So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 – Final Performance

It’s the one-hour finale performance show of So You Think You Can Dance 6. The remaining 6 dancers fight it out on the dance floor tonight, in an effort to win that $250, 000 prize!

I’m hoping for a Russell/Ellenore Top 2, I am.

Tomorrows finale features Jennifer Lopez, Leona Lewis, Mary J. Blige and Adam Lambert!

Recap after the JUMP…

Kathryn and Ryan – Samba by Jason Gilkinson – “Magalenha” by Sergio Mendes – Ryan! Shirtless! Tons of chemistry and sizzling hot. Nigel says, “Fantastic to see…Kathryn you were fantastic again out there.” Mary says, “Lord have mercy…just shakin it brother. Kathryn you have so much control…you were eating it up.” Adam says, “This show should now be called the Rise of Kathryn…” – VIDEO

Kathryn – 1-888-836-7601
Ryan – 1-888-836-7602

Wow, this hour-long show is too rushed! Not likin this at all!

Ellenore and Jakob – Broadway by Tyce Diorio – “I Gotcha” Fosse (original Broadway cast) – Really good Bway routine from Tyce. I’m liking this a lot, really plays to both dancer’s strengths. Ellenore is fabulous! Nigel says, “shows the pair of you off to your best.” Mary says, “Ellenore you were smoldering out there….so committed. Jakob you are tremendous…flying across that stage.” Adam says, “It made that Broadway style (fosse) relevant, current and hip….Jakob you are so committed to your partnership.” – VIDEO

Ellenore – 1-888-836-7603
Jacob – 1-888-836-7604

Ashleigh and Russell – Lyrical Jazz by Sonya Tayeh – “Angel Standing By” by Jewell – OMG Russell! The jumps, the leaps, the strength. He’s dancing rings around Ashleigh, hate to say it. Nigel says, “For me, this whole routine was about Russell, I couldn’t take my eyes off him…Ashleigh there was a great chemistry between you in that routine…Russell you were bloody incredible.” Mary says, “Ashleigh you were drop dead gorgeous tonight…passion was so right on and believable…Russell, you are definitely special, ” Mary is crying here. Adam thanks Sonya for the piece, “Ashleigh you were literally like his guardian angel. Russell, you kicked that dance’s ass.” – VIDEO

Ashleigh – 1-888-836-7605
Russell – 1-888-836-7606

Ellenore and Ryan – Jazz by Garry Stewart – “Kontact Me” by Boys Noize – The alien robots are back! But I’m liking this routine, but the lack of emotion and connection in the piece might turn viewers off. Nigel says, “The problem…it became like a technical exercise…I want to enjoy the routine…I was uncomfortable with it.” Mary says, “I loved it because it was so different…I found myself getting into it…you can beam me up, I’m on this ship.” Adam says, “Elleanor you were like Garry’s muse on that one. Ryan you were perfect in it.” – VIDEO

Gah! Could this show speed by any faster? Ridiculous.

Ashleigh and Jakob – Foxtrot by Jean-Marc Genereaux – “Let the Good Times Roll” by Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy – Ashleigh gets a chance to shine here, but overall, I’m underwhelmed with this routine. Nigel says, “Ashleigh you were fantastic in that…the chemistry between these two has been fantastic…not as strong as some other dances tonight, but still worthy.” Mary says, “Ashleigh I think you do this style beautifully. Jacob, you need a little work when you go into closed hold.” Adam says, ” Ashleigh, you were totally lovely…teamwork and partnership…danced beautifully.” – VIDEO

Ellenore and Russell – Paso Doble by Jason Gilkinson – “Village Attack” Blood Diamond (original soundtrack) – Didn’t like this as much as either dancer’s previous performances, but still very good. Nigel says, “Russell, could you have been sharper with some of the steps? Yes. You were passionate and fiery. But not as firey as Ellenore.” Mary says, Ellenore, from the moment you came on…you really fired it up out there. Russell, you made [technical problems] up for in passion, you were on fire.” Adam says, “Ellenore…it was magnificent.” – VIDEO

Kathryn and Jacob – Contemporary by Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden – “At This Moment” by Michael Buble – The pair get a dance in their style, and they perform beautifully. Very powerful-an emotional pas de deux Nigel says, “You guys just stopped the show. Kathryn, you are my favorite girl…you just rise to every occasion. Jakob…you have to grow even more…you will become an incredible soloist…you are outstandingly brilliant.” Mary says, “that was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen…beautiful beautiful dancing.” Adam says, “that was a game changer…you humbled me…I’m actually going to stop talking.” – VIDEO

Ashleigh and Ryan – Contemporary by Travis Wall – “I’m There Too” by Michelle Featherstone – Aw, it was nice to see the married couple finally dance together. It wasn’t spectacular, in fact, the judges are careful NOT to critique the technical details. Nigel says they acquitted themselves quite well, despite what people say about how they made the final. He jokes that Ashleigh has better chemistry with Jakob. Mary says, “It’s very rare for a married couple to have a moment on the world stage…what a great memory.” Adam says, “The hallmark was to experience the incredible tenderness, that was worth a lot to me.” Aw, Ashleigh and Ryan are both crying! – VIDEO

Kathryn and Russell – Hip Hop by Napoleon & Tabitha – “I Can Transform Ya” by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz – Russell was great, awesome in his own style, but I wasn’t as impressed with Kathryn as the judges. She could have hit it harder, imo. Nigel says, “Yes that was great! Russell it was everything I would expect from you…tremendous…Kathryn I cannot believe you were as gangster as you were.” Mary says, “I have no idea how america is going to vote, but you have my heart too.” Adam says, “Kathryn you did contemp and samba before you just tore up that dance floor. Russell, you did jazz and paso…that was so HOT you guys!” – VIDEO

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