So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5 Top 18 – Results – VIDEO

Ashley and Max are Eliminated VIDEO

Kayla and Kupono will be dancing as a new couple next week…

  • Check my live blog and videos of the Top 18 performance show HERE.

I lost every single one of my points in this week’s pool.   If I had gone with my gut instinct…Ashley and Kupono, I would have gotten at least half the points.   But noooo. I had to go second guessing myself.   Despite my initial reaction that Karla and Jonathan had done enough to avoid the Bottom 3, I went ahead and picked them instead.   Probably had something to do with Nigel and Mary’s stupid twitters. Bah.

Anyway, I’m happy that Karla and Jonathan are sticking around–their beautiful contemporary earned them another week in the competition. I’ll even forgive Max for dancing to the lame “Footloose” and say I’m kinda sad to say goodbye.   As a ballroom dancer, he’s limited, but I liked his Latin dances. But, also limited, is Phillip the popper.

Whoops! Did I say that? Heh.Music:

  • Group Dance: “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder – iTunes
  • “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele (Caitlin) – iTunes
  • “Superman” by Robin Thicke” (Jason) – iTunes
  • “By Your Side” by Coco Rosie (Ashley) – iTunes
  • “Many Moons” by Janelle Monae (Kupono) – iTunes
  • “Walking on Air” by Kerli (Kayla) – iTunes
  • “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins (Max) – iTunes
  • “Goodbye” by Kristinia Debarge – iTunes
  • …Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson (Girls Goodbye) – iTunes
  • …On Your Own by Green River Ordinance (Guys Goodbye) – iTunes

It’s time for our results!

Live blog and video, after the JUMP…

The Top 18 perform a group number to Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” dressed in tight fitting suit and tie ensembles. Mia Michaels is the choreographer. – VIDEO

Time filler! It’s the Lil C video of verbose phrases. He thinks it’s hilarious. – VIDEO

First 3 couples: Cat begins with Melissa and Ade…and they are SAFE. Next it’s Caitlin and Jason and Jeanine and Phillip. One couple is safe, on is in the Bottom 3. Caitlin and Jason are in the Bottom 3. Jeanine and Phillip are safe. Mary isn’t surprised, but she is slightly disappointed. They loved their Bollywood the week before, but thought the slow hip-hop lacked sparkle. She says “bring it on” when they dance for their lives later. – VIDEO

Back from break three more couples stand on stage.   Janette and Brandon are first…and they are SAFE.   Karla and Jonathan   and Ashley and Kapono are next…One couple is safe, one couple is in the Bottom 3, and Karla and Jonathan are SAFE.   Lil C is shocked that Ashley and Kapono are in the Bottom 3…but says they are vulnerable when taken out of their comfort zone. – VIDEO

Back from break.   Cat has a surprise for Evan.   Oh look! His brother Ryan auditioned for So You Think You Think You Can Dance 6!   And he got a ticket to Vegas! YAY!   I hope he makes the show next season. Awesome. – VIDEO

Down to business.   Randi and Evan are first and they are SAFE.   Asuka and Vitulio and Kayla and Max are next.   One couple is safe, one is in danger.   Asuka and Vitolio are SAFE. Kayla and Max are in the Bottom 3.   Nigel says it’s reliant on their routines at this point, and that maybe some peeps didn’t get Brian Friedman’s choreography. – VIDEO

Back from break: Caitlin dances for her life, next it’s Jason, then it’s Ashley, next it’s KuponoVIDEO

Back from break: Kayla dances for her life, next it’s Matt. – VIDEO

While the judges deliberate backstage, Kristinia Debarge sings “Goodbye” – VIDEO

And now it’s time for a classic Indian dance from Amrapali AmbegaokarVIDEO

Time to eliminate.   Nigel says the judges were not unanimous on either decision. Nigel liked Caitlin’s quality of movement.   He compliments Ashley on her wonderful Hollywood glamour, but he doesn’t think her solo had substance. Nigel says Kayla’s solo was crowded.   The person leaving tonight is Ashley.   Her goodbye video rolls to Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone”

The boys are next.   Jason’s solo was exceptionally strong, says Nigel–he is safe.   It’s between Kupono and Max. Nigel says there was very little substance to Kupono’s solo, but they like that he’s different and an intelligent dancer.   Nigel compliments Max for his hard work, but unfortuntely, Max is going home…

Ashley is eliminated. Max is eliminated.


  • Melissa and Ade
  • Jeanine and Phillip
  • Janette and Brandon
  • Karla and Jonathan
  • Randi and Evan
  • Asuka and Vitolio

Bottom 3

  • Caitlin and Jason
  • Ashley and Kapono
  • Kayla and Max
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