President Donald Trump Hospitalized with COVID-19

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WELL WHO DIDN’T SEE THIS COMING. The White House said Friday (Oct 2) that President Donald Trump had contracted COVID-19 and was experiencing “mild symptoms” as the virus that has killed more than 205,000 Americans spreads to The White House, and maybe beyond. (Read more about it at the Associated Press.)

Breaking News: US President Joe Bid...
Breaking News: US President Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 #shorts #news

Now, news has broken that Trump will spend a “few days” at the military hospital, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The White House said the visit was precautionary and that he would work from the hospital’s presidential suite, which is equipped to allow him to continue his official duties.

However, the president reportedly has a “low-grade” fever. Earlier Friday the White House said Trump had been injected with an experimental antibody cocktail by the White House physician.

Trump tweeted out the news at about 1 am. Folks on the east coast woke up to the shocking news that the leader of the free world, who at 70 years old is at risk of becoming very sick, indeed. It doesn’t help that he’s also overweight, and could have risk factors such as cholesterol or heart problems.

The president had spent the afternoon at a political fundraiser, while not saying anything to the crowd, although he knew he had been exposed by an aid, Hope Hicks who had tested positive and was symptomatic.

First lady Melania Trump also tested positive, the president said, and several others in the White House have, too. However, the president’s 14 year old son, Barron, and his daughter, Ivanka who is also a White House adviser, tested negative for the disease.

Trump has spent much of the year downplaying the threat of the virus, He wears masks only rarely and has been aggressively urging states, and particularly schools, to open up and loosen or ditch shutdown rules.

What’s more, the American presidential election is only a month away, and during during Tuesday’s Presidential Debate Trump mocked his rival Democratic candidate, Joe Biden for always wearing a mask. Because Biden shared a stage with Trump on Tuesday, he and his wife Dr. Jill Biden, in addition to is running-mate Kamala Harris have all tested for the virus, and are negative. Vice President Mike Pence also tested negative for the virus Friday morning.

Senator Mike Lee, who has been around the president, particularly during the announcement of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme court has tested POSITIVE for the virus. Barrett has tested negative, but apparently she had the virus earlier this year.

Unfortunately, at the debate on Tuesday, many of Trump’s friends and family took off their masks once they were seated in the auditorium. This, despite a doctor from the Cleveland Clinic, where the debate took place, asking them to keep the masks on throughout the event.

FOX reporter, Chris Wallace, who moderated Tuesday’s debate was NOT happy about the possible exposure, especially as his family were sitting in the audience nearby the maskless Trump family. He called out them out. And also criticized the president’s COVID advisor, Scott Atlas.


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  1. Since you brought it up, the big majority of the ugliness comes from Trump, himself.

  2. Hoping for a speedy recovery for President Trump, First Lady Melania and any others who are dealing with this virus.

    Thankfully I have not seen anything on this blog yet, but it’s been rather disgusting seeing on other blogs and social media people hoping Trump and countless others will just die from this. There have been some extremely nasty comments and it’s sad to see.

  3. If I were really mean spirited I’d be trashing and passing judgment on a poor woman who just lost her baby to a miscarriage.

  4. Add Kellyann Conway to the growing Trump folks who tested positive. How many is it now? Who’s next?

  5. May God bless and help the United States.
    May God help the President and the First Lady to get better quickly.
    May God help the mean-spirited and bring this troubled nation together.
    After many years here, I think I’m finally, officially done with this blog.
    Thanks for the good news and the fun times. No thanks for the ugliness.

  6. The Biden campaign are removing all the Trump negative ads. I wonder if Trump campaign are doing the same for Biden.

  7. Hoping for a full recovery for Trump and his family/senators/associates. But hopefully the sanctimonious (who see no harm if it fails to hurt THEM) will understand that pretending something is not a problem is never good enough. To solve problems, wrongs need to be identified and worked on by many. You can’t ignore or wish them out of existence. Wear the mask and follow the guidelines. No one is trying to take away your rights. But being willful and harming others is not your right nor does it make you a patriot.

  8. Using lawyerly precision, the “summer” ended only 5 days before this event.

  9. That’s just people trolling. What’s really sad is over 200K people who died from covid, and many of those deaths could have been preventable if Trump didn’t lie repeatedly.

  10. If I were really mean spirited I’d be celebrating the death of a Supreme Court Justice, calling her names, and saying all kinds of horrible things. Oh, right, those were Trump supporters all over the comment feeds on Fox, etc.

  11. Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina tested positive. He was also at the event for the Supreme Court nomination along with Sen. Mike Lee. What was scary was the nominee was out there with her 7 kids and none wearing a mask. Also the lady who is head of the RNC and the guy running Trump’s campaign. They were there too and are positive.

  12. Odds are they were asymptomatic, mild or immune which is a guess based on how things are going in my area of my state. Our schools have been open since August w/no mask mandates in the classrooms. Illness that has popped up as been mild for students.

  13. No disrespect but you don’t know that to be a fact. Most of the people there were just irresponsible and following Trump’s leadership, imo.

  14. ” …until enough people build immunity or there’s a vaccine that works.“

    Yeah. Go with the vaccine, maybe next year? Because, what is the threshold for Covid Herd Immunity?…88%, like measles, or 50%, the lowest possible threshold to be effective…NYC was getting close to 25% and it cost them how many thousand deaths…? How many deaths in the US would be the side effect of deliberately trying to attain National Herd Immunity?

    Sweden found out…this plan does not work. They slaughtered their aging population.

    “To get to even 70% of the population being immune through natural protection, you’re talking hundreds of thousands of deaths, not a good idea.”

    …EXCEPT – now we found out any immunity conferred by having the disease does not last, a person can be re-infected…Covid-19 is not even a yearly flu strain…you can catch it again a short time later, just like the common cold it is related to. after all that, Herd Immunity is a non starter!

    A vaccine is my only shot (pun Fully intended) at going back into the population without a personal bubble…since too many maskless people (given the consequences to me, one is too many) follow their *fearless leader*, walk about barefaced as if there were no such thing as a Pandemic from an airborne illness and would not GAD if they shed their germs all over me, or anyone else at risk. WTDM! ?

    Anybody can be a statistic, even presidents, doesn’t matter whether they believe the facts, or not.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. ?

  15. His doctor just said he’s known he was positive for 72 hours. So that means Wednesday morning. I think that says it all.

  16. Whose lives would you be willing to risk? Your kids? Your grandparents? Your spouse?

  17. I didn’t say the masks was the cure all but come on. It is reckless to put those kids out there with no protection. And I have heard enough from the so called experts in the administration and the I know people crowd. It is irresponsible to fail to take precautions to protect yourself and/or others. It is proven that wearing the masks are helpful in reducing the chances of infection. Is there really an argument about that with most doctors or people with common sense?

  18. It’s really mind boggling that people with high and some of them very high position in the government , failed to give the best example ( by wearing masks outside their home) for their own people.

    Not only they were giving bad examples, but they also take big risks for their own loved ones who could be getting the virus from them

  19. I doubt that reminder is helpful or comforting to the president and his wife, senators and close associates who now have covid. Nancy was not running around making fun of those wearing a mask and trying to encourage their followers not to wear them. I think they are more focused on where they went wrong, and regaining their health, than “what about Nancy” at this point, one would think.

  20. Know I don’t. I know people that have not been out at all except to get their essentials, followed all of the rules, wore masks, the whole shebang. Still got Covid. Masks for defense isn’t the cure-all. Experts said from the beginning that this virus won’t go away until enough people build immunity or there’s a vaccine that works. So let’s hope either one of those 2 things happens quickly so that things can get back to normal.

  21. Dang! They showed Supreme Court Justice John Robert at that event mingling with no mask. WTF. I hope he is safe. Chris Christie is the latest to test positive.

  22. Did you see a video clip of Kellyanne and Wm. Barr talking to each other at very close proximity, and at one point she seemed to say something into his ear, basically her mouth touching the ear.

  23. Two senators, three reporters, the head of the RNC, #45’s present Campaign Manager, and Kelly Anne Conway from the Contact List at the Supreme Court nomination event so far (I thought she had stepped out of the inner circle?) and since #45 was doing public events with no mask even after he knew about Hope Hicks, (and knew he was positive!) the contact tracers must be very busy, in multiple states!

    It seems the asymptomatic question may have been answered by the residence in The Presidential Suite at Walter Reed – a different level than isolation and quarantine at the White House – even with an abundance of caution, that assumes some symptoms.

    I expect there will be continuous health bulletins saying mostly nothing and announcements about who else was infected from his contact list – meanwhile – the countdown continues…

    Saturday – October 3 – #31/100

    UPDATED as victims are added.

    October 5 – added to the initial 11, the Current press secretary, Kayleigh MacEnany and two of her staffers, and also Kelly Ann Conway’s daughter….who probably ought to have pursued that emancipation and gotten out of there before the Covid caught her… ?

  24. I thought Kelly left too but it looks like she was helping him with debate prep so I guess she’s still his buddy ? Her daughter’s tiktoks are frightening . Sounds like she was purposely trying to give covid to her

  25. What is your point?
    Nancy was told it was safe to do so at the salon (if that is the situation to which you are referring), but even so, she made a single mistake. AND Nancy has never advocated not wearing a mask, in fact just the opposite. She has always been a big advocate of mask-wearing!
    The situations are not even remotely similar.

  26. Him too? That’s what Bunny391848 just posted about Kelly Anne Conway…working on the Debate Prep Team! Well, for mercy’s sake – if he had a prep team to call on for that rolling train wreck, what would it have looked like without them?! ?

  27. I saw one featuring Chris Christie…with the face-to-face (or nose to hand) to make sure the germs get around….

  28. Yes, it does, Mel432 and CanadianLady, his own Dr. laid out how much #45 doesn’t GAD about anyone…even his own close supporters In the Rose Garden don’t matter.. why would he be concerned for some random supporters In Minnesota and NJ, or Security and White House staff and their families?

    Quote from DJT – 10 days before testing positive – “It affects virtually nobody” ?

    “Dr. Sean Conley, President Trump’s doctor, said the President is now 72 hours post positive test for SARS coV 2.“ So when he appeared at the Minnesota and NJ rallies he knew he was positive.

  29. Speaking of Christie… He said he was on the team of Trump debate prep… How many times did Trump say he didn’t prep and didn’t need it?

  30. I saw Barr. But my concern was for Roberts. Tho a conservative, he has been instrumental for LGBT rights and Obamacare. Would not want to lose him with Ruth gone and some still trying to take away rights of others. And he is known to have had a few seizures. I would think that would be a problem. I don’t have seizures but have always been a fainter since childhood. No one has ever found a medical reason (and I learned the situations to avoid as much as possible). But I’m not stupid enough to think there would not be a chance of a problem with this crazy and unpredictable virus, lol.

  31. It’s unfortunate that our Standing President believes he’s immune or, if you please, above it all even a Pandemic it sends a negative message to the Country. Perhaps this arrogance needed a wake up call? I don’t wish him ill but I truly hope he finally takes this situation seriously!

  32. That was a bizarre video Trump made from the hospital yesterday. His explanation of why he went to the hospital instead of staying in the White House was in typical Trump fashion. He said he could have stayed in the safe White House, well taken care of, but isolated. He acted like he was being a big hero by going to the hospital, not because of health reasons, but because he would be out there for the people.

  33. Since Trump took office , he has sided more with the liberal justices …….

  34. After todays outrageous Trump behavior, it is suggested that Joe keep all ads as they are.

  35. It will be so wonderful to have an intelligent, sympathic, good man leading our country with a truly competent woman at his side.

  36. Such a selfish, inconsiderate man. Donald Trump cares about only one person and that is himself. It is so frustrating seeing the antics and stupid behavior he displays.

  37. How can Biden lead a country that he hasn’t done anything for it in 47 years?

  38. Kellyanne Conway’s teen daughter says she is Covid positive. I don’t know what to say about the arrogance and irresponsible behavior of these adults, including Trump and his associates and supporters. And the sycophants are still in denial and making excuses for the recklessness. What a nightmare.

  39. ‘Interesting journey’: Donald Trump drives by supporters outside Walter Reed

    Trump ventured outside for a little bit on Sunday to greet supporters who gathered at the hospital before then returning to the facility.

    Trump… visited some of the soldiers and first responders at Walter Reed, raising questions about whether he should be in contact with others when federal health guidance directs those infected with COVID-19 to quarantine and isolate themselves from other people.

    Dr. James P. Phillips, an attending physician at Walter Reed, pointed out that the presidential SUV is “hermetically sealed against chemical attack,” which raises the chance of transmission of COVID-19. “Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary presidential ‘drive-by’ just now has to be quarantined for 14 days,” said Phillips, who is also the chief of disaster medicine at George Washington University Emergency Medicine.

    Critics said Trump put Secret Service and hospital personnel at risk with his brief jaunt to see supporters.

  40. That is a Trump talking point but Biden has done a lot over the years. But he has never been in charge and president. That is what many of us hope to change. Trump has not accepted responsibility for anything that has happened on his watch (I don’t think he knows he has been the president for almost 4 years.)so no point in him being in charge for 4 more years.

  41. Depending on what media sources you listen to, you may not know this, but Trump lies all the time. Like ALL the time.

  42. Biden’s “negative ads” are simply ones showing Trump lying, etc. They aren’t equivalent in any way to the Trump ads that edit pictures and videos to lie.

  43. FOX talking points. Trump’s accomplishments are either faked or exaggerations.

    For instance, he bragged about bringing the cost of Insulin down. Nope. Manufacturing and coal industries continued to decline under his regime. He brags about bringing car plants back to Michigan and Ohio. Fictitious.

    When he took office, the economy was already on an upswing that continued until the coronavirus hit. He mismanaged the pandemic so horribly, all those gains are gone.

    He trashed his own companies, now he’s trashing the US.

  44. And he went for a drive yesterday in a hermetically sealed vehicle. God help the driver and anyone else in the car with him!

  45. Sure. He’s done more damage to this country than Obama. Much, much more damage.

  46. For all his proven lies, it amazes me how there could be one person who could believe him. He is not a decent, empathetic human being. It amazes me how one person could like him. For all his corruptness and greed, I can’t believe one person could support him.

  47. When does #45 begin to run out of SS agents on his team who are not stuck in 14 days of quarantine? He just uses them up for his theater and tosses them aside to be distanced from their families for 14 days each… ?

  48. Biden isn’t a sociopath, he has compassion, he can listen. Things Trump cannot do. The dominant party determines what will get done for the country, assuming they don’t face opposition in one of the Houses of Congress.

  49. Today, 10/05/20 – The daughter confirmed she has it now…Great job of protecting your kid, Mom and Dad. ? (Heavy Sarcasm)


    34 people connected to White House, more than previously known, infected by coronavirus:


    Internal FEMA memo

    The administration has sought to downplay the spread.

    ByJosh Margolin andLucien Bruggeman

    October 7, 2020, 7:53 PM

    • 3 min read

    This does not count all the Joint Chiefs; every single one except the Marine Corps Commandant are in quarantine right now because the Head of the Coast Guard turned up positive to a meeting of all the Joint Chiefs.

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