Monday Morning Mediabase Update – Jan 4-11

With the end of the Christmas freeze and the return of the countdown shows, this week saw some big gains. It also saw a lot of churning in the charts, even if the position changes don’t seem to show that. Some songs shot up while others dropped while the Idols just kept chugging along.

Kelly Clarkson continues to dominate the HAC chart at number 1 for the 9th week, but she may have trouble getting that 10th week because she may not be able to hold of those Fireflies for much longer. Carrie reached Top 15 in Country with her new single and Top 40 in AC with her previous single. Meanwhile, Daughtry whose been hanging just outside the top 30 on Pop finally managed to push through for that milestone. Adam managed the same feat with top 40 on HAC. Kellie and Katharine went top 20 on Country and AC respectively.

On the Pop front, there could be some movement soon. Slots 16 through 20 are filled with songs that are either already eligible to go recurrent or eligible to go recurrent in the next week or two. Slots 26-21 feature songs with gains in the range of 179-957. Each of those songs in the 26-21 range that reach the top 20 will push a recurrent eligible song below top 20 and force them to go recurrent making them disappear from the chart. Even songs above spot 16 that are dropping are eligible to go recurrent within the next few weeks. This is common at this time of year because the stagnant Christmas freeze helped these songs maintain their top 20 positions for weeks longer and now they are naturally falling down (usually, you get a song or two going recurrent each week. This next week, we could see many more). So, things could get exciting. Or not.

Here are your Monday Morning Mediabase Updates for airplay as of 4 am of 01/11/10 after the jump.

Adam Lambert:
“Whataya Want From Me”: ^34 Pop (34), ^40 HAC (42)

Carrie Underwood:
“Cowboy Casanova” : ^24 HAC (25), ^35 AC (45)
“Temporary Home” : ^15 Country (18)

Danny Gokey:
“My Best Days are Ahead”: ^44 Country (47)

“Life After You”: ^12 HAC (13), ^29 Pop (32), ^36 AC (36)
“No Surprise”: ^5 AC (6)

Elliott Yamin
“Can’t Keep on Loving”: ^39 AC (39)

Jordin Sparks:
“Battlefield”: 18 AC (18)

Katharine McPhee:
“Had it All” : ^20 AC (22)

Kellie Pickler:
“Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You”: ^20 Country (23)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Already Gone”: 1 HAC (1), ^8 AC (10), 11 Pop (9)

Kris Allen:
“Live Like We Are Dying”: ^11 HAC (12), ^26 Pop (26), 49 CAC (49)

“He is With You”: ^18 CAC (20)

Ruben Studdard:
“Don’t Make ‘Em Like…”: ^19 UAC (18)

Note: Numbers indicate position on the chart while numbers in brackets indicate the position on the chart the previous week. The “^” (aka “a bullet”) indicates that a song gained spins since last week

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