So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Spoilers

A very unusual circumstance:

Cat Deeley and Nigel Lythgoe had to get on a plane to fly back to London, so the Top 10 Results Show was taped today.

The results are in.

If you want to be spoiled, click this link.

If you don’t, stay away from this thread!


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  1. Yes! I kinda feel bad for the guy, but I really didn’t want Ryan out. TBH all the guys left this year are pretty talented, I’ll miss every one of them.

  2. I’m not surprised about Nathan. He doesn’t dance with maturity and having a new partner didn’t help him in that regard.

  3. I had a feeling it would be those two who were eliminated. Not happy. But Ryan being in the bottom two really upsets me the most and for now on I will make sure I vote to keep him in. He is the second best all around male dancer and the best partner dancer they have. It is about time a ballroom contestant wins this damn show.

  4. Awwww poor Nathan, he is a wonderful dancer and will be fine but I am glad it was him and not Ryan.

    “”But Ryan being in the bottom two really upsets me the most and for now on I will make sure I vote to keep him in. “”

    Me too Dhunken

  5. I could not wait until tonight, so I peeked at the ‘click here’ link.

    I feel as if I’m 15 again. Yes, yes, yes!!!! Nathan is OUT. Well, I voted like a mad woman for Legacy & Ashleigh. Too bad for Noelle.
    :-( I loved her dance routines especially her Paso Doble with Russell a few weeks back. Good luck Noelle!

    Well, America finally got it right. Nathan should have gone awhile back, but the stupid decisions made by Mary & Adam (love them both)last week was ridiculous.

    Wow, I cannot believe Ryan was in the bottom, again!?! He is a wonderful dancer and what a good looking man he is.

    Next out… ‘Pollyanna’ Mollee. Voting on 4 lines next week. She is the worst in comparison to the other super terrific female dancers left, IMO.

  6. You would think ryan’s hotness alone would keep him out of the bottom! I think they did Nathan a disservice by having him on so young. He’s a great dancer and he could really be a contender when he’s 20 or older.

    I can’t believe Kathryn was in the bottom instead of mollee. So much for my early prediction that Ashleigh would beat her husband out the door by several weeks lol. Glad I was wrong anyway.

  7. Surprisingly, DialIdol got the girl right and even had the guy at the bottom of their list although didn’t show him definitely gone. Good for them!

  8. I’m thrilled with the results today. I think Nathan was burned out on the competition either because of his age & maturity or whatever Nigel had against him. It was hard to forget Nigel’s advice last week about not being too shallow in the taped packages so now Nathan is crying and talking about how grateful he is for his family. It just seemed so fake & forced.

    Mollee was so much better with Russell.

    I don’t understand why Ryan keeps ending up in the bottom. He is one hot sexy man.

    Next week is going to be really hard because everyone left is fantastic.

  9. Eh. I’m glad with both results, I guess. I feel bad about Noelle, but I would have felt bad basically regardless of whichever woman left the competition, they’re all really good. Nathan was technically competent, but left me very cold, and his personality actually bothered me (what Mollee was to most people, Nathan was to me).

  10. Too bad Nathan didn’t have a bit more time on the show. Nathan has more raw talent than almost all the other contestants and with the right partner he could’ve had a moment. Don’t get the love for Legacy and wish he was voted off.

  11. Not really surprising altough I’m a little sad to see Kathryn in the B2 instead of Mollee or Ashleigh, I guess the Broadway number didn’t connect with the audience.
    The most important is that she’s still in the game.

  12. BOOO!!!!! NOELLE should not have left…this bites. But its all good. At least we can say America voted. She missed out on that very important first week where people form their favorites. Oh well, Good luck Noelle! You rock!

  13. I am happy for Nathan. For most of the dancers, this show provides a wonderful growth experience. However week after week of scolding has left Nathan unsure of his own abilities and therefore the last thing he has done is grow. Now he can get back to dancing with supportive people around him and mature into a fabulous dancer.

    I really hope that Mollee goes home next because she could use some maturing as well. I have no idea how old Russell is, but just watching the two of them try to dance all sexy together felt so wrong to me. She just seems like such a little girl that it seemed almost inappropriate. JMO.

  14. so Ryan’s partner is gone who will he have next week to partner with, Katheryn again?

  15. Lera
    12/02/2009 at 6:34 pm
    so Ryan’s partner is gone who will he have next week to partner with, Katheryn again?

    I think they choose new ones each week now.

  16. I’m finally watching the show from last night. The Broadway number was fantastic. Not sure why Kathryn landed in the bottom 2 – Kathryn & Elllenore are clearly the best girls left.

    Jakob is incredible. It’s been clear they want him to win, which is fine with me. I say that because he hasn’t gotten the arrogant/aloof edit that most of the technically gifted male dancers on this show (prime examples – Danny Tidwell, Will Wingfield, Brandon Bryant) have gotten in the past. I agree with those who said in the performance show thread that he’s a great technician who can also convey emotion when he dances. I will always love Danny Tidwell and he will always be my most favorite dancer on this show, but Jakob’s dancing is sublime. I keep forgetting he’s even a semi-hometown boy. I just know he’s fantastic.

    Also, I heart Ellenore. She is brilliant. And that’s all I need to say about that. :) Also, I heart Russell. He seems to bring out the best in his partners. I want him to freaking get either a) a Lil C Krump or b) a GOOD hip hop, not one with crappy props or a jacked up theme. MAKE IT HAPPEN, SHOW.

    So I guess Noelle just got Kameron’d. She and Russell never hit bottom 3 once Ameriker started voting, but as soon as she’s separated from him and trying to draw votes on her own, she’s gone. She was technically fine, but I found her kind of bland.

    It’s a pretty strong crop of guys, but I’m still bummed about Nathan. He has bucketloads of raw talent, and like zuper said, this seems to have been anything but a growing experience for him. I hope he keeps his head up, because he has crazy potential. It was painful and uncomfortable to watch Nigel chip away every week at whatever ounce of confidence Nathan had left. Nigel – CLUE FOR YOU. Next time, try to snuff out a dancer’s maturity level BEFORE you get him or her into a sitaution like this. Given a couple more years, Nathan could have blown them all away. It honestly actually makes me a little mad. Ugh.

    But moving on, next week is going to be tough. I definitely know which girl I want to go home, but the guys are a little harder. I just know I definitely want Jakob, Russell, & Ellenore in that finale.

  17. Considering both of my faves landed in B2 but were spared…perhaps I should pick up the phone next week!! I’m surprised that Kathryn landed in the bottom 2…I think she’s miles better than either Ashleigh or Mollee…

    And Ryan…he’s the only hotness left on the show, plus he’s a pretty good dancer, so he should stay. :)

  18. Not surprised by 3 of the bottom 4 (Ryan, Nathan, and Noelle). But really surprised that Kathryn was down there instead of Mollee.

    For whatever reason Ryan isn’t connecting with the viewers. It’s a shame because he is a much more versatile/technical dancer out of his genre than Russell and Legacy. So for me I guess the remaining guys are Jakob>Ryan>Russell> Legacy.

    For the ladies it’s now Ellenore>Kathryn>Ashleigh>Mollee.

  19. I kept getting Noelle & Kathryn confused – they look awfully alike. I wonder if vote-splitting caused them both to land in the bottom 2.

    However, I think Kathryn has nailed it every single time, whereas Noelle has been hit & miss (esp that samba, she did not bring the sexy on at all) and her solos were just all kitchen-soup.

    I was not nearly as impressed with Mollee as the judges were yesterday. So what if she’s better with Russell? She’s still not up to par with the other ladies. I’d easily have Karen there instead of Mollee.

    I feel bad about Nathan going, but I’m really glad he made it onto the tour, and I look forward to seeing him there. All he needed to do was make the top 10 & get on the tour for more exposure. He wasn’t going to grow anymore on the show with all that negativity.

    I guess they all have to depart at some time or other. I don’t really care which order they leave. At this point I could fast-forward to the finals, unless there was a really awesome must-see number b4 then.

    I’d like to see Eleanor & Jakob in the finals, and watch them do all that dancing (girl/girl, girl/guy, & solos). I don’t think Mollee or Legacy belong in the finals – they’d bring down the quality of the finals, just like Evan did last time. (Love Evan, but he just wasn’t up to par for the finals.) I guess Ashleigh & Ryan in the finals would make it 2 ballroom vs 2 contemporary – that could be interesting.

    Speaking of Evan – are there a lot more Broadway routines this season, especially old-school Broadway choreo? I wonder if that’s due to the popularity & draw that Evan provided the show?

  20. I kept getting Noelle & Kathryn confused ‘“ they look awfully alike. I wonder if vote-splitting caused them both to land in the bottom 2.

    I hadn’t thought of that…could be. I never noticed until tonight how alike they look!!!

    I guess Ashleigh & Ryan in the finals would make it 2 ballroom vs 2 contemporary ‘“ that could be interesting.

    That’s only 4…there are 6 in the finale. At this point, I’m not even going to try to guess who will be there. There always seem to be surprises on this show (Like Allison. And Janette. Sad.)

  21. Nathan-now that how you do a solo. That was an amazing solo by him. I am sad to see him go but I am happy and the way he seem to be taking it tonight. I really can’t but this whole experience may have actually made him a better dancer in the long run because again that solo he just performed was spectacular and the most mature I have seen him. IMHO

  22. Do any of our UK friends know when their first season will start airing in January? All I know is that it will be on BBCOne.

  23. so sad to see nathan go. but i guess it was his time. and i knew it! ryan was in the bottom. his solo sucked last night. everything else he’s great. ok not hip hop.

    I kept getting Noelle & Kathryn confused ‘“ they look awfully alike.

    ITA! if they are not standing next to each other, i forgot who is who.

    here’s hoping that next week we see the end of the journey for mollee & legacy!

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