New Song From Megan Joy: “Feel Love”

Check out Megan Joy’s NEW ORIGINAL song on her My Space. It’s called “Feel Love”.   Via Megan’s twitter, she wrote the lyrics herself.     Seriously?   Good job Megan!

Video: Exclusive First Look at New ...
Video: Exclusive First Look at New Song From BLISS THE MUSICAL

Update: Check out another new song….”Incomplete”

“Feel Love”


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  1. I’ve always been a huge fan of Megan, but I was weary about how her music would sound. This isn’t even a finished song and I’m impressed. I think it fits her style perfectly and her tone sounds really, really nice. It is a real happy song and refreshing.

  2. I am pleasantly surprised. She sounds good. It’s an upbeat song, but the lyrics are kinda sad actually.

  3. YES!!! Love it, Megan baby!!! Trillian, yes, similar vibe to Corinne Bailey Rae but something about Megan’s voice always makes me feel hopeful which, for me, puts her above CBR.

    This is such a huge squee for me! Megan was my second favorite of Season 8. I’m sooo happy to hear this. Great lyrics. Obv. from the heart and something just about everyone can identify with.

  4. I’m repeating myself from the headlines thread, but the cut’s a little rough, but it’s not a bad song at all. She sounds good. I like Megan though, so I might be a little bit biased.

  5. Perfect style for her! I like it and hope she’d sound just as good on it live.

  6. The lyrics seem a little repetitive to me, but that’s not unusual in songs today, so not much of a critique, lol. Overall I like it very much. I always liked her voice on Idol, so am pleased she is pursuing music. Go, Megan!

  7. So happy for Megan. This is good. Her voice is great on original material. Too quirky for covers maybe. I felt she had this in her but just couldn’t quite pull it out on Idol. I hope she keeps singing and writing. It seems there is an audience for her.

  8. She should really go indie. I love the tone of her voice, and singing her own songs suits her voice better. Singing covers doesn’t do her justice. Great job.

  9. This is good. Her voice is great on original material. Too quirky for covers maybe.

    You may be right because I really did not like her at all, on Idol. Her vocie was like finger nails on a chalkboard to me. But, this song and her voice, I really, really liked! I really am so surprised!

  10. There’s a second song called “Incomplete” up there too – I like that one even better than “Feel Love.” Pleasantly surprised by both of these tunes.

  11. She uploaded her song Incomplete on MySpace, and it’s Beautiful guys *-*

    Lovelly Ballad

  12. wow I really like these and I hated her on the show and tour. Really beautiful songs!

  13. I don’t care for Megan’s voice, but her song “Feel Love” is not bad.

  14. Always liked Megan even when she wasn’t doing songs that suited her all that well.

    Liking these — good job so far.

  15. Today, November 29, 2009, 2 hours ago
    Meganjoysings: I dont care if people dont like my songs sillies :) of course people wont like them. But guess what….. some really important people DO.

  16. Well I made it about 3/4 of the way through the song before hitting stop, so okay I guess. But Corinne doesn’t have anything to worry about from Megan on the songwriting front that’s for sure.

  17. My nephew met Megan at a benefit/singing competition called “All-American Idol”. (He was a finalist…yay!) She was the hostess of the event and sang a couple of songs. Some of my family members really liked her performance.

  18. I couldn’t make it all the way through either of these songs. First of all, what genre would songs like these fall under?

  19. I can imagine hearing this on a smooth jazz radio station. I like it, yay for Megan! I wasn’t sure if she was motivated enough to do the work, but it looks like she is and I’m very pleased to see that.

  20. Megan has an interesting voice and this song, I think, fits her perfectly. I think it has a nice, cool vibe to it. It’s not necessarily something that I would listen to repeatedly, but I think it’s a nice song. I say good job, Megan!

  21. YankeeFan08, I’d probably classify it as indie pop.

    Color me impressed. I was nowhere near being a Megan fan during the show and on tour, but I’m really liking her sound. And it really suits her voice! I think she could gain a nice following with material like this, especially in the indie scene and the UK. “Incomplete” reminds me of a less-electronic version of Ellie Goulding. I hear a little Lily Allen and Florence of The Machine in there too. Nice!

  22. GOOD FOR YOU MEGAN! I always liked her but I thought she wasn’t really interested in the whole AI thing!

  23. Could have done without the da da das in Feel Love but the song is quite catchy if a little rough around the edges & a bit repetitive!

    Incomplete is very cutesy pieish in sound!!A bit ho hum for me!!

    Megan does have a unique voice & that will appeal to some because of that. For me these songs don’t really grab my attention but I’m happy for her that she is out there writing songs & trying !!

  24. I really like ‘Incomplete’….perfectly Megan. Sounds even better on her Myspace page. I’d buy it. Sorta has a Regina Spektor ‘Fidelity’ vibe to me. Pleasantly surprised. Kudos Megan!

  25. surprisingly good…….reminds me of Lily Allen…happy music..darkish lyrics…i enjoyed it.

  26. I’m surprised at how good both songs are. She’s off to a good start post-AI.

  27. Well, incomplete is the better song but I didn’t make it through either of them. But–there are a lot of successful singers that I don’t like listening to. Like shakira on SNL last night. Changed the station then, too.

  28. I was her fan during A.I. so I’m really happy right now. I like both songs – her voice is beautiful. I’m pleasantly surprised that her music come out in a such short period of time. It’s a good move to release some songs before season 9 of A.I. starts.

  29. Like incomplete better than Feel Love. She has an interesting sound – I think she could do well.

  30. Very nice. As someone said, what genre would you put her in?

    She needs to go to the UK, which is effectively genreless and join similarly sounding singers like Adele, Paloma Faith, Kate Nash, Florence and the Machine, Lily Allen etc most of whom get big critical acclaim. I think she could be successful over there and without much reality show recognition – sometimes a good thing, particularly with the critics.

  31. wow, good job. she was a disaster on the show but she seems to have a good grasp of what kind of music she wants to make now. and her musical style is uncommon (or at least not what we usually hear on mainstream radio) so that’s a good thing. i hope she does well for herself.

  32. Both of these songs have a young , fresh, and relevent point of view.
    Her voice does not sound over produced. May not be everyones cuppa,
    but I quite like them. Musically I preferred Incomplete. Feel Love did have some repetition, but I find a lot of current music, esp dance music, has lots of repeditive lines. I like the underlying theme in Feel Love.
    I’m so relieved she has marched forward. I thought she had given up on the AI tour,where she went from meh! to Bah! I do think they boxed her into the Barbie model, that so wasn’t her.
    So CAW ON Megan…..keep writing…..seriously, not bad for a first effort!!!!

  33. Bossa Nova inspired. I like it. It’s a very coffee shop/background type of music… in a good way.

  34. I think Megan is better listened to after being in the studio… that wild voice of hers does not always translate well live. Good for her, though. I like Incomplete.

  35. The beginning of Feel Love reminds me of the one girl who sings the Cotton commercial – The touch, the feel, the fabric of your life….

    Incomplete sort of reminds me of Natasha Bedingfield. I like Natasha.

    Actually, this is probably the best I’ve heard Megan. So good for her. :)

  36. Wow. These songs are so good. Very ready for pop radio hits. I hope she gets the right management and backing. She could be the true dark horse hit from AI.

    For anyone who remembers, this is very reminiscent of Basia who did pretty well for herself back in the day. If I’m comparing her to someone current, I’d have to go with Adele (not voicewise, but the jazziness of the songs). Lily Allen is pure pop, not pop-jazz. I think Corrine Bailey Rae is more blues than jazz. As mentioned above, maybe Natasha Bedingfield, although I thing Megan’s voice is more interesting.

    I’m completely surprised (in a pleasant way for once) by how good these songs are.

  37. I couldn’t make it all the way through either of these songs. First of all, what genre would songs like these fall under?

    Well, I agree that the genre is most likely a problem if you’re thinking about radio play. But I actually think she does quite a good job on the songs, much better than I’ve heard her before. So she’s obviously working on things, which is what she needed to do, so good for her. I think she did a good job with the Feel Love lyrics, too.

  38. I love her song Incomplete. One thing she doesn’t have to scream like other singers.

  39. I played the songs for my 13-year old daugther and she really like both of them, Incomplete in particular – she said that it gave her Lilly Allen, Fergie kind of vibe :)
    I am so happy for Megan, after they treated her during the tour, like she was completely expendable
    Good job girl :) if more of your songs are like that I will buy your CD for sure :)

  40. tinydance, Hi. I just want to say that you are not alone when you complain
    that some singers are screaming.!!!!
    My partner has partial hearing loss in one ear and it just drives her crazy listening to most of what I like ( electronic sounds, Hard Rock, or just high notes that many love as in Adam) Sometimes it is not personal and the sound has become almost painful . Some peeps don’t even know they are walking around with slight hearing impairments.!!!
    I, too, really love the composition and lyrics of “Incomplete.”

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