Siobhan Magnus: I Don’t Watch American Idol Any More

American Idol 9 finalist, Siobhan Magnus is no longer a fan of the show that gave her television exposure. She writes on her Tumblr that the show is all about the judges now and attempts to put contestants into musical boxes more than ever before. She’s also NOT a fan of Nicki Minaj.

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SnotFace Says: American Idle!

No, I don’t watch American Idol anymore. Why? Because it’s whole original purpose has long since been flushed down the tubes. How did it become a show about how famous the judges are? I thought the focus was supposed to be on the contestants, who sacrifice life as they knew it, along with ANY sleep or time to call home at all. I’m pretty sure the game is pre-planned anyway, but it’s never been more obvious. and if the winner doesn’t want to record pop-country music, he or she will probably be dropped from their contracts within months. The show also makes people think that you should only be one kind of singer and stick to that forever. It doesn’t make sense though. Technically, if you were the “best singer,” wouldn’t that mean you were the most versatile, or the best trained? When I think of the “best” (technical) singer, I think of Sarah Vaughn, Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Lisa Gerard… vocalists whose precision of tone fluctuation and perfectly executed intervals would have them at the top of their class at Juliard. At least now, after like 11 years, Idol finally thought to put a REAL singer on the judges panel. Too bad they had to counteract that with Ms. Minaj’s presence…

Many people expect something of me based on what they saw me do on Idol, or even the way I look. I would just like to say this much: I am a professional vocalist. That means I get paid to sing. For some reason, confusion surrounds this idea. If I were a hired guitarist, for example, I would be playing all kinds of music and making a living, and if I played jazz, soul, pop, heavy rock, AND r&b, people would say I was soooo talented. When a singer does this, they must be “confused.” That’s why I choose not to say I am a “singer,” but rather a professional vocalist! I am hired to sing different styles of music, and I do it because I love to and I CAN. Please stop putting us in boxes. It’s dark and hot in there…


P.S. SnotFace is me, one of my many nicknames.

WELL. I’m not sure what brought THAT on, but it’s amusing, nonetheless. These days, Siobhan is fronting a 90’s tribute band called Doubtful Guest, featuring members of Third Eye Blind, Everclear and Fuel.

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