Sharon Osbourne Mocks Mini-Meatloaf and Spinning Chairs – Conan – VIDEO


Sharon Osbourne spent years as a judge on the X Factor UK and America’s Got Talent, but at this point, she’s had it up to HERE with singing competition shows.

In her typical fashion, the outspoken wife of rocker, Ozzy Osbourne, threw major shade when Conan O’Brien asked her what she thought of shows like Idol and The Voice during a recent interview on his late night talker.

From the spinning chairs of The Voice, to a certain mini-meatloaf (She’s doesn’t name names, but could she be talking about anyone other than Caleb Johnson of American Idol?), Sharon doesn’t mince words. She wants all the would be finalists out there just to STFU.

“If one more person stands in front of me and sings,” says Sharon, “I tell you. I’ve had it with people singing at me. And I’ve had it watching people singing on TV.”

“And they’ve all got something wrong.” Sharon complained, “They’ve either got one lung, one kidney…they’ve all got somebody sick in hospital. Oh Lord. Just shut up and sing.”

“But then when they sing, it’s like, PLEASE STOP IT.” Sharon continued, “And it doesn’t matter, whether the chair revolves, or you look at them…”

Sharon calls bullcrap on The Voice’s central shtick–that all that matters are the vocals. “That’s great when you’re butt-f*ck ugly, and you’re like 9000 pounds…what the f*ck are we going to do with you.?”

When asked if she thought judges on singing competitions are too nice, Sharon cited a very specific example.

“I’m seeing one guy that looks like Meatloaf’s offspring throwing himself around on stage, on some bloody talent show,” said Sharon, “And everybody’s going ‘you rock! you rock…'”

“I’m like…OH SHUT UP LOVE. Send him home! He’s CRAP!”

“He’s doing a Meatloaf wanna be tribute band,” Sharon complained, “Send him to a bar in Vegas. Put Meatloaf under him, and SHOVE OFF.”

She has to be talking about Caleb Johnson, right? BURN.

Sharon is pretty sick of the judges too. “If I see another judge cry,” she complains. “PLEASE.”

“And as soon as we’ve gone out the door, we’re all bloody cracking up,” alluding to some phony behavior on the panels where she sat.

Watch Sharon’s singing show rant right here:

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