Phillip Phillips – National Anthem – World Series 2014 (VIDEO)


Watch American Idol season 11 winner, Phillip Phillips, perform the National Anthem before Game 2 of the 2014 World Series.

Michael James Scott Performs Nation...
Michael James Scott Performs National Anthem at Special Olympics

The game took place at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City where the Royals faced off against the San Francisco Giants.

Phillip performed the Star Spangled Banner at Game 1 of the World Series in 2012, the year that the singer took the crown. Currently, Phillip is on tour supporting his sophomore album, Behind the Light.

Singing the anthem is tricky. This time, Phillip struggled in his lower register and never really recovered. The guitar accompaniment was a little odd, too.

ETA: I have reconsidered my first impression. The rendition, done in his style, started off iffy, but was solid, over all. I still prefer his 2012 version, which seemed more confident and dynamically nuanced.

Check out Phillip’s rendition right here.

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  1. It’s difficult for a singer to perform a song outside of their wheelhouse. This one was adequate, even if it was a bit shaky.

  2. Mark Feinsand @FeinsandNYDN
    Excellent job by Phillip Phillips (@Phillips) doing the anthem before Game 2. Had a chance to chat with him on the field; very nice guy.

  3. Just missed it on TV. I didn’t think he was struggling at all. It sounded just like his 2012 WS NA, with same guitar accompaniment.

  4. Yeah well, it sounded pretty much like he always does it, not awful, but somewhat underwhelming.
    He’s just not everyone’s thing I guess.

    Kinda how I feel…

    Diane M – in L.A. ?@dianeinla 48m
    I don’t know I’ve never thought of the #nationalanthem as a guitar accompaniment kind of song #yikes

    one of the more funnier ones….

    Lilo_And_Stitch ?@NASCAR_Hula 57m
    You’re on a national tour? #NationalAnthem #WorldSeries

  5. I’ll check it later, after the game is over, but I recall the other one he did, in 2012.

  6. I don’t think you should have reconsidered your initial assessment at all! The only positive thing I can say is it was live & not lip synced. It ended better than it started!

  7. He must’ve been nervous because he kinda sang it too fast, but overall he’s a talented guy and the NA is a difficult song to sing.

  8. David Cook ?@thedavidcook
    Great job on the anthem tonight, @Phillips!

    Nick Parker @NickParkerLive
    Yup, he killed usual ????RT @PHILATIC4LIFE_: @NickParkerLive dude! Did you catch your boy @phillips?

  9. David Cook knows how tough it is.

    David Cook
    ?@thedavidcook Great job on the anthem tonight, @Phillips!

    ETA: THE… you beat me to it. :)

  10. He did much better in 2012. I expected him to be less nervous and better — but seems like he was nervous to me.

    MJ, I agree with your crossed out comment about the guitar accompaniment being a little odd.

  11. Painful…if I didn’t know who he was I don’t think this performance would have interested me in him. Oh well…he got his tour plug in.

  12. I didn’t like the tour plug. Do they always do that? The national anthem should be about national unity and the anthem, not someone’s music tour. I am biased, however.

  13. Phillip Phillips
    ?@Phillips @thedavidcook thank you sir! Hope you’re well!

  14. I understand questioning the guitar accompaniment but I dont get why him being on a national tour is such a joke..? God knows there are far worse singers out there even touring worldwide.

  15. LOL. I just meant he sang it slightly faster than how I’ve normally heard it being sung. Again, I attributed that to him possibly being nervous.

  16. Buster Posey and Phillip are from the same town!! There’s a pic of them shaking hands.

  17. He respected the song, sang with feeling and meaning. Not technically great, but that’s not his particular talent. Some singers have to turn every song into whatever their genre is. But I think he put it over. Personally I’m not real fond of his voice but I thought he did a nice job.

  18. Did they just play a short clip of P2’s song going to commercial?

  19. Yeah, that’s true. But usually they aren’t singing the NA on TV.

    The dude just doesn’t have the type of voice to do this well. He’s very good at what he does, this just isn’t one of them.

  20. They are really going to be surprised if Santana does a instrumental version on guitar

  21. Yeah, but that won’t be an “accompaniment” it will be a solo, and it will be badass on electric, way different :)

  22. Yes, they almost always do a promo for the artists who sing the National Anthem at major sporting events — unless the artist is not on a promotional cycle.

  23. “…a solo… badass on electric, way different :)”

    Yes! I am looking forward to Santana doing that instrumental, in a Jimi Hendrix sort of way. Never forget Hendrix doing the SSB in ’69. Not the same category as acoustic chords under a folk style vocal.

  24. I thought he sounded fine, like himself. The NA is a Biyotch to sing, and he did it well.

  25. I think Major League Baseball’s picks for the first four World Series have very little to do with selecting “great vocalists” but rather they are safe choices — even though I think all four are talented artists. The first four are Trisha Yearwood, Carlos Santana and Salvador Santana, Little Big Town and Phillip Phillips.

    ETA: I am looking forward to Carlos and Salvador Santana’s performance.

  26. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. He sang the song in his style, which is how every singer sings. They interpret a song.

  27. I would like to say I saw the movie (I did), but I actually was around at the time. I can’t think of anyone who could get away with performing the NA the way Jimi did.

  28. I’m in the US, why am I getting the message “This video not available in your country”? Anyone? MJ?

  29. It’s probably been banned by MLB. It was working fine last night.

  30. Its working for me in Asia……it seemed an OK rendition, nothing special. I really like the US anthem, its up there with the UK one for best anthems.

  31. lol. The only good thing about that version was the pretty sparkly guitar.
    Wow, that was bad.
    P2 doesn’t sound so bad after all.

  32. I don’t think you should have reconsidered your initial assessment at all! The only positive thing I can say is it was live & not lip synced. It ended better than it started!

  33. I liked it, with the emphasis on the lyrics and that pause towards the end. Well done!

  34. Sounded good to me. But then I tend to prefer heartfelt soul to big-voices and runs and all that stuff. And I heard Raging Fire played briefly during the game.

  35. I thought he did fine. We knew he wasn’t going to try for glory notes and would probably play his guitar. He kept to the style that he performs well. I liked it.

  36. I am a huge fan of Canada’s National Anthem. It is majestic but also easy to sing. The US National Anthem requires a lot of power across a 1-1/2+ octave range — and often the opening (lower register notes) are weak because the singer is focused on belting the high notes. The result is that the performance doesn’t start off very well and improves as it goes on — thus is uneven.

    When the US National Anthem is beautifully sung and heartfelt, it can be an emotional moment — but that is a surprisingly rare occurrence.

  37. I prefer the National Anthem sung well with all the notes on pitch and the melody intact. It is a beautiful, majestic song that deserves to be well presented and performed. When the entire song is sung with power and enough air (including the beginning), it can be an inspiring moment. For me, this performance was OK but forgettable, and certainly not an inspiring rendition.

    I find almost all singers who have the honor of singing the National Anthem at any event — from a high school assembly to a major TV show — do a heartfelt version. And Phillip certainly did a respectful performance but I expected nothing less.

    And while I like many guitar versions of the SSB, and really like José Feliciano’s and Carlos Santana’s versions, I found P2’s guitar accompaniment/arrangement a bit bland and low-key for this song.

    In any case, P2 got a big promotional moment and so that is good for him. If I was picking artists to sing the National Anthem at this high profile event, he would not be at the top of my list, but he did OK and was respectful — so no big complaints from me.

  38. With all these really high profile gigs Phillip gets, I would expect his album sales to be much higher and singles at a minimum go platinum (and also taking into consideration his history).

  39. Big powerful voices can certainly be heartfelt with soul. And they generally make more of an impression. I think Phillip did a good job but would never discount a strong powerful voice as somehow less than this version.

  40. Oh, totally. I love a heartfelt powerful singer, too. But too many times there seems (to my ears anyway) to be more focus on showcasing the vocals than on the meaning of the words.

  41. I get what you are saying but some just have a powerful talent where others may have a more subdued ability. You use what you have. When I hear Carrie, Adam, Jessica, David or Kelly sing I expect and want power along with heartfelt. But Phillip showcases his talent in a different way. Nothing wrong with that.

  42. Where does the idea that big voices doesn’t equal heartfelt or natural? Some people have big voices, they express their feelings and emotions through their voices. It’s an argument that just doesn’t make sense to me, just like I don’t get that weak voices automatically mean sincere.

  43. Exactly. I was kind of reacting to the ideas I’d sort of assimilated from a few people that: a: his rendition wasn’t very good, largely because it was so lowkey and b: every singing of the anthem ought to be memorable. I think the anthem singer ideally should focus on making you hear/feel the words and not think about who’s singing. But that’s just me. :)

  44. It’s all preference. My preference is strong, good vocals, with range, like David Cook. And just because he has those, doesn’t mean he also doesn’t sing with feeling.

  45. Of course it doesn’t! And if we’re looking only at Idols, my hands down preference would be Scotty McCreery, even if his accent does annoy some people. :)

  46. As I have said many times, US citizens are ill-served by the SSB being chosen as the anthem. Hail, Columbia and God Bless America were a) both composed and written here (as opposed to the SSB which is a poem grafted on to the melody of an English drinking song), b) represent much broader themes than the original poem (about a relatively minor battle in the war of 1812) and c) are much easier for most people to sing.

  47. Nice photo! I always thought Buster was a ‘small’ baseball player, but he’s looks huge next to P2…lol

  48. Although Phillips was honored to sing the anthem in front of an enthusiastic Royals crowd, he admitted he was also a little nervous.

    “I’m so scared to do the national anthem again,” Phillips said, chuckling, during his sound check earlier in the day. “I said I’d never do it again, and then I got my arm twisted.

    “It’s just nerve-racking. You’re representing so much more than singing. Shoot, you get somebody up there to do it in front of 60,000 people, plus people watching on TV. It’s intense. And it’s quiet. You’re the only one making noise. You want someone to yell or make some kind of noise. But you can’t.”

  49. MLB Fan Cave ? @MLBFanCave Follow
    Leesburg, Georgia natives @BusterPosey and @Phillips are reunited before Game 2 of the #WorldSeries.

  50. “I said I’d never do it again, and then I got my arm twisted.” Wonder who twisted it.

  51. My guess is that FOX/network execs did the “twisting” to promote Idol. The network and Major League Baseball pick the singers but it is really the network’s call.

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