RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 — Episode 4 – UNTUCKED – Recap and VIDEO


The safe queens drink and dish. Coco says that Alyssa was “[bleeping] amazing.” Detox expresses shock that Roxxy was in the bottom. They all throw shade at Honey for wearing “bedsheets.” Coco reads Alaska for her “Pamela Anderson” look, and the others join in. Alaska decides that they are simply jealous of her fabulousness (although, she’s probably self-snarking).

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Peek-a-Ru directs them to gold lounge, exciting Alaska. She opens the Big Furry Pink Box, and reads the card in a dead-on imitation of RuPaul’s voice: “Which of you has danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” I’m guessing that this means a video from Sharon Needles.

And I’m right! Sharon sends love and encouragement to Alaska. “I love you to death!” she finishes. Alaska collapses in laughter, then talks about how much she misses Sharon.

The top and bottom queens sip their drinks in tense silence after the runway. Alyssa breaks the silence to bring up the “kraken” in the room: having to talk about who should go home this week. “It’s not personal. It’s just drag,” she says. Honey assures them she doesn’t mind being named. Vivienne seethes in silence as Honey talks, then says she agrees with Alyssa: Jade should be going home.

Honey defends herself by saying she did her best in the challenge, but Alyssa (followed by several other queens in talking heads) points out that Honey has been wearing the same look every week. Honey says she would have worn her best outfit, had she known she was in danger of going home. “What are you waiting for?” Alyssa asks.

“In San Francisco, the look is not that important… ” Honey starts to explain, but Miss De-Frocked Gay America Alyssa is having none of that. “That’s the first thing they see when you get on stage!” she squawks to the camera.

They throw some encouragement to Vivienne, saying that they see a glow about her this week. Then they all unite in hating on Jade, because she pouted all day. Jinkx mentions that Jade requires special attention and help to get through challenges. Ivy notes that Jade has no umph to her looks.

I think I see what they are saying. I’m getting a strong India Ferrah vibe from Jade. Young, cute (as a boy or a girl), and polished. But not a lot of flair or imagination yet.

When the two groups converge, the Jade hate-fest continues. Alyssa tells Jade about naming her to go home. Roxxy joins in, saying that Jade brings the energy of the werk room down. Jade throws the shade back, but it never devolves into a full-on fight. Just bickering and simmering tension, while Vivienne quietly screams inside.

After Honey and Vivienne are both eliminated, Vivienne mourns that she never got to show her full art. She writes on the mirror: I love all my girls. Here’s to the Ru-volution of the FISH! [Heart] Always, Vivienne Pinay.

Honey writes: Keep on loving each other. We will meet again… I can’t wait. All my LOVE, Honey Mahogany.


Watch the full ballet below!