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The ABC competition reality show, Sing Your Face Off, came to a dubious end on Saturday night (6/15). Yeah, this dog of a show was surely being burned off by ABC, which chose to air double episodes on Saturday nights in June. Delusionally, contestant, Lisa Rinna, took to twitter tonight to beg ABC for a second season.

Uhm. No.

As expected, Disney princess, China Anne MccLain “won” coughringercough the competition. Her price, a chintzy looking award that makes the DWTS Mirror Ball Trophy look like the effing Oscar. Her 14 year old self was extremely excited to have won. Fast forward 5 or so years when her 19 year old self will be face-palming at the memory.

Sadly, Jon Lovitz was eliminated at the end of the 5th episode. He treated the show with all of the irreverence that it deserved. He looks crushed doesn’t he? Heh.

China wins. She gets a confetti shower and everything. She does not cry, however. Because her life is not about to change. Not one whit. Most. Unsuspenseful. Crowning. Ever.

China Anne McClain – James Brown

The little Disney princess is good at impressions. Last week she did Michael Jackson.

China Anne McLaine – Whitney Houston.

When she wasn’t performing over-the-top impressions of unexpected singers, China got to perform songs by the Diva greats, like Alicia Keys and Rihanna.  They saved grand diva, Whitney for last. She was friends with China’s mother, or something.

Here’s Jon Lovitz “losing” performance – Roy Orbison

Actually, this is a credible impersonation. But considering the entire show is rigged, does it really make a difference?

Lisa Rinna – Cyndi Lauper

Yikes. I don’t know about you, but the woman kinda skeers me. Every day is Halloween for Lisa Rinna! Look at who is guest judging! Tom Arnold. Memba him?

Lisa Rinna – Madonna


Landry Fields – MC Hammer

This was inevitable. Is it possible to parody something that’s already a parody? Redundant. Landry is a basketball player, in case you have no idea (I didn’t).

Landry Fields – Little Richard

The fake piano playing is a nice touch.


Sebastian Bach and Jon Lovitz – LMFAO

Sebastian was eliminated last week, which I didn’t even notice, to be honest. But he returns to the “finale” to perform a truly trainwrecktastic duet with his fellow eliminee, Jon. They should have both won, in a tie.

Debbie Gibson and Darrell Hammond – Sonny and Cher

The judges get in on the act. Debbie’s Cher impersonation is so terrible–she sounds like a goat in heat. Darrell, who isn’t a singer by any stretch of the imagination, sounds way better than her. But then, like Lovitz, he’s a superb impersonator.

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