Season 9 Preview: Justin Williams, Tyler Grady, Luke Edgemon

Not only is Hollywood week in progress (and we may be previewing people already cut), but this is the week Season 9 starts. Woo! For some of us, this season couldn’t start soon enough. It will be interesting to see who resonates tomorrow with the viewing public (some of the strongest fan bases develop during the audition rounds). Who will be prominently featured during the auditions only to crash and burn this week in Hollywood and still make the voting rounds? Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the latest we’ve ever had the Hollywood rounds. Anyway, I’m sure that we are not the only ones that peruse a contestant’s body of work. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the producers do the same and grant a pass to some people who look strong, but maybe have a bad week. Plus, they are casting a show to draw viewers. Anyway. If you have Hollywood spoilers, please post them somewhere at MJs (or the internet or twitter or on your blog and we’ll find them) or send them to MJ.

Yesterday, we examined some on the distaff side of the competition . Let’s look at those who might make up the other 12 contestants..

Usual Disclaimer: Remember, that the Hollywood round doesn’t occur until this week this year. We don’t know how far any of these contestants might go. And since we never see some of the competition round contestants until the competition starts, we might never see some of these people. We might have even found the wrong person with the same name.

Number 29: Justin Williams
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona
Age: 27
Instrument: Guitar, piano

Number 30: Tyler Grady
Hometown: Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Number 31: Luke Edgemon
Age: 21
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

Pictures/Myspace/Links after the jump

Justin Williams
Picture 1 Picture 2
White Chocolate (youtube)
Apologize (youtube)
Fly Me to the Moon
You Are Loved
Please Don’t Leave Me (youtube)
The Prayer (youtube)
National Anthem (youtube) (the litmus test for all Idols ;-)
Youtube Channel
Introducing Justin – Hollywood Week

Some of you may remember Justin Williams from last season. He made it to the chair’s episode before getting cut. Justin didn’t get a lot of air time, but he was a member of the most buzz generating group of last year, White Chocolate (which also featured Matt and Kris). A lot of people wanted to hear more from him.

In the youtubes, Justin demonstrates an ability to do covers and some pretty smooth vocals. He’s already got some fans from last year (and may pick up some from Matt and Kris). He’s a little different than the other WBWG. He’s a little less alternative and a little more AC which might help him stand out in a crowded field. He’s got a killer backstory. He survived cancer at 18 (but will Idol chose to show that with another cancer survivor amongst the Hollywood bound?). Plus, he’ll have the experience with Hollywood so that might help him avoid crumbling and stumbling (he certainly knows how to pick a group to do a group number with). It also looks like he’s been busy the last year generating an internet footprint for his music which shows dedication. He could make the show to add a little contrast. Plus, he’s not bad looking.

Tyler Grady
Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
Band’s Myspace
Band’s Facebook
Band’s EP

Well, here is one of the few male contestants who doesn’t apparently play a guitar. That could make him stand out. Plus, he doesn’t look emo/alternative rock. So, another plus for not getting lost in the crowd. He’s got a good textured voice and his rock band has some decent tracks on Myspace (all the youtube videos for this band have been deleted). But, can he do covers? What will he do with Broadway and Latin week? How does he do without the band? He could get cast to add some mix and he’ll probably gain a dedicated fan base if he does.

Luke Edgemon
My Word
Back at One (youtube)
Umbrella (youtube)
Youtube Channel

This dude is generating a lot of buzz on some of the Idol fan boards. I’m going to get burned in effigy for the first time in Season 9 by saying that I don’t get it. Dude has an alright voice and he’s not ugly, but he totally lacks any musical sense. He often over-sings to the point of shoutiness. He doesn’t seem to realize what his range is and sometimes picks songs that are outside of it on both the bottom and the top. I’m hearing a lot of “Dawg, I don’t know. That was kind of pitchy for me.” in his future. He manages in Halo to be both flat and sharp. Wow. Plus, some of the songs he picks do a terrible job of featuring his voice such at is. Just because a song is popular and you like it, doesn’t mean you should sing it. There are certain songs that just don’t work for certain people (unless you can re-arrange them and he shows no evidence of the ability to do so). His phrasing sucks too. Bring on the fire-ants. I have a Costco-sized can of RAID at the ready.

Thanks Idol Maniac and Sassycatz for the tips on Tyler and Justin.

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