So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5 – Top 16 Performance – VIDEO

Karla and Jonathan, Kayla and Kupono, and Asuka and Vitolio are in danger this week.   If Jonathan makes the Bottom 3, I think he’s gone.   Nigel seems to really want to get rid of him–his critiqueof Jonathan’s Hip hop was downright surley.

As usual Toni “I invented street dancing” Basil was pretty useless as a judge…

  • Karla and Jonathan – “By My Side” by Jada Kiss feat. Ne-Yo – iTunes
  • Asuka and Vitolio – …Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar – iTunes
  • Melissa and Ade – …Emotion by Destiny Child – iTunes
  • Janette and Brandon – …What a World by Common – iTunes
  • Kayla and Kupono – …Sweet Dreams for You by Jewel – iTunes
  • Randi and Evan – “Koop Island Blues” Koop feat. Ane Brun – iTunes
  • Caitlin and Jason – …O Fortuna [from Carmina Burana] Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel   – iTunes
  • Jeanine and Phillip – …Moses from Singing in the Rain – iTunes

Live blog and VIDEOS after the JUMP…

Toni Basil is tonight’s guest judge. She’s going to receive the living legend of hip hop award.   Mary Murphy says anything can happen, with different dancers in the Bottom 3 each week.   Nigel Lythgoe says he doesn’t know who’ll make the Top 10. It’s anybody’s game!

Karla and Jonathan – Hip Hop by Dave Scott – “By My Side” by Jada Kiss feat. Ne-Yo – iTunes – Scott describes the piece as a love story, with a gangsta feel. Jonathan sayas he isn’t the gangsta type, and it’s pretty obvious in this routine.   He needs to be hitting it hard, and he’s not.   Karla is better, but the routine is pretty dull. Nigel rips him a new one, “It feels like it’s been ironed out…no excitement in the routine…no danger in it.”   When Jonathan says he finally felt comfortable in the routine, Nigel rips him for not connecting to Karla. “It wasn’t good enough, ” says Nigel, “Like a Sunday school picnic.” Whoa, Nigel is kinda angry here. He predicts they will be in the Bottom 3. Mary says, “Things weren’t synchronized the chemistry wasn’t there…it really wasn’t in the right groove, I wasn’t feeling it.” Toni says, “Street has to have a groove and funk…you gotta have the funk, you gotta have the hard hit and you gotta be together.” – 1-888-836-7601. – VIDEO

Asuka and Vitolio – Jazz by Mandy Moore – …Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar – iTunes – Moore calls the routine “Thrash/Rocker Jazz.” Asuka wasn’t getting the steps as quickly as she wanted. She starts to cry, and Vitolio comforts her.   They’re rockin’ the 80’s look.   Hm. I’m not seeing the chemistry they had last week. Somethings missing, though Vitolio is playing his part, Aksuka is tentative. Nigel says, “Tonight you did the work…fantastic.” Mary says, “It was really good, but it wasn’t like last week…it wasn’t at that level for me…things weren’t synchronized…I expected more…you are really growing as a partnership.” Toni says, “I think you have the potential to be an extremely powerful couple…don’t let your technique get in the way of your emotions…brave it up…make that next step.”   1-888-836-7602VIDEO  

Melissa and Ade – Rumba by Tony Meredith to …Emotion by Destiny Child – iTunes -The Rhumba is technique plus emotion, says Meredith.   Wow. Very nice. Melissa and Ade’s amazing strength once again comes into play.   Incredible chemistry and very sexy too. Best of the night so far. Nigel says, “Your hips are terrific, your legs are great, carriage magnificent…your the sexiest girl up here, but your partner was incredible…you were terrific, very strong for her.”   Mary says, “What you are selling right now I am buying…it was so believable and so in tune…Ade, you were grooving…you were presenting her.” Toni says, “It was really beautifully done, the sensuality was gorgeous.” 1-888-836-7603 VIDEO

Janette and Brandon – Hip Hop by Dave Scott   – “What a World” by Common – iTunes – This is rock and roll–Janette–meets hip hop–Brandon. They meet and their styles eventually merge.   Brandon is impressive, whoda thunk he could hit like that!   Janette is also hitting it.   Despite the excessive use of   RAWK hands, I’m digging this. Nigel says, “It’s Junior All-Star Fiddy cent meets Cher…Brandon you impressed me in your hip hop…this is good stuff…you both were out of your element and worked it.” Mary says, “I think you guys really hit that…Brandon you really brought it on, you were hitting hard…Janette you were nailing it too…I’m so proud of you both…SCREAM.”   Toni says “I think the juxtoposition of the rock and hip hop was really strategic and good for you…street is a really tough thing to do…to nail it like you guys did.” 1-888-836-7604. – VIDEO

Kayla and Kupono – Viennese waltz by Jean-Marc and France – “Sweet Dreams for You” by Jewel – iTunes – The pair are dancing together for the first time after the elimination of their partners last week.   It’s a very pretty waltz, but I agree with Nigel, it’s hard to get excited.   Nigel says, “It was very beautiful, you make a beautiful couple, it was very elegant, but it’s not going to make anybody stand up and cheer, even though it’s justly deserved.” The audience reacts to this by standing.   Mary says, “It was elegant, it was flowing…beautiful, absolutely endearing…Kapono, you captured the rise and fall…there was a lilt in your body.” Mary likes so much, she puts them on the Hot Tamale train. Toni says, “I really liked it, but no shoes (Kapono) in a waltz? Miss you are something else…you are always in the moment you are always alive…I really loved this dance.” – 1-888-836-7605. – VIDEO

Randi and Evan – Contemporary by Mia Michaels – “Koop Island Blues” Koop feat. Ane Brun – iTunes – “This dance is all about the booty!” says Mia. She compares Randi to a poodle in the dance.   Evan, is like an obsessed mutt, sniffing around her but.   Literally.   Weird, lyrical and romantic. This is Randy and Evan’s best rountine so far.   Nigel says the dance was followed through from beginning to end, and that Mia’s choreo was simple, but memorable. He compliments the pair for having the guts to do it. Mary says, “You guys were terrific…you kept the character going through the whole thing…you brought it to life…Evan I see you as a leading man…we took a step into that world.”   Toni says, “You guys lived up to it [Mia’s choreograph]….you guys were phenomenal.” 1-888-836-7606. – VIDEO

Caitlin and Jason – Paso Doble by Jean-Marc and France – …O Fortuna [from Carmina Burana] Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg & Kurt Prestel   – iTunes – “We hate each other, ” says Jason, “That’s what the dance is about.” Wait…they are supposed to hate each other? I’m not seeing it. There’s some strong dancing, but I’m not feeling it.   Nigel says, “Jason, I thought you were performing to the audience rather than to your partner…you could have been stronger in your chest, Caitlin, your lines are perfect, you have a beautiful flow of movement…I would have liked to see more for each other…but good job.” Mary says, “That was really a strong performance…Jason, you lost your posture from time to time…Caitlin your lines…that was magnificent…that was so difficult…it was fearless.” Toni says, “Even though it’s not their style, you struggled, but you still lived with the music…I thought it was powerful and really good.” 1-888-836-7607 VIDEO

Jeanine and Phillip – Broadway by Tyce to …Moses from Singing in the Rain – iTunes – Tyce introduces a couch as a prop–like vintage Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor. Philip has to clear the couch with Jeanine on it.   Even though Phillips technique was lacking, this routine had me smiling the entire way through. What fun! The couch! The feathers! The happy dancing!   Phillip made the jump! And he ripped his pants! Nigel says, “You needed to bring so much personality to this routine…you did Jeanine, but Phillip, you are going to have to bring it…I need more.”   Mary says, “That was so much fun…I expected it to be a nightmare for you Phillip, toward the end you didn’t have the technique…Jeanine you could step out on any Broadway stage…you were fabulous.” Toni says, “I thought it was adorable…as a couple you did pretty well…better than last week… but you can’t let those feathers upstage you.” 1-888-836-7608. – VIDEO

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