More Trainwreck Performances from Sing Your Face Off (VIDEOS)


The super embarrassing trainwreck show, Sing Your Face Off, that ABC is burning off on Saturday nights, continued with two more episodes tonight. Here are some videos if you’re interested in more trainwreck what-the-effery.

Landry Fields, the basketball player, as Nicki Minaj? WTF? What a mess. Nice booty, though. Richard Simmons. These guest judges are the bottom of the barrell.

Sebastian Bach screams his way through “We are the Champions” by Queen. He continues to totally embarrass himself by pissing on whatever credibility he ever had with these clownish impersonations. Good thing no one is watching.

And here he is as Willie Nelson. Nasal much?

Landry Fields as Enrique Iglesias – The wind machine is a nice touch.

Lisa Rinna is Justin Bieber. No really. I’m not kidding. Hey Justin! Did a swarm of wasps attack your lips?

Lisa Rinna is Katy Perry. Oh look. Carnie Wilson is guest judging! Her father is a genius and a legend. She is not. Lisa literally has no threshold for embarrassment.

Jon Lovitz as Meatloaf. Well, this is horrible. And not very funny, either.

Jon Lovitz as Billy Idol. Has Billy been retaining water lately? He finishes with some crowd surfing. You might want to close your browser before the plumbers crack happens.

China Anne McClain as Alicia Keys – Disney princess, China, is the ringer. She takes her impersonations seriously and doesn’t come across the least bit ridiculous as she performs. Yes, there will be a winner at the end, and she is it.

China Anne McClain as the young Michael Jackson – She totally pulls this off.

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