Read the Adam Lambert Rolling Stone Interview

The Gossip Candy blog has some scans of Adam’s Rolling Stone interview up.

  • Read the Rolling Stone interview HERE.

The interview should put to rest all those questions about Adam’s sexual preference.   Yep. He’s gay. Next.

Adam’s path of self-discovery is detailed, starting with his childhood–how it felt being the odd one out at school, coming out to his parents, losing his virginity at 21, delving into the alternative LA club scene–exploring all the experiences that made Adam who he is, at least from a social-emotional perspective.

There’s some interesting Idol tidbits, too. During Adam’s Idol run, when the Burning Man kissing pictures leaked–he truly forgot to take them down–Idol producers gave him the choice of how he wanted to handle it.   He decided not to address it during the competition, afraid it would detract from the singing (it would have).

“I am an entertainer, and who I am and what I do in my personal life is a separate thing” Adam says, “It shouldn’t matter, except it does. It’s really confusing.”

Adam’s best freinds during the competition were Kris Allen–who Adam describes as open minded and liberal–and Allison Iraheta.   Adam hints at a little tenstion with Danny Gokey, who wasn’t as “progressive” as Allen.   Adam says he discussed religion with Danny a few times, but “Danny was by the book, and the book is The Word, ” he adds, “I respect that, just don’t try to push it on me, and we’re cool.”

Adam dumps a lot of baggage into this RS interview.   Poor TMZ and National Enquirer!   They’ve been deprived of so much material.   Not only is the gay question been put to rest, but so has the drug use.   It was an “a-ha” moment he had at Burning Man while on halucinogens that led him to consider trying out for Idol.   That’s got to be a first.

The article overall paints a picture of Adam as sensitive, good natured, thoughtful, and self-directed.   He’s a bit of a bad boy who loves to push people’s buttons.   He dialed back his personality during his Idol run to keep from scaring   America, but it wasn’t an act.   And I suspect, now that he’s free of Idol and just about to embark on his recording career, he’s setting the record straight not only about his sexuality, but also his sensibility.

Adam’s got an edginess that was only hinted at on Idol. And if he’s going to compete with the Madonna’s, Lady Gaga’s and Justin Timberlake’s of the music world, it’s probably best for Adam to shed that squeaky Idol image for something a little more daring.

Now all he has to do is make a good record.   If Adam and his label delivers, Idol could produce their first true male pop star.

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