Allison Iraheta – It’s On with Alexa Chung – VIDEO

Yes, that’s Allison Iraheta dressed in antlers and Christmas trim getting ready to sing Spanish Christmas carols with host Alexa Chung on today’s It’s on with Alexa Chung on MTV.

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Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!

Doesn’t she looked thrilled to be wearing all that sh*t.? Heh. She was a good sport. Check out the video, after the jump.

Bonus: Interview with Z100’s Elvis Duran, includes another lovely version of “Don’t Waste the Pretty”

Allison – z100

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Video after the Jump…

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  1. LOL poor Allison!
    It was pretty funny though :) and she did a good job

  2. Alexa Chung has to be the worst dresser. Oh my. She’s also so dry and hardly smiles.

    Anyhow, Allison is funny and love her personality. I love her rocker chick fashion attire.

    Aaaaaaaah, MJ the interview with Elvis… the beginning of the interview is actually Mariah Carey talking with him. And it still appears ‘connecting’ after I clicked on the arrow. ?????

  3. Copying this over from her previous thread, since this is where the Elvis Duran interview is posted:

    This was really good ‘” and to have it on a big syndicated show like that is fantastic ‘” and to have them both play the single and air a live performance is ‘” well, you get the idea.

    Very cool that Elvis was talking about the buzz surrounding her album. That’s got to help in terms of opening doors in the industry.

    The bathroom thing was hilarious. And I found it strangely comforting to hear her warming up exactly the same way that mere mortal singers do.

    It might be just a one-time thing (let’s hope not), but it’ll be interesting to see what kind of spike this puts into her audience impression numbers ‘” going from mostly middle-of-the-night spins on smaller stations to AM drivetime in various very big markets. Should see those numbers tomorrow. But I’m already seeing that Z100 has played FIBOU not once but twice this week, both during the AM drive ‘” that’s a good thing.

  4. I wish people would stop asking her about Adam Lambert already. This was funny but she didn’t even mention the album, that Alexa lady isn’t a very good interviewer ;)

    I forgot to say, Allison looks fantastic.

  5. That bathroom thing was funny bit a little bit creepy. I felt like I was spying on Allison.

  6. Hmm… probably the one and only time I’ll ever see Alexa Chung’s show. Allison looked cute, though. I liked the Christmas get-up and spaneoke!

    Jesus, what happened to MTV?

  7. Mariah? I’m listening to Allison right now.

    ETA: It’s an intermittent problem with Z100. I’m going to have to upload the interview to my server.

  8. PRMari
    That bathroom thing was funny but a little bit creepy.

    Yeah, I kinda thought so, too. She probably did think it was a ‘safe’ place to hide.

    But mostly I think the Duran thing went really well. They all seemed to be very supportive and everybody had a good time. That one woman was really gushing about the album. It was good. Oh, and it was great to hear them re-play the judges reviews of her ‘Alone’ performance. Ah yes, that magical night.

    Where’s jordison? I woke up this morning chuckling about ‘tayleeefown’. So lame…!

  9. Wow, that’s great news! I have no idea what the “special guests” will do, but it’s just another indication that Z100 likes her, and that’s really big.

    PRMari, I just got around to listening to the Alexa Chung thing, and boy, you’re right — stupid “Adam Adam Adam” and not a word about her album? WTF??

  10. PRMari, I just got around to listening to the Alexa Chung thing, and boy, you’re right ‘” stupid ‘Adam Adam Adam’  and not a word about her album? WTF??

    Yeah, Allison was hilarious and totally cute as usual but this woman was a terrible host to her.

    There’s a picture gallery on the Elvis Duran site:

  11. But I’m already seeing that Z100 has played FIBOU not once but twice this week, both during the AM drive

    Ooh, that does sound promising, as does the addition to the Jingle Ball.

    I enjoyed the ED interview, but won’t bother with the Alexa Chung one. I’ve reached my Adam quota for the week, ta anyway.

  12. ‘Adam Adam Adam’  and not a word about her album? WTF??

    Same thing happens to Kris all the time. Good for Adam, but it takes valuable promotion time from Kris and Allison. All they can do is smile, say that Adam is amazing, and roll with it. Anything else could bring hate from Glamberts, and nobody wants that.

  13. Damn, the blog won’t let me add to my previous post – but Allison’s taking over Adam’s slot on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Go Allison! (I’m a fan of both, so I’m sad that Adam was cancelled, but I’m happy that Allison got the slot).

  14. All they can do is smile, say that Adam is amazing, and roll with it. Anything else could bring hate from Glamberts, and nobody wants that.

    Oh yeah, just check twitter for reactions on Adam being cancelled form Kimmel and Allison replacing him. There’s a lot of Allison hate going on right now.

  15. That was a great interview with ELvis Duran. I thought it was very cool they put that girl through to talk to her on the phone saying her song helped her with a breakup. Then Allison says the song she’s going to sing might help her too. So sweet.

    It was interesting that he pointed out that she ‘goes somewhere’ (I’m paraphrasing) when she sings. It’s true. She said that when she was on idol that she blanks it all out.

    The Alexa Chung interview was annoying. She began introducing her with an insult (Simon gave her audition a 6) then proceeds to ask her about Adam. Then gee, she gets to sing a karaoke Christmas jingle with her in Spanish dressed like an idiot.

    I’m glad I was never able to get the Kris interview with her to load. I’m sure I would have pulled my hair out.

  16. Sales #s for the first week aren’t everything! Its a huge misconception!!
    Album is done and released – let the chips fall where they may.
    In the end in the big picture, its not about how much you sold, or how popular you are in the eyes of mainstream America. Its about music integrity and honest artistry – you built them, and they will come. Who? Music appreciating fan base. The Smashing Pumpkins didn’t get recognized or followed much until deep into their second album. AFI, one of the best industrial punk bands to date, have been making music since circa 1994, and today they have the most faithful following – selling enough records to satisfaction. Allison to start with, its ahead of these aforementioned bands with a buzz non of these bands enjoyed ’till well into their careers. its longevity.

  17. Fantastic news about Allison picking up the Kimmel appearance!

    leeann: And if the overprediction by HDD holds up, then she’ll be selling lesser than that.

    I know they overestimate Idol sales, but in her case, it wouldn’t surprise me if it goes the other way, given that she’s just getting put into the public consciousness this week, between GMA, Z100, and Ellen — I wonder if those appearances will build her sales over the course of the week.

    But I was expecting less than 25-30K, so I’m pretty happy with that estimate.

    And as Rub discussed, first-week sales are meaningless in the long run. And I have no doubt that Jive is in it for the long run with this album.

  18. This Kimmel gig for Alli is a testament to Jive/Sony/19E commitment to Alli and her potential. The bulk of Kimmel viewers arent Adam fans – only a miniscule loud minority. Alli isn’t getting THAT much hate(after checking twitter/blogs), but I can only imagine if Kris was selected to replace Adam. Oh boy…

  19. Great ED interview, they really seemed to like her, and had a lot of fun. I hope they put their money where their mouths are, and play the heck out of FIBOU. It’s not my favorite from her album, but it’s the single we’ve got, and I want to see it succeed. That way, she’ll get a second single, and so on.

    Thank for The Jim Cantiello interview, too. Really great questions, and she was just a hoot, joking around with him. It really makes a difference when the interviewer is interested in her. DWTP is my favorite song, so I’m please to hear her say it’s hers too. Pretty cool song. Thank you producer who dirtied it up enough for Allison to get on board with it. I love a lot of the other songs too, that one just stands head & shoulders above the rest for me right now. I’m sure the others will move up as I get to hear her perform them with her band. I’m thrilled she’s so happy with the peeps she chose. Hope there will be someone at the Jingle Ball who will record her set. It’s bound to be fantastic! Go Allison!

  20. Why do Jim C and Slezak have so many parts to their interviews? Is it just a way to flash a logo? Annoying.

    Jim C should have asked her to sing – that was a missed opportunity.

    I’m tired tonight and cranky and I’m sure someone will jump on my case for this but… could someone please come up with something for Allison to say in place of…

    I’m glad I finally got to do what I always wanted to do.
    He/she/they/it made me what I am today.

    Thank you. I’ll be nicer tomorrow – I promise.

  21. Great news about the Jingle Bell invitation! I’m not worried about the sales projection, 25,000-30,000 is not bad for her, and her promotion has just started. The reviews are good, and it’s such a good cd, I have faith that sales will improve. She just needs a radio hit, which will come I am sure.

  22. Strange words in the Karaoke at Alexa Chung’s interview – they made NO sense in spanish! Allison face was like: Huh? WTF? That happens when you use the Internet to translate the lyrics…

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