Preview Daughtry: “Long Way Down” From Timbaland’s ‘Shock Value 2’

Check out “Long Way Down”, featuring Daughtry, from Timbaland’s new album,   Shock Value 2.   It’s Daughtry…only with beats!   Kinda interesting.

Other artists featured on Shock Value 2 are Justin Timberlake, The Fray, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Ryan Tedder, Nelly Furtado and more.

Shock Value 2 will be available everywhere December 8.

Update: Fixed the link…

“Long Way Down”

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  1. Is it me or is the audio Danny Gokey? This is like some horrible cruel rick roll.

  2. Yeah, that was Danny I think. At first I was like, “why is Daughtry trying to sound like Elliott?”, then it dawned on me that it wasn’t Chris. Now I’m just, “damn, Elliott would sound so much better than Danny on that.”

    What a trip.

  3. thank God, i thought i was the only one who heard Gokey! i was like Daughtry doesnt sound like this! lmfaoo

  4. LOL too funny and you know what, he sounds great here..
    THIS is the type of music that Danny should be doing…not that country music stuff..oh well..I hope he gets to do it in the future

  5. LOL

    THAT WAS EPIC!!!!!! mjs just made my night

    i was like “damn! chris got that R&B vide DOWN!”

  6. I wish I’d been here during the SNAFU. Dang it.

    It’s mighty beat-y, eh?

  7. I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed because Chris’s voice sounds awful here to me. I used to really love him, but the last few times I’ve heard him sing I had to turn it off. Of course, the arrangement on this song blows, too, so maybe it’s that. Or maybe it’s just that he’s blowing out his vocal cords?

  8. I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed because Chris’s voice sounds awful here to me. I used to really love him, but the last few times I’ve heard him sing I had to turn it off.

    Sounds like he’s trying to rough up his voice a little, it’s not workin’ for me.

  9. Thank goodness the link was fixed before I got here! I just can’t bring myself to listen to Danny.

    I would agree with MJ, the Daughtry song is interesting. My initial reaction was “I need more cow bell!” :lol:

    But after giving it another chance there are parts I like; others not so much. But maybe it would grow on me?

  10. Once upon a time I loved Chris on American Idol and I thought he was fun and innovative for the show….now he seems so “normal” and that just doesn’t cut it for me, anymore.

    And I also agree that his voice has taken a real hit the last few years. Even though I know he is changing notes and moving up and down a musical scale…it just sounds so monotone. Maybe it’s more the delivery then the notes……he just sings now, all the emotion has gone away.

  11. OMG I listened to the song and then saw the comments and went WTH because that’s not what I heard. Hee

    This is different, but I like. Thanks mj. :)

  12. Get Danny’s song back here because this Daughtry Timbaland doesn’t do it for me. What happened to the rock that he’s supposed to be?

  13. I love Daughtry. He stayed true to himself and didn’t change his style after the show.

  14. When I first heard about the collaboration I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really do like it!! Chris’ voice sounds great on it, the beats are a tad excessive but I think it could be a hit!!

  15. i agree with mj. it’s daughtry with beats!!! that is the only difference. but since i love daughtry, i like it.

    and i came here yesterday and i was gokey-rolled!!! (that was classic gulfluv)

  16. HUH!! I like it…..the beats and he…””Daughty,” sounds great on this!
    Timbaland….One of the most important musician songwriters today!!!!!

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