Spoiler Update: Is Kendall Beard a Contender?

UPDATE: The OP of the original comment posted a slight correction in comments:

One quick correction-I was talking to my neighbor again this afternoon and I apparently misunderstood what he said about a recording contract in Nashville. What he said was that Kendall parents decided it might make sense to move to Nashville to help her further her career.

Also, Joes Place has confirmed that Kendall is indeed, Top 50.

BTW, nothing in the OP’s comments gave away that Kendall was in the Top 50.   It was the fact that she pulled down her music recently.   The comments only bolstered my suspicion that she probably made Top 50…

An interesting comment pulled from this post, from a regular MJer who has been with us practically from the beginning. (so I know she ain’t punking us.)

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I was at a party last night and one of our neighbors said his roommate from college daughter made it to Hollywood. Her name is Kendall(cant remember the last name) and she is from Austin but her parents are from Louisiana. They got the father doing the gator on film. He went to the producers and asked that it not be shown on tv and was told the one thing he could be sure was going to be shown was him doing the gator. According to this guy the parents were told to plan to move to Nashville, that even if Kendall didnt win AI, she would get a record contract. It will be interesting to see if all he says is true.

That would be Kendall Beard. Here’s her MySpace.   She took all her music down.   Evidence that she made the Top 50, as Top 50 contestants are required to take down their online music   by January.   That, and the producers seem to be very sure of her success, if friend-of-dad isn’t overstating Kendall’s case.

I listened to her stuff before she took it down, and she’s another one with a distinct singer/songwriter vibe.

Poor Dad is going to look stupid on national TV.   Didn’t he read the contract he signed that states they can do whatever, whenever with the video they shoot?   Hopefully Dad and Kendall are becoming hep to the ways of reality TV.

Not enough evidence, yet to put her on my list, but it’s interesting all the same, don’t you think?

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