Season 9 Preview: Daniel Murillo

This is our continuation of our preview of possible Season 9 contestants. Remember, that the Hollywood round doesn’t occur until January 9th this year. We don’t know how far any of these contestants might go. And since we never see some of the competition round contestants until the competition starts, we might never see some of these people.

Number 10: Daniel Murillo
Age: 26
Hometown: Hesperia, CA
Audition in: Los Angeles, CA
Style: Emo/Punk
Audition song: A song by the band Shy ‘ A song from the 90s

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LA Times Interview of Winners (4:56 mark)
Blog Article

Band: Lorene Drive (Twitter with the same tag as Daniel’s Myspace lists this as his band and the band is his friend and they look the same to me)
Picture 1 Picture 2
Let it Go (youtube)
God Knows I Love You Kid
A Kiss Won’t Make this Better
Kill Your Lover (Screamo Version)
Hey Ya (cover/youtube)
New Song (live)

A number of people have commented that the contestants this year are a mellow snooze-fest, so I went out to find somebody on the spoiler list with more edge and I found this dude. He’s not mellow. Based on his band’s music, I think he would be the hardest alternative rocking dude we’ve had on the show. Can his credibility survive this show or we’ll he turn Manilow’s “Mandy” into a shreading emo-pooloza? What will the traditional Idol fan base think of that?

My first recommendation for the dude is to change his current look. I know about being true to oneself, but when oneself currently looks like an Adam-Lambert clone (he even gets asked the question in the LA Times Interview), you are asking for trouble. First, the Idol you look like? Most of his fans will DESPISE you. Second, nobody else will take you seriously. Better to go back to the look he sported when leading up Lorene Drive. More emo “John Lennon”, less past Idol contestant.

My next recommendation is to not underestimate the American Public. The producers will and may not put this guy through to the voting rounds, but I think the American Public is more open minded. As we’ve seen over the years, America has embraced many contestants that don’t fit the mold of “traditional Idol contestant”. In fact, they seem to embrace people who can take old chesnuts of songs and make them their own. So, go ahead, be your emo screamin’ self. The audience will adapt. There will soon be a bunch of people posting on this board that with names like emograndma/punkgyrl and telling us about how you opened up the entire world of emo music to them (or finally Idol had a decent contestant). You probably won’t win, but you might get a contract. And if you stay true to your style, you’ll at least be admired for your…er…guts.

What do you think? Is Idol ready for punk/emo?

Name leaked by IDF/VFTW

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