American Idol 13 Top 4 – Predictions, Poll Results, iTunes Rankings

American Idol 13 Top 4 Predictions

American Idol 13 Top 4 predictions! Who will be eliminated?

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iTunes Rankings

The only two iTunes performances to appear in the Top 300 were from Caleb Johnson and Jessica Meuse. The main problem: Two great performances from the night–Caleb’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” and Jena Irene’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love” were not recorded for iTunes. Stupid.

#240 – Caleb Johnson – Travelin Band
#245 – Jessica Meuse – You and I

Favorite Performance

Jena Irene’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” nabs nearly half the votes! It was definitely the performance of the night. I can’t tell you how many tweets I saw wondering when the studio recording would be uploaded to iTunes. LIKE NEVER. The TV recording is marred too (Unless it was fixed on the West Coast). An audio glitch makes a live audio rip unlistenable.

Jessica Meuses’ “You and I” and Caleb Johnson’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” are a close second and third. If Caleb hadn’t turned so many of the Idol faithful off with his recent interview faux pas, I bet he would have come in second.

Everything else is bunched up under 10 percent. Jessica Meuses’ “Since U Been Gone” is dead last, as it should be.

  1. Jena Irene – “Can’t Help Falling in Love” 40.88%
  2. Jessica Meuse – “You and I” 19.36%
  3. Caleb Johnson – “Maybe I’m Amazed” 17.96%
  4. Alex Preston – “Yellow” 8.95%
  5. Alex Preston – “Too Close” 4.37%
  6. Alex Preston – “I’m Yours” 1.51%
  7. Jena Irene – “Heartbreaker” 1.46%
  8. Jessica Meuse – “So What” 1.46%
  9. Caleb Johnson – “Travelin Band” 1.35%
  10. Caleb Johnson – “You Give Love a Bad Name” 1.02%
  11. Jena Irene – “Bad Romance” 0.86%
  12. Jessica Meuse – “Since U Been Gone” 0.81%

Favorite Contestant

Jena Irene is your favorite contestant! Despite two problematic performance last night, Jessica Meuse is your #2. Look at Caleb Johnson, coming in a decisive last. Folks who pay attention to Idol news appear to be over him.

  1. Jena Irene 36.02%
  2. Jessica Meuse 26.19%
  3. Alex Preston 21.92%
  4. Caleb Johnson 16%

Who SHOULD Go Home

Ya’ll think Caleb Johnson should go home. I am of two minds about this. I personally would prefer a final with any combo of Jessica/Jena/Alex in it. But ratings-wise, having a reliably dynamic performer like Caleb in the final is probably a good idea.

  1. Caleb Johnson 36.5%
  2. Jessica Meuse 33.96%
  3. Alex Preston 22.36%
  4. Jena Irene 7.18%

Who WILL Go Home?

And you all overwhelmingly believe–over 60%–that Jessica is going home. I agree with ya’ll.

  1. Jessica Meuse 62.94%
  2. Caleb Johnson 21.38%
  3. Alex Preston 12.6%
  4. Jena Irene 3.08%

Prediction: This is pretty easy. Jessica Meuse goes home. If there is a bottom 2, Alex Preston will be in it. There COULD be an Alex shock boot tonight, but I don’t think so. The judges pimped steadily for Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene. No need to throw anyone under the bus last night. Jessica  had two VERY problematic performances last night. Her excellent “You and I” did not make up for them. Alex didn’t knock anything out of the park last night. At this point, it’s necessary in order to continue advancing. But he should make it into the Top 3.

Was Three Songs too Much? Or Just Right?

This poll was just for fun. Anything is better than dumb video filler and useless judges’ chatter. Having said that, for the contestants, it’s tough to master 3 songs in a week.

  1. YES – Better than Annoying Filler 81.74%
  2. NO – It was too much 18.26%
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