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A new episode of Survivor: Game Changers airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the castaways greeting Jeff for their next challenge. Nuku has a big reaction to Tony being voted out. Afterwards, they learn the game is about to change. “Drop your buffs,” Jeffs says. They are mixing up the tribes; there will now be three tribes of six. There is also no challenge.

New tribes

Tavua – Troyzan, Andrea, Cirie, Zeke, Ozzy, and Sarah

Mana – Caleb, Hali, Tai, Brad, Sierra, and Debbie

Nuku – Michaela, Sandra, Aubry, Malcolm, JT, and Varner

Sandra says in a confessional that she was leading the sheep to slaughter back in original Mana, so she hopes she’ll be on the right side of the numbers. JT is the only original Nuku member, so he’s worried. Tai is glad to be on a tribe with Caleb, and he kisses him on the cheek. Afterwards, the tribes go back to their new camps.

Malcolm talks about Nuku, and he’s glad to be with all the reward items. Varner and Malcolm are excited, with Malcolm calling it a “Survivor jackpot.” He remarks about an awesome shelter that is decorated. JT is the only original Nuku member, so he comes up with a plan. JT gets them all to go fishing, but Malcolm bends a spear. JT says they need pliers. He’s glad to go back to camp to get the pliers, but he’s really going to look for an idol. Back at the raft, the rest speculate that JT is looking for the idol. JT takes a long time, so now they realize he’s indeed looking for an idol.

Back at Mana, Hali and Caleb are on the bottom. They are outnumbered by everyone else, and Brad talks game with Tai. Brad suggests taking Hali out before Caleb since Tai doesn’t want Caleb gone. However, in his confessional, Brad says he’d rather take out Caleb first. He’s worried about the Kaoh Rong players sticking together. Tai talks to Caleb, and he wants to play the game with Caleb since they’re friends. They played together back in their original seasons, but he’s worried about turning on his tribemates’ wishes to help out his friend.

Over at Tavua, they lament the fact they have to start over and build shelter again. Meanwhile, Cirie wants to keep working on her relationship with Ozzy. Since they both have the numbers due to being former Nuku members, Ozzy is on board with working with Cirie for now. He says Troyzan is an easy first boot. Later on, Andrea talks to Troyzan and is friendly with him. However, she says in her confessional that Troyzan will be leaving if they lose the next immunity challenge. Troyzan is aware that he’s on the outs, so he knows he’ll need an idol. The rest of the tribe speculate that Troyzan will be looking for an idol, but they plan to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t find one. And while they discuss this, Troyzan walks alone on the beach and stumbles upon a bottle with a clue inside. He opens it and reads the clue that instructs him to find the hidden immunity idol at the next challenge. He’s excited about potentially finding the idol, especially since he really needs it.

Back at Nuku, they discuss the goats at camp. They haven’t been able to catch them, but they would like to so they can eat. JT is eager to make Sandra happy, and he thinks catching a goat will put him in her good graces. Later on, JT and Malcolm manage to catch two goats. However, they realize the two goats are a mother and a baby. Only Sandra is on board with eating the goats, but no one else wants to do it. Their conscience is getting to them, and they don’t feel comfortable killing the goats. They all discuss it as a group, and they agree to let the two goats go. However, Malcolm and JT both mention in their confessionals about how Sandra is running the game.

It’s time for the immunity challenge! The challenge requires three tribe members from each tribe to be tied together as they work together through a series of obstacles. They must then grab a bucket, fill it with water, go over a teeter totter, and put enough water into another bucket to lower a gate. Afterwards they must go through the gate, and the other three tribe members must solve a puzzle. The first two tribes to finish will win immunity.

The challenge begins, with Michaela, JT, and Malcolm going through the obstacles for Nuku; Sarah, Sierra, and Ozzy going through the obstacles for Tavua; and Caleb, Debbie, and Tai going through the obstacles for Mana. Nuku takes a lead, but it’s a fairly even challenge. However, Nuku completes the challenge first and Tavua completes it second. After Tavua completed the puzzle, Troyzan managed to retrieve the hidden immunity idol from under the puzzle table. Mana lost and will be going to tribal council.

At the Mana camp, Hali says that it will be a miracle if she survives this vote. She realizes she and Caleb are on the outs, and Caleb is a physical asset in challenges. While discussing the vote, Tai tells Sierra that he doesn’t want Caleb to go since they’re friends and he’s a beast in challenges. He says Hali should go. However, Sierra is concerned about Tai and Caleb’s history. Brad has the same concern, so he later talks to Tai. Brad tells Tai that Caleb is hurting his game since their history is making them a target. Tai sees his point, and tells him he’ll understand if Caleb has to go.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff asks Debbie about her connection to Caleb and Tai as former Kaoh Rong players. Debbie says it does make her nervous to have that potential target for playing on the same season. Jeff asks about Tai and Caleb’s friendship, and Caleb says there might be something there, but they didn’t even start on the same tribe this season. Jeff asks Sierra about the social politics of the game, and the added layer of former relationships. Sierra says that she’s concerned about Caleb and Tai since they are friends, whereas there is no relationship between her and Hali (the two of them played together in Worlds Apart, but aren’t friends). Jeff asks Caleb his thoughts about the vote, and he says getting rid of Hali would be the easier vote. Hali turns it around and says that Caleb is actually a bigger threat than her. Jeff asks Tai his thoughts, and he says the vote won’t be about just challenge prowess. It’s about loyalty and trust. Hali makes her closing arguments, and says that she’s better to keep around. Afterwards, it’s time to vote.

Jeff reads the vote. The first vote is for…






Caleb is the third person voted out of Survivor: Game Changers.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Game Changers. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap!

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