Rising Star Finale Results – Live Blog and Videos

Rising Star Finale Results

Austin French, Dana Williams, Jesse Kinch and Audrey Kate Geiger compete in the Rising Star FINALE! Who will walk away with the Capitol Records recording contract? We are live blogging here.

Hey guys! It’s Adam here, coming at you tonight recapping the finale of Rising Star! Show starts in 10 minutes so grab some popcorn and be here to join me to see Jesse Kinch nab his crown….. um, I mean, see how it all goes down.

And we are live! We start off with a performance from coach Brad Paisley and the contenders singing Moonshine in the Trunk. Jesse and Dana are both playing guitar, but every contender gets a solo line. I didn’t like the song, but it was lots of fun to watch and they sang it pretty well.

Side note: How did Kesha get here when she was just at the VMAs?? Maybe one of them is an android…

The contenders take a moment to explain how much winning means to them and how ready they are. Josh Groban walks on stage and we are off to the races! Josh gives us a recap of how Audrey was saved before we check in with the judges. This is kinda complex, but here is how it is going to work: We are going to first have two duels decided somehow by the contestant’s cumulative scores from their past performances. The winner of each will advance and go head to head in a final battle. The winner of the last battle will be crowned the winner of Rising Star. Got that? Me neither, but the commercial is over so lets get right to the first duel!

First up, Dana Williams VS. Jess Kinch (lol, bye Dana)- Dana is up first and she is performing At Last, by Etta James. Kesha helps Dana pick out her wardrobe and I just shake my head. Who would ever take wardrobe advice from Kesha? But Dana just does what I would do–smile and nod politely. She starts off strong with a few great notes, then she kinda gets boring. I’m waiting for a hook and not getting anything. Ok, but very forgettable performance. She is so gone it hurts to watch almost. Dana finishes with 30%, which should let us know how things are gonna end for her.

Jesse is up next singing Fortunate Son by CCR. He got to spend the day with Brad and perform with him. Bye Dana, the wall raises barely a third of the way through his singing. He really just screams his way through his performance, but the audience must be eating it all up because he tops out with 87% Kesha says Jesse slaughtered her face…. whoa now Kesha, down girl. Dana Williams is eliminated, Jess Kinch advances to the final battle

Austin French VS. Audrey Kate– This one isn’t as easy to call, but I’m hoping Audrey pulls out the win. Austin is up first singing In Love With a Girl, by Gavin Degraw. He hung with Josh for the day and performed with him. LOL Josh was singing much better then he was when they performed together. Why isn’t Josh a coach and Kesha the….. person who leads people to their seats? I actually love this song and Austin is singing his face off. I still think Audrey is better then him, but she is fighting a losing battle here. I think Austin has this tied up in a bow. He tops out with 70%. Audrey can totally top that score! This is gonna get interesting….

Audrey is up next singing Love Me Like A Man, by Bonnie Raitt. She spent the day at Ludacris’s house and hung with him. She is singing well, but this isn’t a song you sing in a battle! Her ship has sunk, she is gone. If she had picked a better song she might have had a chance, but now, she is screwed. Audrey finishes with 48% and is eliminated. Austin will compete with Jesse in the final battle.

After the break is our final battle! Join me back here to see Jesse win his crown…… I mean watch the epic battle that anyone can win. Before we go to the break, Josh says there will be no wall and we will not see the scoreboard until a winner is decided. Austin wins a coin toss and decides to perform last (smart move). Hold up, how did they know they were gonna be the final 2 pairing and have a coin made with each of their faces? I mean, I know it is obvious but come on!

Jess Kinch VS. Austin French– Here we go! Jesse is up first singing Love Reign O’er Me, by The Who. Jesse says he has come too far to lose now. Ow! He totally cracked on the first note! Not loving this. The beginning is really slow, but once the song kicks in and he starts wailing he finds his groove. I dont’ know anymore…. Austin might have a chance… The beginning was super weak, but overall was pretty well sung.

Austin is next singing Bless The Broken Road, by Rascal Flatts. This is going to be closer then I thought. Austin is killing this song when it matters most. He hits his notes and gives off a believable performance with enough high notes to make it memorable… he might actually have a shot of winning this.

Ok, it is time to find out who is our winner! Before we get there first, I want to thank everyone for joining me tonight and if you think I am cool, you can always follow me on twitter @adamhsamuel.

Now that that is done, lets get to it! Josh has the envelope in his hand. After some final words from the judges and contestants, dim the lights, lets get to it! The winner of Rising Star is……. JESSE KINCH!. He won with 76%

What an anticlimactic finale. It was okay, I guess, but it was obvious who was winning going into this whole thing. Josh congratulates Jesse and hands the mike to to him. He sings us out with I Put A Spell On You. And with that we are out! Goodnight and thanks to everyone who joined me here!

*Switches channels to the VMAs

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