Season 9 Preview Roundup

Season 9 starts next Tuesday. The Season 9 contestants will start showing up in Hollywood on Friday for a grueling 3 days to whittle down the contestants to the final 24. The promo monkeys have been going crazy producing commercials. The entertainment shows are running features on the show. The judges are dusting off their standard phrases. Ryan is practicing his “This! Is! American! Idol!”. Simon may have even purchased a new econo package of Hanes V-necks. Ready or not, Season 9 is here.

As part of this wind-up, we’ve been featuring some of the contestants who are rumoured to have made it to Hollywood. Naturally, spoilers are not perfect so some of the names or faces we put to the names may be wrong. Also, with around 170 names floating around out there, we may never see some of these contestants (prior to the voting rounds, we may not even see some of the contestants that make it to the final 24).

So, this seemed as good a time as any to list a round-up of the previewed contestants in case some people missed some of them. Also, I’ve noticed that Brian over at Idol Chatter has been running his own preview series. Rather than repeat what he’s done (since we’re never going to cover all the contestants), I’ll include links to his articles here. VFTW is also running a series (and you can find contestant threads in their Season 9 forums). The Idol Forum wiz’s have also accumulated a vast amount of information on the contestants, but you need an account to view them.

Links to articles after the jump.

Season 9 Preview:
1. Kate Nestel – last post on page
2. Michael Castro – search for his name
3. Jessica Furney
4. Jason Diaz
5. Margo May
6. Aaron Kelly
7. Katelyn Clampett
8. Nick Lynch
9. Moorea Masa
10. Daniel Murillo
11. Bryce Larsen
12. Heather Todd
13. Maddy Curtis
14. Savannah Low
15. Samuel Larsen
16. Todrick Hall
17. Ashley Makailah
18. Alex Nester
19. Ben Honeycutt
20. Jennifer Hirsch
21. Mary Powers
22. Josh Blaylock
23. Keia Johnson
24. Justin Kalama
25. Stephanie Daulong
26. Katelyn Epperly
27. Tori Kelly
28. Rose Flack
29. Justin Williams
30. Tyler Grady
31. Luke Edgemon
32. Jesse Barry
33. Katie Stevens
34. Austin Simmons
35. JB Ahfua
36. Luke (James) Shaffer
37. Mallory Haley
38: Blake Marvin

Elsewhere at MJs:
39. Chris Golightly
40. Michel Delamor (plus Idol Chatter)
41. Angela Martin

Idol Chatter:
42. Jaclyn North
43. Jimmy Charles
44. Erica Rhodes
45. Jermaine Sellers
46. Bosa Mora
47. Becca Neun
48. Andrew Garcia (plus another mention at IC – Acoustic “Fireflies”)
49. Jermaine Purifory
50. Mark Labriola

Idol 360:
51. Colin Benward
52. Jessica Wolfe
53. Megan Wright

That still leaves another 118 or so to go….

Comments? Other Contestants we should check out?

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