Skylar Laine Tweets Photos of Joshua Ledet and JHud (And It Isn’t Enough)

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that American Idol season 11 alum, Skylar Laine, went on a “my favorite African Americans!” photo posting spree today.

Well, it was only two, actually. But still. Could posting a photo of herself with fellow Idol alum, Joshua Ledet and tweeting “I miss you boo! Get out my house ha!” and announcing that  she started Weight Watchers and that Jennifer Hudson is her inspiration have anything to do with a recent PR nightmare?

For Joshua’s part, he responded, “Miss you more, love.” So, he doesn’t seem to be holding it against Skylar that she dated a guy who just plead guilty to a hate crime. Who, along with his buddies, went into Jackson to harass blacks and then openly bragged about it. Who, threw a birthday party for himself where a slew of his buddies decided to top off their ice cream and cake with a few hate crimes…and eventually the murder of African American, James Craig Anderson.

So, maybe Skylar isn’t a racist like her ex-boyfriend. And I can’t really know what is in her heart and mind. But I would like more than the coy little  defenses she’s been tweeting the past fiew days (“I have the worst luck!” she tweeted in the midst of the brohaha. Really Skylar? How about the bad luck of Anderson, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when your buddies beat him and then ran him over with their truck?). And I would like more than curt denials to the press.

I really want to give Skylar the benefit of the doubt, but really, this whole situation stinks to high heaven. Why did she not contact authorities as her friends bragged about committing hate crimes? Why did she keep dating Dominick, even after the murder was committed and the gang got into trouble? Why did she hang out with a gang of thugs and racists for at least 3 years (the duration of her relationship with Dominick)?

I can’t stay on the Skylar train (I really liked her during the competition, and found her smart and focused when I interviewed her during the summer tour) until she releases a statement condemning the actions of her friends and expressing remorse for the victims of the crime. Also  an apology for keeping silent as others suffered, would be the right thing to do.

So Skylar can quit with the tweets, right now. Unless she really has something substantial to say. Oh, she also quoted Gaga in a tweet, “No matter black white or beige, chola or orient made, I’m on the right track baby I was born 2 be brave! Luv this song.”

Put your money where your mouth is Skylar.

UPDATED:  Skylar tweets, “I hate NO ONE in this world. I can say it all night an some will still talk crap. I have said whats on my heart and that’s all that matters. “

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