “So, this is what the game has devolved into,” Spencer observes bitterly.

Kass calls it karma for Spencer’s tantrum after Tribal Council. Spencer apologizes. After a moment, Kass looks away and Spencer, who has had his hand on the idol the whole time, slips it into his pocket.

In private, Spencer reads the attached note. It’s not the special idol, but that doesn’t matter. He’s got a safety net now.

After all this pandemonium, the players must go to the Immunity Challenge. There is a wall of wooden fames, each designed to the height of each player. The survivors must stand on their frame, holding a box between the top of their heads and the top of the frame. To do this, they have to stand on their toes. The last person to drop his or her box wins immunity.

The first player out is Kass, who only lasts a few seconds. Each person who falls out looks more and more pained. After ninety minutes, it’s down to Tasha and Spencer. Spencer looks to be wobbling, but Tasha suddenly loses it. They hug, then Spencer hobbles over to Jeff to receive the necklace.

Now it’s scramble time. Tony gathers his crew (including Kass) and they strategize. He suggests Morgan as “Plan A,” since no one would bother to waste an idol on her. “Who is Plan B?” he asks. They agree on Tasha.

Over on the other side, Morgan suggests Kass. Spencer thinks Tony is a better target. He’s hoping Tony might do something stupid at Tribal Council and give Kass a reason to flip back.

Spencer realizes that Kass is their only hope right now. He talks to her quietly on the beach, asking if she’s willing to consider coming back with them. Kass interviews that it’s human nature to forgive, so she’s not surprised that Spencer is willing to negotiate. She tells him that she’s a free agent.

So, Spencer tells her that they’re voting for Tony. Kass thinks that’s a much better plan than Tony’s. Morgan, she reasons, will always be annoying, but Tony is charming. She does not want to sit next to him at the final jury.

Kass confesses that her courtroom strategy is “trial by ambush.” It’s not the preferred one, either in her profession or in Survivor. But she can’t help it. She loves ambushes and blindsides.

At the Tribal Council, Jeff asks Tony about the last council’s shift in power. Tony allows that wind changed direction. Kass adds that she’s the wind that blew through everything. She confirms that she got a lot of backlash for her flip. Spencer admits that his reaction was out of hand. Jeff asks him how it feels to have immunity. Spencer is happy, but he’d rather risk going out now to have shot at winning.

Tony announces that his alliance has reached consensus. He doesn’t say who, but Morgan speaks up and states her case. She argues that it’s useless to target her, because she’s crap at challenges. Plus, no one likes her.

Trish agrees and adds that Morgan doesn’t do anything at camp. She tells Jeff she could keep going on the list of Morgan’s shortcomings. Jeff asks Morgan to comment, and she says she got used to being waited on by LJ and Jeremiah on the Beauty tribe. “Is it like that back home?” Jeff says. Morgan confirms that it is.

Jefra claims that everyone in her alliance is equal. Spencer scoffs at this, and Jeff points out that someone is always in the bottom of any alliance. Tony answers that Kass is in a comfortable place, so she’ll be sticking where she is. Jeff points out that Kass is unpredictable. Trish admits she’s a risk, but they’re sticking with her.

The vote is cast. Spencer doesn’t play his idol. There are four votes for Tony, but six for Morgan. Kass stuck with Tony’s Crew.

Morgan is proud of herself. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, especially Kass.

Next week: Tony’s Crew starts to turn on itself. It’s Tony vs. Woo!

What will Chaos Kass do next? Any predictions about that Special Idol? What big obvious clue will the producers leave next week? Comment down below!