So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Top 20 Revealed

Update: The World Series will preempt the first two weeks of SYTYCD results shows. The solution, according to a Fox press release, will have the judges choosing the two dancers to send home at the end of the Top 20 and Top 18 performance shows. Beginning on November 10, with the Top 16, things will get back to normal as viewer voting begins, and the dancers with the lowest votes are sent home during the hour-long results show on Wednesday, November 11 at 9 pm.

The Top 20 will be revealed tonight. Oh, but we already know who makes the cut, cause we have spoilers!   Read along HERE.   The Top 20 parings are spoiled HERE.

Exclusive: ON YOUR FEET! Cast Conga...
Exclusive: ON YOUR FEET! Cast Congas Over to BROADWAY SESSIONS!

The Top 20 will be featured in their very own special on Monday, October 26 at 8/7c pm.   The competition begins Tuesday, October 27.   There will be NO results show the first two weeks of competition due to a scheduling conflict with the World Series.

The So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Top 20:

Nathan Trasoras – 18 – Contemporary – Mia gives him a big spiel about being too young, but the fake out isn’t very convincing.   He’s thrilled to make it.
Kathryn McCormick19 – Contemporary – She never stops crying, mostly about her family.
Channing Cooke18 – Contemporary – My Boston homegurl makes it. Nigel tells her she needs to work on chemistry with her partner.
Ariana Debose18 – Contemporary – Blink and you’ll miss her. Cannon Fodder
Ellenore Scott19 – Jazz – They kinda blew by her too, but no way this brilliant dancer is fodder
Billy Bell19 – Contemporary – Will have to put off his Julliard education (scholarship, no less) for SYTYCD.
Russel Ferguson 20 – Krump – He’s a very versatile krumper who swears he’s never been trained (Don’t believe it!) He’s the first ever krumper to make the Top 20.
Kevin Hunte 23 – Hip Hop – Hip Hop dancer, and cannon fodder, I’m afraid.
Bianca Revels20 – Tap – Nigel lays the fake-out on thick on the oft-rejected Bianca. But she’s finally in!
Phillip Attmore25 – Tap – Another tapper. He was super defensive during Vegas. He makes it.
Peter Sabasino22 – Tap – Is there room for a 3rd tapper?   Of course there is!   Oh Nigel telling Al Stewart jokes. Yikes.
Victor Smalley21 – Contemporary – Blah blah blah…he’s in, despite the judges hating his hair.
Jacob Karr19 – Contemporary – That was fast! Blink, and you missed it.
Mollee Gray18 – Jazz – Perky dancer from Utah.   She hurt her foot in Vegas. They put her in the Top 20 despite her “childish” dancing.
Pauline Mata 19 – Jazz – She injured her ankle in Vegas,   but still, she makes the cut.
Noelle Marsh18 – Contemporary – Was cut in Vegas Season 5. Is buds with Mollee Gray. Season 6 is her year.
Legacy Perez 28 – B Boy – They fake him out, and he falls for it!   He’s in the Top 20
Paula VanOppen – She makes the Top 20…but…
Ryan DiLello28 – Ballroom – He’s hot. Ryan and his guns make the Top 20
Karen Hauer27 – Ballroom – She’s so much better than Ashleigh. What?
Ashleigh DiLello 26 – Latin Ballroom – Wife of Ryan. Damn, she’s in! Because Paula VanOppen turned the Top 20 down for a movie role.

Some of the rejected:

Amber Jackson – CUT! she’s technical, but personality free, according to the judges.   She’s mega-talented, I hope she comes back.
Gene Bursten –   Faced the judges with Ryan DiLello

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  1. Kathryn mccormick is so annoying. Mollee and Noelle are annoying too. Billy Bell needs to pop his zits. Ellenore is love however.

  2. Mj is your question mark for the person after russell?

    That was Kevin Hunt

  3. Awwww I really like Russell. He’s one of my favorites this season. But he needs to pull up his pants. lol.

  4. I wonder who was not a fan of the bianca decision? Mia didn’t look too happy.

  5. OMG, I am already over Kathryn, but I really like Nathan. I don’t know the girls–I knew this. I can’t wait to actually see Part 2 (I am behind, wasn’t here). Mollee has ALWAYS bugged me. I like Billy, but yeah, not too cool on the close up (and I still do not know why he caused Adam to cry during his solo…anyone know why?). Why didn’t Amber make it?! Because she wasn’t star quality? WTF? I really don’t like Mollee one bit. Gah. Back shortly.

  6. Can I just say that it REALLY annoys me that after all the fan complaining about WAY too many contemporary dancers last season, this season they STILL originally had 8 out of 10 girl dancers who specialize in contemporary.

  7. LOVE RUSSELL. Love him. I have always been a Bianca fan, so I kept thinking, why didn’t they showcase her? Because they did last season? Because of the tension? I don’t always understand this show. Oh, and so excited about Kevin! Three tappers? Now THAT surprises me, but I guess it’s because there have always been so many contemporary dancers, so it was time to change it up a bit. She is beautiful, BTW, and I like her attitude. And WTF with Nigel? Why was it a controversial decision, and why was Nigel such a prick? Surprised Phillip made it. Also surprised Peter made it, but glad for him. He seems so happy! Stupid Nigel’s stupid comments. YAY FOR VICTOR!!! YAY FOR JAKOB! God, Mollee, go the hell away. YUCKOLA. Also, talking to you Noelle. Blah. Good for Pauline! WOOT ON LEGACY! (Maybe my favorite one to make it!!!) Interesting to end with four ballroom dancers. Yay, Ryan!!! I am so happy Karen made it and shocked that Ashley made it, too. (I forgot that Paula had to say no b/c she got the movie role).

    Anyway, that’s my blogging. I thought we were going to get the back stories this week. Oh, well.


    Boy, poor Mia. Does she have cancer? :(

  8. Apart from 5 REALLY annoying girls it’s a pretty good top 20.
    Can’t wait for the special on Monday.

  9. suebrody-I’m so with you on Noelle and Mollie. Ugh.
    I’m starting to wonder if Mia has cancer too. I hope not.

    It will be nice to see each one in this group of 20 get a little screen time before the first performance show on Tuesday. :)

  10. I don’t think she has cancer, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that she shaved her head for some spiritual reason. I think she might just be in need of change in her life, and I wonder if that coupled with some odd choices for the top 20 made her decide to give up the show.

  11. A couple of things that made me wonder about cancer, too, was the fact that she said things didn’t always go her way, and that they recently hadn’t been going her way (just paraphrasing), her exit from the show, and the incredibly short hair. Hopefully, it’s all just conjecture.

    ETA: So, “things not going her way” could just mean not getting her way on the show? Hmm.
    ETA: So, “things not going her way” could just mean not getting her way on the show? Hmm.
    I’m happy to be getting on with things next week. The backstory with Mollee and Noelle made them out to be summer camp buddies, too sticky sweet for my taste.

  12. Folks. And especially the women posters above. This is breast cancer month. Surely you recall the reaction of Mia to Tyce’s cancer routine last season (Melissa and Ade). Okay, so do you get it now? She shaved her head on purpose.

  13. I love MJ’s expression “cannon fodder”. In that spirit, here are my picks for relatively early departures based on presonality, looks, stage presence, etc. Because it is hard to tell how they are going to do with al the dances.

    Billy – too young, “baby” or feminine, immature
    Peter – relatively weak compared to others
    Mollee – immature
    Kathryn – cry baby and cannot talk when get least bit emotional
    Ariana – i’m not sure she is that strong
    Ashleigh – well when you are last one picked, probably doesn’t bode well
    Pauline – not sure she is going to have much appeal; maybe she will

    Alright, so let’s flip it the other way.

    Russell – I thought he was extremely likeable from the get-go and if this guy can dance, he will have legs.
    Channing – very appealling as long as she can dance and have chemistry
    Jonathan – again, if he can handle the various styles and work with a partner, this guy could go deep
    Bianca – I think she is quite likeable and has good presence on camera

  14. I don’t get why Mollee made it through. They were complaining about her dancing like a little girl and she practically skips off the stage when she gets through…wtf. I intensely dislike her and I want her gone first.

    My faves so far and hope it lasts:

    and Legacy I guess

    anyway I think a guy is going to win this year. Jakob/Russell yep I’m calling it.

  15. I thought Amber was a really amazing dancer, so that was disappointing. Paula was also one of my girl faves, so I’m 0 for 2 on that front. I think there’s a lot of talent in the girls they did pick though, even if the squealing, crying young ones are kind of annoying.

    I predict Ryan’s wife will be one of the first ones booted. She’s not as strong as many of the others, and she looks really old for her age – which never goes over well on this show. Ryan’s hotness will keep him in much longer than his wife. That should make for some great tv moments for Nigel.

    Channing will take a lot of crap for being the blond pretty girl that Nigel’s probably perving over. But, she’s a fabulous dancer.

    I love Russell. He’s awesome. Billy is very skilled, but I’m never all that fond of the male dancers who are so skinny they look like stick figures. Maybe he’ll grown on me though.

    I have a completely irrational love for Legacy. And, I believe I know why. I think it has to do with my fondness for cheesy 80’s breakdance movies (shut up! Beat Street was cinematic art I tell ya!). He’s amazing at what he does, but he’s so far out of his league in the other styles. I’ll prepare myself for the heartbreak of his departure.

  16. I agree with those who think Mollee, Noelle, and Kathryn are extremely annoying. But if the partner spoiler is true then I think we’ll be stuck with Mollee for a looooooong time.

    And I still don’t care for Ashleigh. In some ways she reminds me of the “old” ballet girl (Melissa?) from last season. :lol:

    Also still annoyed that TPTB refuse to acknowledge Season 1 Tapper, Sandra. And the way Bianca played up being the first tapper just makes me like her less. So I’m already down to just 5 girls…. :(

    Legacy is probably the only guy that I dislike, but he’s still tolerable compared to the above-mentioned girls.

  17. Wow, Kathryn, Mollee and Ashleigh are some of the most annoying people I’ve ever seen on this show. Throw in Mollee’s friend whatshername, guilty by association. That’s almost half the girls.

    I really like Russell, Billy, Nathan (ooh pretty!) and what little I’ve seen of Jakob. I hope Ryan is good and hangs around for awhile but I still think he’s kind of smarmy. The tappers don’t really do it for me.

  18. Definitely looking to turn up the drama this season. So many girls that come off as annoying. That is going to to show up in rehearsal clips.

    I’m thinking somebody comes forward to out Russell on his prior training, the guy is just to fluid in other styles.

  19. Gosh, this season is going to rock! I only caught the last half of tonight’s show, and didn’t see the Kathryn girl cry. I didn’t think Mollee was all that annoying, but all these comments are starting to make me reassess that thought. I just figured there’s lots of girls out there that age and younger that watch the show.

    So, Nathan—wow, wow, wow! Ellenore is neat. Russell and Kevin and Jacob and Ryan better be around awhile! I’m sure the girls will grow on us.

    Can I just say–Thank goodness for SYTYCD in the autumn/winter!!

  20. EWWW channing. I thought her audition wasn’t that great and she’s so overrated. EWWW Kevin. His audition was so weak. I’m excited to see what Ariana can do. If she can make Mia tear up in vegas, she must be pretty damn good.

    Can’t say i can predict anyone else leaving just yet until a couple weeks in though (except for ashleigh probably)

  21. Re: Kathryn — Does anyone remember the Friends episode where Chandler tells Monica that only dogs can hear her now? Kathryn had my husband and I laughing so hard we cried. I have no idea how well she dances, but I knew she’d be in because they were having too much fun with that ascending weepiness. That said, I’m over it. The novelty has worn off.

    Didn’t they make Kupono (yum) shave his head last season, too? They really don’t like that hair style, do they?

    Ellenore, Billy, and Russell are my favorites so far. Ashleigh and Mollee fill the opposite end of the list for me (for you).

  22. you know, i consider myself someone who LOVES this show but i just don’t care to watch it this season because IT JUST ENDED. i’m not ready to move on from season 5 yet. am i the only one who just can’t get on board??

  23. it is a bit soon… id probably prefer a bigger break between seasons, buuuut im excited =)

    my guy favorites so far are russel & nathan! loooooove them–im sure they can do anything. well billys a fav too (his feet! his turnout! wow!!), but i dont think he’ll be able to pull off krump or paso doble or something intense like that. im a LITTLE doubtful for the same reasons about jakob, but he is a beast omg he is SO amazing!!!!!!!!!!! & unfortunately because of his amazingness he danced a wee bit too feminine for me, but we’ll see about him. i like kevin, ryan will do a great job, & i really can’t tell about phillip–he’ll be a hit or miss. victor & peter don’t seem to have much personality but V sure can dance, & while im really proud of legacy i don’t think his vast amont of heart & passion will make up for his lack of technique for too long.

    as for the girls, pauline is my fav so far–she’s unique & very versatile. the others: bianca has a lot of performance & personality but not technique, & personally i just don’t like it when people say things like “i’m made for this show”. channing doesn’t really excite me, & i havent really seen any of arianna. omg kathryn was SO ANNOYING does she ever quit weeping?! i must admit though, she’s good. didn’t like noelle, maybe she comes across as dumb, idk. i don’t see what all the fuss is about molly–she isn’t annoing but she’s immature, doesn’t have personality when she dances, & doesn’t have good technique. ellenore’s hilarious, & she didn’t strike me as a amaaaazing dancer but i luv her & i think she’ll go far. i think karen will end up surprising us & being really good (not that she hasn’t been good so far) & it’s sad but asleigh will probably get cut soon just cuz the judges have gone on and on about her flaws & people will remember that when voting (thats what happened with caitlin, i thought). but ya never know, she could surprise us too! im rooting for her as i do all the underdogs.
    yeah she and melissa are similar in personality (mature, not too out-there but sweet and capable of being funny) and i was surprised that America liked M so much, but maybe America doesn’t only like out-there 18 year-olds! Yay for that
    too bad about paula… she was fantabulous.

    OK in russel’s audition mary asked him what other styles he’s trained in, and he said ballet, modern, jazz, african, etc. so why was he saying he hadn’t later on in vegas week? i love him dearly, i don’t want him to be exposed as a liar, but im just wondering

  24. wow i did NOT know that post was gonna be that long.. sorry bout that :/

  25. Please I could care less about whether Russell did or did not have any training. You don’t know how they edit this show he was probably told to say he didn’t have training just so it could look like an untrained dancer who’s great at everything. Russell probably had little training but not much but you can’t teach someone whose naturally gifted which I think he is. So can we please stop talking about Russell whether he was trained or not cause it really doesn’t matter cause he’s awesome.

    Russell is awesome and one of my favorites if not my favorite. Other standouts include Ellenore, Nathan, Jakob, Bianca, Peter the other tapper. I agree with whoever said that a guy is going to win. My money is also on Russell/Jakob!!!

  26. am i the only one who just can’t get on board??

    I don’t like the fact that next week it will be in competition with DWTS. I thought Season 5 was interesting and fun. Jeanine and Janette were great dancers.

    Let’s see …the judges will be eliminating four of the dancers before we actually get to vote, right? I also predict Ryan’s wife will be one of the first ones booted, as well as one of the male tap dancers. Pauline Mata is listed as Jazz, but I thought she also did Hip Hop. I see her having success.

    In review, Paula VanOppen really DOES have star power. I hope she does well in the film. I really liked her.

  27. I can’t believe they chose THREE tap dancers and not one of them was Ryan K.

    Glad to see a little more tap, hh/krump, and ballroom diversity this year than in previous years, though the group is still heavy on contemporary dancers.

  28. NATHAN is the bomb.. I love him so much.

    Rumor is that he and Mollee are paired together, so hopefully you all hating on Mollee do not take it against Nathan, lol. I actually like Mollee.. she’s got a sweet and endearing and sincere personality. I don’t get the hate on her.

    I do not like Bianca one bit.. I don’t know why. She just bugs me. I absolutely do not like that 3 tappers made it through. The 2nd guy who made it through bugged the crap out of me too. I would have picked David H. over him any day. And Ashleigh is only in for the drama.. she is such a drama queen. For talent I would have chosen Amber over her any day.

    I think Paula made a mistake by turning down the show. Unless her movie is a blockbuster, it’s not going to get her anywhere.

  29. I missed last night’s show, but out of the names that I recognize/remember, my favorites are Russell and Nathan, and I like Ellenore too. Legacy, Mollee, and both the DiLellos annoy me. Everyone else I haven’t seen enough or don’t have much of an opinion on.

  30. Speaking of things that annoy…I love watching So You Think You Can Dance, but they’re starting to annoy me! Some of the dancers that we never get to really see are some of the best. I’ve seen Ariana DeBose dance at the national level and she is simply amazing. It’s time to give the dancers some real air time. Watch for her – because she will blow you away!

  31. dbr, the name of the movie is
    Burlesque, due out in May, 2010. Plot: A small-town girl ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer (Cher). The film cast also includes Christina Aguilera, Julianne Hough, Kristen Bell, and Stanley Tucci.

    I do think this film has the possibility of being a blockbuster and could open up more doors for Paula. Again, I feel she has star like quality and is a terrific dancer. Certainly most former SYTYCD dancers would love to be in a film starring Cher. ;o)

  32. Congrats to all the contestants, you have all worked hard. Now lets get down to business, for the the person who wrote Russell the krumper swears he has never had any training not to believe it “YOUR AN ASS”. If have been following along and listening to him from the beginning, he states has been trained in other styles but not professionally. Before you make all of these negative remarks know your facts. It seems like you have nothing better to do but to make slick remarks about all the contestants. So there for your ASS shouldn’t be watching the show. Keep your negative feelings and bad vibes to yourself and go suck a damn egg. That young man Russell Ferguson is outstanding, he has my vote. Your just mad cause don’t nobody know you and you work at Mcdonalds ” can I take your order please” you ASSWIPE.

  33. Do you really think that Ashleigh was really “#11”, or were the producers just trying to create drama? I mean, c’mon – personally I think she’s a VERY strong dancer, better and more mature than some of the other girls on stage. The producers knew of Paula’s leaving the show before they brought her in for the Top 20 announcement filming, and that they purposely used that to create drama. It’s TV. I’m rooting for the married couple – it would be really neat to see them dance together in the finals. :D

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