Constantine Maroulis Voted Star of the Year 2009

Constantine Maroulis, star of the Broadway 80’s hair-band jukebox musical Rock of Ages, was voted Star of the Year 2009 by the readers of, beating out the likes of Hugh Jackman, Will Ferrell and Angela Lansbury.

Nice to know the Season 4 Idol still has enough fans ready and willing to spam useless polls! Ha ha, just kidding.

Actually, this particular poll was less useless than most–Constantine got some pretty nice coverage on the site today. Check out the blog post HERE.

Plus, he got to film a little video, basically giving the acceptance speech he didn’t get to give when he lost this year’s Tony nomination for his role as Drew in Rock of Ages to the cute little stars of Billy Elliot.

Check out the vid, after the jump….

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Granted this is just an online poll, it did bring some free advertisement for Constantine and Rock of Ages. It was a huge risk for Constantine to turn down Grease and take on Rock of Ages, but ended up being one of the best moves he could have taken. This is the paragraph that was posted on the nomination page.

    Constantine Maroulis
    For taking Rock of Ages’ potentially shrill collection of 80s hair-band hits out of the karaoke zone and rocking them to a Tony Award nomination, a move which officially moved him from ‘American Idol cast-off’  to ‘leading man.’ 

  2. I was lucky enough to get front row seats to Rock of Ages back in October and it’s such a fun show. And Constantine is one skinny and tall dude! He sounded terrific as well.

    He was very nice outside for autographs as well.

  3. I woulda given it to Cheyenne Jackson, and he’s not even in their “other nominees included” list. Oh well. I hope Angela Lansbury doesn’t get pissed and open up a can of whoopass on Constantine. She can do it, too.

  4. I’m so glad he found his niche. He’s just right for a fun (and yes, cheesy) rockin’ show like this. Congrats!

  5. I saw the show twice – once with Constantine & once with his stand-in. Constantine was way better. I also saw him in JCSS, Wedding Singer & Jacques Brel, etc. I think this is his field. He didn’t really do much in the Pop music field so I’m very happy for his success on Broadway.

  6. Saw Cheyenne in Damn Yankees, he’s one seriously yummy dude.

    He waaasss yummy in that! Finally a musical both my husband and I could enjoy — Cheyenne for me, the Yankees theme and Jane Krakowski in her underwear (and we were in the 2d row!) for the hub.

    congrats to constantine…he is terrific in ROA, has been embraced by the bway community and has embraced it back….people make so much fun of him, but he is a really talented guy with a bright future

  7. I saw Constantine in this show. He did really good. At first I was like that’s Constantine from American Idol. But after a few minutes I forgot all about him being Constantine and he was Drew. If you get a chance to see it go, it’s a fun show.

  8. Wasn’t Constantine initial trained as a theater performer before he got involved with a band and then into American Idol? My memory is getting king of fuzzy.

    I’m sure this part was tailor made for him…he seems to epitomize that type of character.

  9. Wiki says he graduated from the Boston Conservatory of Music with a degree in Musical Theater. If anyone is on the fence on seeing this show, it’s a riot. They give you little lighters at the door for the rock ballads ;)

    I was really impressed that he sounded exactly like the cast recording live, much better than he ever sounded on Idol.

    Although it seems so many of the contestants sound better live than on Idol, I wonder why they can’t fix that.

  10. If anyone is on the fence on seeing this show, it’s a riot.

    So true, sr4mjc! I saw this show during the summer and had a blast. Sooooo much fun!

    I will say that this man can sang. The role is very vocally challenging and I don’t know how he does it every night.

    His acting wasn’t too shabby, either. He was quite sweet as the lead role.

    I’m really happy to see any of the Idol contestants make it in show business and sustain a career.

  11. I’d venture a guess that Constantine was able to negotiate a pretty nice salary when he re-signed through the summer after his Tony nom. If Adam was making $1800 a week in Wicked as an understudy in LA, I’m guessing Constantine is making at least triple that. Idina and Kristin were rumored to make 20k a week in Wicked, it’s not unreasonable that Constantine is probably making at least 5k a week for his 8 shows.

  12. Yay! Constantine finally won something! I’ve seen him on Broadway three times now and he’s such a sweetheart and so beautiful and tall and talented. I love how he joyfully begins his acceptance speech and closes with real, heartfelt emotion. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

    Conratulations to Constantine!

  13. I wanna see Constantine in Rock of Ages soooooo bad; for reasons I will skip I can’t make travel plans right now, but hopefully sooooooon! :)

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