Idol Headlines for 1/03/09

Q&A with Mike Krompass (writer of ALTNOY & SOT)

Today, Snarkies had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Mike Krompass, who both cowrote and produced A Little Too Not Over You and Somebody Out There. Mike was amazing and answered pretty much all my 3-pages of questions before I even asked them — he’s that good. He talked to me for almost an hour and I bet I still have a billion questions that escaped me in the awesomeness of it all — and he’s so cool, he said I can bug him again if I need to. Mike Krompass, thank you! To check out more of his music, visit his MySpace.

Mike offered some tantalizing glimpses into the recording process — like the two songs that didn’t jive with Jive and are now being shopped around — demos that DAVID recorded; how David hums and mumbles the melody; how Mike snacks more than David and how there are always Cokes or something around in the studio; how the process was so whirlwind because they only had two weeks before the songs were due and how Mike had to jump between recording studios because there wasn’t time to do it all in his studio in Nashville; how sometimes they were up till 2 a.m.; how the process was organic and totally collaborative and first credits, at least in this case, are a myth as they all put bits of themselves in the songs; how David and Robbie Nevil did the “eh eh oh oh” intro to ALTNOY to add a more radio feel; how David is a pro, the real deal, and overly humble; how he worked with David on a demo when David was just 12, fresh out of Star Search, and how that “cute little Mormon kid” needed these years to find out who he is as an artist; how he recorded ALTNOY on the same mic and set-up as Jordin Sparks recorded One Step at a Time and how jazzed David was to find that out; how David’s a jukebox — and yeah, there’s a lot more.

Snarky Archies

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Acoustical Holiday Concert is a Success

It was an intimate acoustical evening, where three country music artists showcased their talents in spirit of the holiday season. Country hit singer Josh Gracin, American Idol Phil Stacey and upcoming artist Amy Scruggs graced the Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center stage at College of the Canyons in a COC Presents production in association with Go Country 105. Adam Philipson, Managing Director of the Performing Arts Center said, …We couldnt be happier with the Go Country 105 partnership. Josh and Phil and special guest Amy Scruggs were incredible and everyone had a great time. The theater was full of enthusiastic country fans, most of which were local residents. The host of the event, popular Go Country air staff, Shawn Parr, said that 90 percent of the people who attended lived within ten minutes from the venue.

Santa Clarita Magazine

American Idol Finalist Gina Glocksen Shows Off Wedding Photo

American Idol pop rocker Gina Glocksen got glam to marry her musician beau, Joe Ruzicka, in the Chicago-area on New Year’s Eve. Check out their wedding photo, left.

The pair didn’t totally ditch their rock-star looks though; they both accessorized with bright red hair streaks!


We Should Probably Talk About This Kelly Clarkson Cover

The cover from Kelly Clarkson’s “comeback” single was discussed a bit in the comments for yesterday’s 2009 predictions post, but I figured it deserved a thread of its own, since reactions have been pretty polarizing. Is it a sign that Kelly is really, really being punished for the flop of My December by being forced into a Katy Perry-like makeover, complete with crappy oral sex jokes (note the lollipop)? Is the title “ironic”? (I’d guess the answer to that one is “probably.”) Where do you find a font that has a “K” with a devil tail? What does this mean for the pyro-to-vocals ratio of her inevitable American Idol appearance? (Also, what’s that shade of lipstick she’s wearing? I think it would look pretty good on me, to be honest.)


A giant of Idol Nation moves on

The dean of “American Idol” journalism, Ken Barnes, announced yesterday that he is leaving USA Today and its blog Idol Chatter. Hard as it may be to imagine, when “American Idol” debuted it was virtually ignored by the media, mainstream or otherwise. Ken was one of the first to look seriously at the show and to cover it. His blog has been one of the prime watering holes for Idol Nation, his weekly comprehensive analysis of Idol album sales invaluable.

LA Times

What to Watch: 10 Most Exciting Winter TV Premieres

Winter TV starts next week, and there’s such an embarrassment of riches this season that it’s hard to know where to start. Lucky for you, we’ve got a countdown of the top 10 winter series most worth your attention. Is your favorite show included? Find out…

9. American Idol (Jan. 13): American Idol is America’s favorite television series, and it’s back for season eight with a new full-time judge Kara DioGuardi. Producers are promising fewer goofball auditions this year (although some fans think that’s the best part) and a renewed focus on the art of music.


My top 10 predictions for season eight of American Idol

With the American Idol ads airing right and left, there’s no denying that it’s comin’ and comin’ in hot! In honor of this auspicious debut, I thought I’d dabble in Letterman’s territory and celebrate with a Top 10 list. I like to project what’s going to happen each season, so I present to you the:


Mormon of the Year: Blog’s nominations spark a lively debate

Taking a cue from Time magazine and other news organizations, an LDS blog is asking participants to name the “Mormon of the Year.”

Larsen suggested five high-profile members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, Jet Blue founder David Neeleman and pop singer David Archuleta.

Salt Lake Tribune

Win big for Lewisville girl, bigger for African children

LEWISVILLE – Thanks to Anna LaVenture, 178 children in Africa will be sleeping under mosquito nets designed to protect them from malaria.

And thanks to the $890 that Anna, 11, raised to buy nets for those children, Anna and her mother, Suzanne, have tickets to the American Idol finale in Los Angeles in May.
Anna, a sixth-grader at Paisley Middle School, is the national winner of “Save the World Summer, ” a contest that invited children ages 8 to 14 to come up with summer projects to raise money to fight malaria.

The contest was sponsored by the nonprofit organization Malaria No More and Brooke White, a 2008 contestant on American Idol.American Idol provided the tickets for the winner.

Journal Now


Who else but producer Nigel Lythgoe could bring together eight counties to compete in a dance competition and corral one of the most popular dancers in the world to serve as host? In Lythgoe’s latest project, there is no audience voting, no celebrity contestants and no amateurs learning the tango. However, “Superstars of Dance” does have a roster of international professional dancers and Irish step dancer, flautist and choreographer Michael Flatley serving as host. Lythgoe and Flatley sat down to explain the new NBC series and how the show differs from the other dance shows on the landscape today.

The Futon Critic

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